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Jeremy Garcia's Mixbook

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FC: Proposal | The Country of Gampistan can be successfully reunited. Although, there are certain amendments and acts your country definitely wants to put in place, and some you will want to watch out for.

1: Dear Mr. President of Gampistan, In regards to your countries reconstruction i have some suggestions as what to do right away for Gampistan to get the best foot forward. The first move America made was the 10% plan. This plan was made created in hope to reinstate all the southern states back into the union. It stated that any southern state could be reinstated if 10% of the electorate vote of the state agreed. It was not passed, but it was not a bad plan. You do not want to force western part of Gampistan back together with the east.

2: Through the 13th, 14, and 15th amendments, America successfly abolished slavery and made society equal to the best of the governments ability. The 13th Amendment declared all slaves free, and abolished slavery of any race. The 14th Amendment defined who qualified for citizenship (any person including blacks born in America) and that every citizen would be treated equality. The 15th Amendment stated that any male citizen could vote, including blacks. Making these amendments would be good for Gampistan because it would make the people recently freed from slavery would feel much safer now that they are protected by your constituition | After slavery is abolished, and laws are set up to protect the race in slavery, you need to watch for racist groups and groups trying to prevent reconstruction. America experienced the Ku Klux Klan, and a racist group who would burn down the positive things in blacks lives such as school and their homes. Black Codes were unofficial laws that gave blacks their "social status". It is important to protect your freed race from these hate groups and "laws", you want them to feel safe.

3: With reconstruction there will obviously be some tension between the north and the south. Names such as, "Carpetbaggers", a derogatory name, used to describe northerns who were "stealing" money from the south during reconstruction. Also, "scalawags" became a term to describe southerners who were for the reconstruction. The top picture, is a political cartoon depicting a carpetbagger. The Man is made out somewhat resemble Abe Lincoln, to represent a northerner, and he is walking away with a large bag. This bag may represent the souths money. There will no doubtidely be similar situations in Gampistan but there is not much to do about it.

4: An important figure during reconstruction is a strong leader. America had President Abraham LIncoln who was a great president until he was assassinated. After this tragedy, Andrew Johnson went into office. Although, he was eventually impeached. Charles Sumner was a radical republican who was for his impeachment. Andrew Johnson was succeeded by Ulysses S. Grant, who was the Unions military leader during the Civil War. It is important to have a strong government throughout Gampistans reconstruction.

5: America had a few good ideas for all African Americans. First, was created Freedman's Bureau. Freedman's Bureau was an agency created to protect recently freed blacks. Although, everybody may of not agreed with the idea, it was still for the good of the country. Second, was Sherman's General Field Order 15. This was an area of land about 400,000 sq. miles designated for the settling of African Americans only. This was good because it gave African Americans a place to go where they would not feel threatened by men and women of different races. Designating a similar place or creating a similar situations for your freed slaves is not a bad idea. It will make your slaves feel safe and it will also proove that they can live on their own.

6: America tried out the Port Royal Experiment, which was where blacks could run/own plantations which were abandoned by previous owners. This was a positive moment because it proved that blacks could live on their own. This can prove that your freed race can live on its own too. | Sharecropping and Tenant Farming were two other ways blacks made a living. Sharecropping is when a landowner would let a person work a part of his field for a share of the crops he makes. Tenant farming is when a landowner lets a person stay on their property, as long as they work his/her land for crops. This is a strong way to give your freed slaves who were strong in agriculture a place to work.

7: America went through many different phases of reconstruction. We had the "Radical Reconstruction", the "Presidential Reconstruction", and the "Military Reconstruction Act" was passed. Radical Reconstruction was the immediate actions taken, such as the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. Presidential Reconstruction was the reconstruction of the government to make sure the south was equally represented in congress. Combining two governments into one. The Military Reconstruction Act divided 10 southern states into 5 district, each district elected new persons for government. This was done because the persons in the government prior to the reelection were persons who were just fighting against the union during the civil war. This would create a lot of tension in the government. The Military Reconstruction Act relieved this tension, punished the south, and also helped guarantee that blacks would have their rights. In 1866, America passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. This Act stated that any person born in America is a Citizen of America. These acts made America stronger, and could do the same for Gampistan.

8: The Colfax Massacre was a riot on Easter Sunday 1873. A group of white radicals revolted against Freedman’s bureau and the militia in Colfax, Louisiana. They were outraged because of the recent elections in government. Many African Americans died this day. This another low point during reconstruction that you will want to watch out for during your reconstruction. Keep a close eye on elections with heavy security and make sure no group is planning to revolt. | The Panic of 1873 was the start of the long depression in America. This was started when Philadelphia banking company went bankrupt. This is obviously not a good part of reconstruction and you want to avoid it during yours. One possible way to avoid this is by limiting the amount of money banks can loan so they do not risk going bankrupt.

9: US vs Kruikshank and The Slaughterhouse Cases US vs Kruikshank was the Supreme Court House Case involving The Colfax Massacre. The Slaughterhouse Cases were Supreme Court cases involving the rights of citizens. For Gampistan, the courthouse needs to be a place where race does not push the judges mind and every trial needs to be fair. The things passed by the judge need to be reasonable too.

10: This is a picture of Hiram Revels. He was the first African American to be apart of congress. He did not have a long term, but this was a positive moment for America. With Hiram Revels entering congress it shows that they are serious about reconstruction. Encouraging your freed race to be involved in your government is a good start.

11: In 1866, America passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. This Act said that any person born in America is a citizen of America. In 1875, the Civil Rights Act of 1875 was passed, this Act said that all persons need to be treated equally. These are positive Acts to put in affect. That will reinforce your amendments and make your freed race feel safe once again. | The Compromise of 1877 was an informal compromise that settled the election of 1876 between Hayes(Republican) and Tiden( democrat). The compromise was that if reconstruction ended in the south then democrats would vote for Hayes. This was an improper way to end the Reconstruction era, and i would suggest different ways. Also, it is very important for your reconstruction to not be redemption on the west for splitting. I hope my proposal will help, Jeremy Garcia

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