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Jon & Jack's mixbook about knights

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S: The most epic book you will ever read: The Knight of the Living Garrison

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FC: The Knight of the Living Garrison

1: The Knight of the Living Garrison | By: Jonathan Hadfield and Jack Early | A 1st person narrative, in the form of a journal in the eyes of Sir. Normandoorman! | This is dedicated to two of the most epic social studies teachers ever, Mr. Domyan and Miss. Torpey. This also is dedicated to all the knights who died in the battles and who died by the hands of King Henry VIII.

2: Prologue | It all started on the dreaded day that we, Awesomesauce Castle went into battle with Namroode Castle. We used to be allies with Namroodeiah before they betrayed us! They started to attack us with their fancy long bows. Those things could puncture inch thick armor with just one hit! After a while of constant invasion we decided it was high time for us to go and invade their capitol! We invaded with cannons and thousands of foot soldiers and archers. | April 14th, 1234

3: Our siege in Namroode was the BLOODIEST battle I had ever seen! There was blood at least ankle deep, you even had to watch where you stepped or else you were standing in some poor guy's guts. The siege lasted for weeks on end before we got to their keep and I decapitated their lord, Duke Skald in front of his whole town! His honor guard gave up immediately as soon as they saw our army marching up the keeps stairs.

4: Chapter 1: After the Siege of Namroode Castle | May 8th, 1234 After the siege of Namroode castle, I, Sir Normanthedoorman of the Awesomesauce Empire led the raiding party back home! After I participated in our We-Conquered-your-Castle victory parade, (I was wearing my very elegant parade armor) when, the king called us back to our main castle. When we arrived, one of the knight's squires was about to take his code of chivalry or his oath of fealty and to be strong to those who weren't and be kind to the fair maidens.

5: After the knighting ceremony, we had a grand victory feast! That night the guards had seen some suspicious activity around the walls of our castle. The king ordered the senior knights to go out on a patrol outside of the castle.

6: Chapter 2 The Battle | May 9th, 1234 About an hour after patrolling we were ordered back to the castle*. When we got there, the castle was under attack by the remaining garrison of Namroode castle! How could we have let them through!?!? I immediately ran to the aid of my friends. | *The signal we use for something like this is a flaming arrow straight up in the air

7: I jumped into battle with my favorite weapon, the flail, and started to fight back. | It was a very bloody battle, I was dominating with my flail Smashing in helmets, shattering bones and armor, and just causing mass destruction to my enemies! Next thing I know, however, was that the chains on my flail were broken. So now I had no weapon. The next thing I did was punched an enemy in the face. I then stole his weapon, a halberd, and continued to fight. Now the halberd was one of my favorite weapons. It is a spear, a pike, and an axe all combined into one. So anyway, I was running to where i was needed the most . I was pulling down horse-back troops, and breaking their necks with my halberd. If you ever find yourself with a halberd, jut stab and twist. Eventually we had won the battle, for good. That was a terrible battle... blood was smeared every, guts lay skewered across the streets. Great, now I need a bath, there's so much blood on me!

8: Chapter 3: A Grim Victory | Ugh, sloshing around in the blood soaked battle field makes me want to throw up! As we were counting our dead we saw a very sad sight. The heir to the throne was dead. He was stabbed in the stomach and through the gallbladder. King Kabob V was very saddened for most people thought that his second son, Prince Ulfric, was conspiring against the King. People believed that the heir was actually planning with the (now dead...?) enemy. The King wants me and other experienced solders to go to Namroode castle and make sure there are no survivors. I going to be traveling by my lucky war horse (just in case we encounter some resistance) named, Shadowmere.

9: May 10th, 1234 When we arrived at the castle, we stared to look around. I found some letters from the new heir to the throne. Maybe we can use these to show some evidence of conspiracy against my King. I need to get this to him immedi

10: Epilogue May 17th, 1234 Ow, it even hurts to write. Anyway, so after I found the letters, someone came up from behind me and stabbed me in the back! Serves me right for wearing my thin plate mail armor. He should of fought me face to face... but anyway luckily for me my friend Sir. Armadillo by goring his chest, with their surprisingly sharp knives, and brought me to the castle. Unfortunately though... the letters were soaked in my blood. On the other hand, it turned out the man who tried to kill me was the King's Heir! My king. decided to give me a huge fief, a manor, and hundreds of slaves, serfs, and peasants for my valiant actions!

11: October 22nd, 1234 Wow, Just wow. I haven't even had time to write in my journal for soooooo long. My little fief has become so prosperous over the last couple months i have been able to expand over a mile! Now of course i am now the Duke of Ivarstead. We make a lot of armor and weapons for the king and our small army.

13: About the authors! | Jack: I live in Macungie, PA and I am a 7th grader at Eyer Middle School. I have an Australian Cattle Dog named Kay and I am also an Uncle. | Jonathan: I live in Macungie, PA and I'm a student at Eyer Middle School. My family used to breed bunnies and i am also used to be a First Degree Black belt in MMA.

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