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Jesse Cook *

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FC: Jesse Cook's Life Years 1-13 | By: Jesse Cook

1: Preface My name is Jesse. My name means God exists. I am from Grandma's homemade noodles that smell like heaven, and sound like nothing. I am from scrapbooks and picture frames. I am from my grandma's wet and slippery yellow shoe strings with cream on the top homemade noodles. I am from Blue benches, old playhouses, pink blooming trees, bird fountains, and bird houses that is where I am from.

2: I Am From Poem I am from macaroni and pizza Hamburgers, Grandma's homemade noodles and ham. I am from blue benches and old playhouses, pink blooming trees, Bird fountains and bird houses. I am from baby toys and beds, T.V.S., and couches and microwave ovens. I am from Barbara and Michelle, Zoe Paul and Brooke. I am from scrapbooks and picture frames, computers, Baby books and pictures. Thats is where I am from.

3: Sensory Paragraph My grandma's homemade noodles smell like heaven. They look like yellow shoe strings with a cream over the top. They taste like your favorite thing in the world times ten. Their flavor is wonderful. They feel slippery and wet. They don't have a sound they are just there.

4: 1998

5: The Big Photo Day I was born on August 12, 1998. I lived on a green house along the White River (that’s actually brown). A had one sister at the time named Brooke. She took care of me all the time and played with me. Brooke fed me baby foods she told me that would taste good, but tasted so nasty. The foods tasted slick and smooth. There was no texture to it at all. One day my mom wanted to get our picture taken together. She took Brooke and I into a photo shop in the Muncie Mall. I wasn’t crying at all that day. The mall was loud. The lady at the photo shop made us lie down on a white fluffy thing that looked like a cloud. She tried to get me to play with a toy so I would be happy. I touched the toy and it felt like a bumpy crocodile. Finally, after a while she took the picture. After the picture my whole family went out to eat. On the way home I threw up in the car (which smelled like dirty old gym socks). My dad and mom had to stop in the middle of the road and clean me up. I cried the rest of the way home.

6: 1999 | It was 1999 and the morning I got up I knew that it was going to be a good day. I was crawling around the minute I got up. I was laughing and playing with my toys. Everything I saw I would laugh at. I wouldn’t let anyone hold me that day. I would only crawl on the floor that felt like wood that had been freshly polished.

7: In the middle of the day my dad gave me a toy that I had never seen before. It was an elephant that had a bright blue hat on with bright yellow stars on the hat. I took it from him and shook the elephant around. All of a sudden little bell noises were coming out of the elephant. I laughed even louder. Then I ripped the elephant’s hat off its head and put it on me. I laughed so hard. My mom laughed too. My whole family was laughing so hard by now. Then I could smell a chocolate like smell coming from the kitchen. I crawled in the kitchen to find a chocolate cake. I ate it which just tasted like regularly chocolate. By now I had chocolate cake all in my hair and I was still laughing. Then my family walked in laughing and saying that I had the case of the giggles.

8: A Sticky Situation It was the year 2000 and I was 3 years old. I woke up one day and found Brooke and my mom in the kitchen making a cake. I really wanted to help so I pitched in without asking. My mom made the batter. Then Brooke helped mix it with a mixer which made a lot of cracking noises. I thought it look really fun so I took the mixer from Brooke. Brooke then helped me mix the cake batter around. After that I put my hands in the sticky brown cake batter. I ate the batter which tasted like chocolate and smelled like heaven.

9: 2000 | Then it was time to put the cake in the oven. I asked if I could, but I wasn’t allowed. The oven looked like it was eating the batter of chocolate cake. Then we sat in the kitchen and waited. Finally, the bell rang from the oven to tell us that the cake was done. My mom took it out and laid it on the table. I tried to eat it right away, but I had to wait until it was cooled off. After the cake was cool we put icing on it and ate it. It tasted so good. It was the best thing I had ever tasted and it was my favorite food for the rest of this year.

10: 2001 | A Picture to Remember It was 2001 and I was three years old. Last year my little sister was born: Zoe. Yes, her name is spelled with two dots over the E in Zoe. My dad had tried to get a picture of my sisters and me all day long together. But, we kept on moving so he couldn’t get a good picture. Finally ,my dad had to go to work. My dad came home sometime in the afternoon. When he came home he brought a big candy bar. He said that we could have it as long as we sat still enough for him to take the picture. He then took the picture. I was looking up at the candy bar the whole time.

11: After the picture was taken I got to eat part of the candy bar. It was a Hershey kind so it tasted really good. It was dark brown with wording on the front and a silver wrapping with a brown wrapping on top of that. As I opened the wrapping paper I could hear the crunch of it as it tore open. The smell could have been smelled from a mile away. It smelled like fresh coco beans. I could touch the chocolate which had a slick touch to it. As I tasted the chocolate it was like the chocolate cake my mom made only ten times better. Every time my dad came home I would always hope he had another Hershey bar.

12: My Fourth Birthday Party It was August 12, 2002 and it was my fourth birthday. All my family and relatives were coming over to celebrate my fourth birthday. My Mom told me she got a Spiderman themed cake. When they all finally got to my house I could hear lots of conversations going on at the same time. Then all the noises slowly fell silent as the Spiderman cake came into the room with four little blue candles freshly lit on top of it. It was blue on the top and red on the bottom. Spiderman figures were on the cake and in white icing it spelled Happy Birthday Jesse. The cake smelled like a freshly baked loaf of bread right out of the oven. I then put my hands on the dark brown dinning room table (which felt like it had just been polished) and made my wish while blowing out my candles. | 2002

13: Everyone asked me what my wish was but I simply said that I couldn’t tell them or it wouldn’t come true. We all ate the cake which was vanilla, so it tasted like a fluffy kind of dough. When we were done it was time to open presents. I started opening my presents. I was hoping that one of them would be my wish. So I started unwrapping the bright colored wrapping paper. Underneath one of the papers was my wish. It was a Spiderman walky talky. I thanked everyone. I played with the toys the rest of the day.

14: My first Baseball Team When I was five I wanted to play on a baseball team. So I was signed up to play in the The A's team. It was a lot of fun. I got to learn how to play the game of baseball and I made new friends. I had to go to practice a lot. It took up half of my day. | 2003

15: Finally, my first game day came. I could hear the crowd cheer everyone on. The dirt smelled like the outdoors. My glove felt hard and leathery. I could see the other players playing as I waited my turn to get in the game. The dug-out had a nasty sweaty smell to it. I drank my Gatorade which didn't taste good at all. It was like water with only a little bit of flavoring to it. I could barely taste the flavoring. Finally, the coach called my name to play in the game. I caught the ball that the other player hit with his brown baseball bat. I got a point for my team and I was so proud of myself. Everyone else was proud of me too.

16: 2004 | My First Day of Kindergarten I heard that I would be starting Kindergarten a few days before I did. I was very nervous about going to school because I didn't know what it was like, but I knew that it would be fun. I was six years old at the time and I was so excited to go. I was going to go to school at Burris Laboratory School. The night before school started I laid my clothes out and my new Hulk green and gray backpack. I went to sleep wondering about what it would be like.

17: I woke up in the morning and I put on all my clothes and my backpack. I got in the shiny red van my mom and I drove to school. When I got to school I waited outside until the kindergarten door opened. A bunch of other parents and kids were waiting outside, too. I gripped onto the shiny slick door handle and turned. Nothing happened. We all waited there a very long time. I could smell the smell of candy canes inside the door. I almost could taste candy canes in my mouth because I had smelled them so much. I could hear voices inside the door, but still nothing happened we all were outside waiting for the door to open. Then a person came outside and told us that we were supposed to go in from the door inside. We all walked in and I saw a huge brightly painting of a giving tree on the wall. The teacher Mrs. Huffman called us her friends and welcomed us in her classroom. She was so nice and I was excited to learn. In the day we read books, learned the alphabet, ate fish crackers, and did many more things. Finally, the day was over and the parents were waiting outside. I found my mom and told her all about my day at school. It was so fun and I couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.

18: 2005

19: My First Swimming Experience When I was 7 years old Zoe and I went to swimming lessons at Ball State University. My mom thought it would be a good idea if we started to learn how to swim. I was really excited to know how to swim. When the day came for the first swim lesson I walked up with my mom and Zoe to Ball State's pool. The pool was big and smelled like too much chlorine was added to it. I saw a lot of other kids dressed in swim clothes. So I got dressed into my Buzz Light-Year swim trunks and put my goggles on. Zoe got dressed in her yellow and pink Pooh Bear swim outfit. She put her goggles on. Then we waited until our swim coach came. We found out that our swim coach was Kim. Kim had bright blond hair and she was really nice to us. She helped us learn backstroke on the first day. I swallowed chlorine which didn’t taste good at all. It tasted like water but with an extra ingredient. The water was slick as it went through my fingers. The water made whooshing noises as I went through it. The whole pool was loud that day with excitement. After the first swim lesson was over my Mom took our picture with Kim. We all were shivering because the pool had been cold. Kim wished us a god day and we said our good-byes. After that day I knew that I wanted to try my best to become a better swimmer. Ever since that day I have joined swim teams and done really good. I have won some races. My best stroke is breast stroke. I have never stopped swimming and never will I ever stop. Swimming is my favorite sport and always will be.

20: 2006 | The Place Where They Hand Out Game boys When I was 8 years old my parents took Zoe and Brooke to an American Girl Doll Museum in Chicago. We had to drive there and it was a long trip. I thought it was really going to be boring. I just looked outside the whole way there and saw the green trees all around me. Finally, we got to Chicago. The outside of the museum was pink and it had white strips. There was a window in the museum where it had some American Girl dolls. We walked in and Zoe was screaming how cool it was. There were hair salons all around the place. The people there were treating the American Girl dolls like they were real. Everything in the building was pink. There was a smell in the air of perfumes. It was really loud with little girls screaming. I went to go sit down in the nearest pink chair. Next to me was a woman in a pink dress and a pink desk. She asked me if I wanted to play a game to pass the time. I said yes and then she handed me a silver Game Boy! The buttons were slick and smooth as I played. I played the Game Boy the whole time I was there.

21: I was playing a game where you had to get a monkey over a bridge without hitting anything. Then the Game Boy died. I got up and returned the Game Boy and walked around. I found a giant Hershey bar. It was just like a normal Hershey bar only it was giant and had a smelled like a ton of chocolate. Brooke and I took a picture by it. Finally, it was time to go. We all fell asleep on the way home and before I knew it we were home. It was dark outside. I could barely see the yellow house of ours. I was full because I had been eating Mike-and-Ikes the way home. They tasted like different kinds of fruit. When my mom opened the door I went straight to bed.

22: Conner Prairie It was the spring of 2007. I was 9 years old. I was really excited for next year because then I would be in the double digit stage of life! This year I got really sick. I got a thing called scarlet fever. Scarlet fever can kill you. It is so bad when people used to have it people used to burn the stuff that the sick person had so they wouldn’t get it. As I walked outside I saw my bright dark blue bike waiting in the freshly mowed spring grass for me to ride it. I could smell the spring air. I could hear birds tweeting all around. It would soon be summer (my favorite season). Usually in spring my family goes to Conner Prairie. Conner Prairie is like a small village with all old houses from various time periods. It is an olden day reenactment of what the United States used to be. So that night we all got in the car and drove to Conner Prairie.

23: 2007 | When we got there it was the same as always just all olden day towns with run down houses. Lots of voices were explaining things to other people. It was the same voices as always. I touched the dirt on the ground (it was so dry). We went over to some new things that we hadn’t seen before. A giant air balloon was being set off into the air. It was cool because all the colors of the rainbow were on the balloon and the balloon was going through a rainbow. Then we explored many other things. I got a piece of pizza while I was there I could taste the grease go into my mouth. It tasted like grease and cheese mixed together into one huge blob. Finally, the day ended and we got into the shiny red car (that at this time Zoe had named Reddy). We drove away from Conner Prairie to our own house. I feel asleep on the way home, but got right back up.

24: 2008 | Hershey Chocolate Everywhere! It was the summer of 2008 and I was 10 years old. I had finally turned double digits and I was so excited. This year I had joined Catalina Swim Club. Catalina has a bright blue slide and a huge pool. I went there almost every day. It was so fun. My parents wanted to go somewhere fun for vacation this year. They had been discussing it for a long time and looking for cool and fun places to go. They discovered a place called Hershey Park. Hershey Park is an amusement park that is located in Pennsylvania. We didn’t take an airplane. We drove there and back. It was a long ride. I played on my Nintendo D.S. to pass the time. I feel asleep once and a while. Then we got there. It was the most chocolate I had ever seen in my whole life.

25: As I looked around I saw shiny silver Hershey cups I could ride in and many more. The ground was a brown chocolaty tone to it. I could smell the scent of freshly baked chocolate in the air. The whole park was like a chocolate bazaar. I decided to go on some rides. After each ride a lady dressed in a wrapper of a Hershey chocolate bar gave us a Hershey chocolate candy. It was so much fun. Then Brooke and I wanted to go on a really scary roller coaster. We sat down in the seats scared. My hands were sweating because I was so scared. As it started I could hear screams from the back of the ride. The handle I was holding onto was warm and wet. I could almost taste fear because everyone was shaking. The roller coaster went up and I felt sharp pain in my stomach like someone had stuck a knife in it. The roller coaster went down and around the park. My mouth was open the whole time speechless. My eyes were wide open and I was looking for what came next. As the terrifying roller coaster came to an end my eyes loosened up. I was so glad that it was over. We spent two days in the park. Finally, our trip came to an end. We were packing our stuff in the car and were getting ready to go home. I was tried and glad the trip was over. I got out a freshly wrapped Hershey Kiss and ate it. It tasted like fresh coco beans. It was delicious. After a noisy car ride home everyone else fell asleep but me. I stayed awake the whole way home. It was dark like dark chocolate outside when we arrived home. Our house (which used to be green and is now yellow) was waiting for us. In that moment it looked like the most comfortable place to be and it was and always will be.

26: 2009 | Hershey Chocolate, Music and Historical Places It was the summer of 2008 and I had finally turned 11! This summer at the pool on the last day they released the fish into the pool. I caught one and I was so excited. Other than the pool that summer I went to Hershey Park once again. There were a few different things about it this time. I could smell the chocolate even stronger than last time. The roads were freshly painted brown. The chocolate tasted sweeter. Everything about it seemed newer and nicer. I played on the rides and did many more things than last time.

27: We then went to visit my sister Brooke. At the time she was 14. She had been staying at Shady Side Academy for a music camp in Pennsylvania. She was scared to go because Shady Side Academy is in scary books. We saw her perform in a huge auditorium with bright green seats. After she was done playing I got to sit on the slick floor of the stage. We then went on to do other things. We went to Philadelphia then and saw the Liberty Bell. It was cracked and old. I got my picture by it. There were lots of historical things around it so we learned about them. I learned a lot about the Liberty Bell there. After that we went to Independence Hall and had a tour. Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence was signed off on. Then we went to a building where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. After that we went to a Benjamin Franklin Museum where it had all the things he made. We also went to Christ Church where George Washington went to church. We sat in the brown pew where he sat. I learned a lot from going on this trip. I really like all the places we went. To me this was the best trip yet. I had learned so many things.

28: Connecticut, Salem, and Niagara Falls It was the summer of 2010 and I was 12 years old. I was going to the pool every day when my parents told us that Brooke was going away. Brooke was going away to a music camp in Connecticut. At the music camp there would be famous musicians. At the camp she would go to different classes to help her be a better player at the violin. A couple of days later Brooke took an airplane with some of her friends that were going. She looked happy to go someplace new. My mom wanted to pick her up and then explore Mystic Connecticut. After we would pick her up we would go to Salem, Massachusetts. On the way home we would go to Nigeria Falls. My mom had the whole trip planned. | 2010

29: We drove off in the clear summer air. When we got to Brooke’s campus it was very large. We would get lost wherever we went. Almost all of the roofs were bright red. Finally, we got to the auditorium. The lights got dark and then we waited until the performances started. It took a long time to get through all of them. Then Brooke walked on stage with a flowing blue dress. on. We listened to Brooke play in the auditorium. It sounded really good. The sound flowed through all of our ears. I could tell that she had really improved. The next day we then went to Mystic Pizza where the movie was filmed. We stood outside and took a picture above the Mystic Pizza sign. We went inside to eat at Mystic Pizza. They had a T-shirt shop there. I bought one of the shirts. It was blue, but on the back was a picture of Mystic Pizza with golden wings. It said 'A Slice From Heaven.' On the front in small letters to the right side it said 'Mystic Pizza.' We walked up the stairs and the floor creaked.

30: The whole place was shiny brown. It smelled like grease, pizza and different kinds of fruits. I could smell the sea salt in the air. We took our seats and around us were tons of TV’s showing the movie Mystic Pizza. I have never seen Mystic Pizza before so I was really interested. Above our tables were colorful awards from the movie. When our pizza came I was so excited. As I bit into it the pizza was like an explosion of different flavors in my mouth. It was the best pizza I had ever tasted. After going there we went to the historical Salem, Massachusetts. Salem, Massachusetts is where the witch trials took place. We explored Salem. We went to museums, ghost tours (at night), witch shops, psychics, spell shops and many more fun places. There was an eerie feeling while I was there like something was following us. After exploring Salem we went home. Before we went home we stopped at Niagara Falls to see it for the first time. It was amazing. It was shaped like a horse shoe. I could feel the water blow up on my hands as I stood along the edge of Niagara Falls. When we got home we reviewed the pictures we had taken at night on the ghost tours. There was a white foggy hand in one of the windows at the haunted house. I was really excited we captured something on our pictures. I think that Mystic, Connecticut is the place I want to live when I grow up. Everywhere you look you see the sea. It was so beautiful. It was very fun and I can't wait to go back again.

32: 2011

33: A New Baby in the House It was the summer of 2011 and I had just almost 13 years old. My Mom had a big belly at the time. I didn’t think anything of it. One day Zoe was in my Mom’s room taking a pre-spelling test (like she always does). Zoe asked my Mom if she was pregnant. Then my Mom said yes. Everyone was really shocked because we couldn’t believe she was. I didn’t believe my mom was pregnant for a long time. I thought she was playing a joke on us. It all seemed to make sense after she told us. Before she told us, my mom would go to doctor's visits all the time (even though she looked fine). One night in June my mom was going into labor so my dad took her to the hospital. My grandparents came over in their shiny silver van. They smelled like candy canes (like always) and they were happy to see us. They had to watch us for about three days. In those days we had to go down to the laundry room and do laundry. The laundry room is a room in the basement. The basement doesn’t have a carpet instead it has and old blackish grayish stone floor. When you touch the floor it is cold as ice. The laundry pile is a huge pile by the washer of all colors. Brooke, Zoe, and I had to fold clothes for three long days. Then my dad (who had been sleeping at the hospital with her) called our house. He told us that my mom had had her baby and Luke (we call him Luke even though his name is Lucas) was born.

34: My grandparents drove us to the hospital a couple of days later. The hospital smelled the way when you get out of a bath. It smelled really clean. We walked in the doors (which opened automatically) and it the hospital was colorless. The floor and the walls were all white. There were blue and red chairs and couches in the waiting room though (that was the only color). We walked up to the check in desk. It was big and brown with a lady behind it with glasses and a blue shirt. My grandma asked where my mother was. The lady told us what room and showed us the way. When we got there we opened the door and my dad was in there as happy as ever. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days. My mom was hooked up to a whole bunch of machines. She looked tried. Then I looked around and finally asked where the baby was. The room had a built-in couch (where my dad slept), a picture of fruits, a green lamp, and a white bored that said, "Happy Birthday Lucas Morgan Cook!" Other than that there wasn’t a baby in the room to be found. A nurse came in with my brother in a wooden stand that held up a clear plastic tub. In the tub where lots of blankets with blue and green stripes on them. Lucas was in a bundle of towels with strips. To me he looked so tiny. I couldn’t believe he was even related to me. He had a certain smell to him. He smelled like baby wash (he has smelled that way ever since even when he isn’t wearing baby wash). We all sat there looking at him amazed. My dad came up with an idea to take a picture of all of us. We all smiled over his crib. After the picture my dad asked us if we wanted to see something cool. We all said yes. He showed us too a little room with a freezer. The freezer was ice cold to the touch. It was white (just like everything else in the hospital) and has attached to a refrigerator. We opened the freezer and in it was ice cream and popsicles. The only kinds of ice cream were vanilla and chocolate. The containers were little just for a serving. The popsicles were grape, strawberries and orange. We took mostly everything and hide it in our shirts (it was free). We had a little ice cream party in my mom’s hospital room. The vanilla was the best kind. It tastes really wet. Then they had to take Luke out of the room. We all said good-bye to him and the nurse dressed in blue. They left the room. All of us except my mom and my dad then went home. My mom got home two days later. Luke got to come home, too. He was dressed in a turtle outfit which was all green and had turtle heads all over it. Everyone was happy when Luke came home. My grandparents said good-bye and left our house. My parents thanked them for watching us. When Luke got older my Mom put him in the Muncie newspaper with a fluffy white full body suit. Two little ears were on the top of his hat. He was supposed to be a white bear. Luke has smiled ever since he got out of the hospital and is always happy. His laugh is loud, but doesn’t hurt your hears. It’s a nice thing to hear.

35: Luke is now 9 months. He has never stopped smiling. I don’t think he will ever stop. He has just learned how to crawl and always is on the floor talking to his toys. His first word was Mom. And now he is started to say the first letter of each of our names when we sees us. He is always happy.

36: 2012 | The Death of Cedric Cello Performance It was in January and I was 13 years old. I had finally become a teenage. In this year I was in the 7th grade. In 7th grade I played in the orchestra. I have played cello ever since the second grade. In this year I got my very own cello. It was bright brown with ragged edges and brightly polished. It was nicer than the rented one I had to use at school. Its sound is the best I have ever heard. You can make it sound however you want it to. One day Mrs. Jenkins (our orchestra teacher) told us that we were going to play in the solo and ensemble competition. I was going to play in a group with people at school and then I was going to do a solo. I decided to do "Cedric's Death" in Harry Potter book #4. It sounded really cool. I practiced every day until the competition.

37: The competition day came. My mom and I drove to the competition place. It was a high school. In the school it was red. Everything was soft,too. I could hear different instruments practicing all around me. Almost everything was red. I practiced my solo and then played it for the judges. I did my best and I thought I did awesome. After I played I went to get a hot dog. It tasted like a normal hot dog only not done very well. It smelled like something had died. Afterward I got two medals. I was proud of myself. When the competition ended I was glad to go home. The whole day seemed to go on forever. I was so glad to be home.

38: Memories

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