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FC: Journals | Ashley Laurendine

1: Table Of Contents | Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5 Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg. Pg.

2: Dear Mrs. Wyatt, I would describe my personality as friendly,confident and responsible. I am a very good student. I'm usually very quiet and usually only talk to a few people. I like to be treated with respect but i also believe that if I don't treat someone with respect I don't deserve to. I never argue with a teacher so I can get along no matter what. I'm a very quiet and shy person in front of a group, I don't like to read aloud or present projects. I mess up a lot more when I do stuff aloud and in front of people. I like to read sometimes. The book has to be really interesting for me to be able to read it. I would tell them to write the truth, use interesting words, don't use clichés, use correct grammar and punctuation, and finally spell the word right. I am very weak in answering context-clue questions. I am very strong in vocabulary. I would love to improve my skills in reading and answering questions. I would like to accomplish a good grade. I am more skilled in math than English. My hobby is playing soccer. I am proud that I have made it to my senior year. The one thing I must do in my lifetime is travel out of the country. The craziest thing I have ever done is skip school. I regret doing it because it put me far behind in school. I have a fifteen month old daughter named Adriana. I'm trying hard to graduate so i can prove to other future teen moms that you can still graduate. I do not have any questions. Sincerely, Ashley Laurendine

3: My name is Ashley. I am smart, funny. I'm going to finish high school and prove my parents wrong. I am going to go to college and get my degree. I am gonna be a teen mom that can say I did well for my daughter. I love my life how it is. I love my daughter. She is my world. I would do anything for that little girl.

6: I plan on going to Gaston College after high school. I'm planning on getting a good job. Get my degree for an Ultrasound Tech. I'm planning on getting married to my daughters dad before or after graduation. Then starting to look at houses. Then get a an ultrasound job. | Plans After High School

7: Background Information | I have a brother and a sister. I have a daughter that is 15 months. I have 3 dogs. I'm originally from Alabama. My favorite football team is Alabama Crimson Tide.

8: One English Liked/Not Liked | My favorite activity from English class was from my freshman year. It was when I had Mr. B. It was he was teaching grammar to us. He got so excited when he got to teach us his technique.

9: Hobbies... | I love babies. I like going shopping, especially for baby clothes. I am also addicted to shopping. I could do it all day everyday. I also like hanging out with my bestfriend Carrie Anderson.

10: No this is not then name I would have chosen for myself. My name is not a Christian name. There is no story behind my name that I know of. I have weird initials ANL. I don't know what my name means. I do not know if my parents thought of other names. | What's In A Name?

11: Don't think: Look! -Ludwig Wittgenstein | Personal Alphabet | A- Amazing B- Bubbly C- Caring D- Devoted E- Enthusiastic F- Fabulous G- Great H- Honest I- Independent J- Joyful K- Kind L- Loyal M- Magnificent N- Nice O- Observant | P- Polite Q- Quiet R- Respectful S- T- Thoughtful U- Unique V- Vivacious W- Wonderful X- Y- Z-

12: Likes/Dislikes List | 1)Children 2)Shopping 3)Animals 4)Baby Sections 5)Football 6)Soccer 7)People Accepting Punishment 8)Taking my baby to the park. 9)Math | 1)Ignorant People 2)People who back talk an adult 3)Children that are not disciplined 4)People trying to make my choices 5)Someone chewing gum while they talk 6)People who think there better than others 7)Reading and Grammer | Likes | Dislikes

13: Sensory Experiences | When we went to the cabin for vacation you could see the clear blue water. The dogs that were running around. The smell of my Uncles juicy steaks on the grill and the fresh air that was blowing. You could hear the coyotes howling at night. Then we tasted my Uncles mouth watering food. When you went to sleep you could hear every little sound outside.

14: Metaphorical Definitions | -Happiness is a warm fire -Love is like a newborn baby -Anger is like a tornado -Hate is like a cheating boyfriend -Sadness is like a grandparent dying -Smartness is like a scientist -Rage is like a hurricane -Emotion is like nature -Joy is a new House

15: Color Your World | Blue- Sadness Red- Anger Yellow- Calm Purple- Relaxing Green- Hungry

16: Room Sweet Room | In my room is a crib. I remember that because my mom bought it for me. There are clothes every where. Every where you turn there is a dresser. Ive got baby clothes and my clothes all neat & organized. Then there is my bed stuck in a little corner.

17: Personal Metaphors | Lion- They are very protective Ford- Good for dirt roads T-shirt- More Comfortable Friday- Closer to the weekend Pizza- Its good. Blue- Calm color Fire Proof- It shows good Christian faith. Japanese Cherry Blossom- Smells good. Farm House- More like home Rose- They are beautiful Guitar- Plays beautiful music. Circle- Keeps going. Futon- Can be a bed or a couch Truck Yeah- Best song by Tim MgGraw Summer- Great for going to the pool Spongebob- He is good for all ages Spongebob- Its a funny cartoon Shower- Makes people clean and smell good. thunder Storms- They are very soothing. Love- Its the best word

18: Symbolic Recipe | 3 Tsp. Love 1 Tbs. Happiness 2 Cups Honesty 1 Cup Stubborn | Mix 1 Tbs. Happiness, 2 Cups Honesty and 1 Cup Stubborn in a big bowl. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Take out and let cool. When cool sprinkle 3 Tsp. Love and your Ashley Cake is ready.

19: Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse | I was late..... Because I fell asleep while putting Adriana to bed and I forgot to set my alarm. When I woke up it was 6:45. I rushed her out of the bed and we both got ready. I had to pack her stuff for the daycare. We ran out the door and sped to daycare. When I got her there it was 7:50. I rushed to school but got stuck in traffic because the police officer stopped cars.

20: Telling Tales | The story that my mom tells me all the time is about my cousins. They were trying to get something out of the tree so they decided to stack ladders up to get to a branch. Surprisingly they didn't fall but they thought they thought they had it but then the tree branch broke. My uncle got a call at his job for them to go out and help these people and then realized that it was our family that they called idiots.

21: Unfinished Sentences | I really worry about: My daughter I get angry when: I don't get my way. I am happiest when: I get to hang out with Antonio. I am confident when: When I am dressed up. I feel frustrated when: I hear disrespectful kids. I feel depressed when: I get stressed. I am comfortable when: I am with my bestfriend Carrie. I feel nervous when: I am taking a test. I feel sentimental when: I think about how much Adriana has grown.

22: Mysterious Place | The old house at the end of the street was where no one went. It was a spooky house. People say you can hear kids scream and the stairs creaked when someone walked in them. The grass was past your knees. No one dared to enter this place.

23: In Other Words | “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” –Martin Luther King Jr. “Truth is, everyone’s gonna hurt you. You just got to find the one worth suffering for.” –Bob Marley “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most” –Buddha “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”-Albert Einstein “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” –Albert Einstein “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” –Mark Twain “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” –Pablo Picasso “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” –JFK “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” –Albert Einstein “It matter not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” –Albus Dumbledore

24: Flashback | I would like to redo the time I was telling my parents I was pregnant. If I would go back and do it again I would tell them right away. I would not have waited so long to tell them. I know now that I should have told them from when I first found out. That would be the day that I relive or redo.

25: Remember Things Present | I think I would remember the times that Adriana was little and when she liked to cuddle the most. I’m always going to remember her first years the most. I think I will always remember her first steps, her first time rolling over and her first words. I think your child’s life will be your most valued memories that you will remember.

26: As Time Goes Bye-Bye | Skydiving is one of the first things that I want to do before I am 35. I want to travel to Mexico and Puerto Rico. I would like to be married and have a good job with the college degree I worked hard for.

27: My Own List Of Lists | Respectful Smart Sweet Kind Polite | Good | Bad | Procrastinator Stubborn Argumentative Hardheaded

28: Map Of Life | Drawn on paper

29: A Day in the Life | Everyone watched her get pushed around and talked down to. No one knew what she was doing to her self. Her family watched her slowly stop eating. She finally started starving herself. They all realized what they had done when they knew she passed away from a serious disease.

30: Cheer Your Self Up | Drive- To hang out. School- Break from home. Family- Occupied Shopping- Relaxation Walking- Taking a break

31: Look Who I Look Up To | 1. People who have influenced me - Mom, Nana, My Aunt 2. Places that make me happy - Home, Country, Mountains 3. Places I would like to go - Mexico, Puerto Rico 4. Things in people which I like - Honesty, Funny, Confident 5. Things in people which I dislike - Liars, Cheaters | 6. Things that worry me - Failure, Daughter 7. Things I would like to know how to do - Ski, Surf 8. Things that have moved me - Daughter, Friends 9. Ideas that intrigue me - Success 10. My personal favorites - Tattoos, Babies

32: One Medium Suitcase | I would probably take what I need. I would pack shoes clothes, and I would pack my phone stuff. I would take Adriana some clothes, diapers and shoes. I would probably pack some toys for her. This is the only stuff that I need to leave.

33: The Perfect Present | My gift would be premonition. I would be able to know whats gonna happen to me before it takes place. It would especially help with things at my house.

34: Memorable Event | My memorable moment this year was my first time Black Friday shopping. I went with my friend Tori. We went to Sears, Belks, and Old Navy. That will be my last time going Black Friday shopping. That was the craziest trip I have ever experienced.

35: How to... | How to go crazy: Live with my parents Going to school with ignorant people. Dealing with my DAD.

36: Always Say Never | -Animal Farm -How to read literature like a professor -Beowulf -Sucky Relationships - Never have to confront someone about lying -Not to have to say something to someone who talks junk.

37: Are You Hungry? | My mom makes Chicken Surprise. She cooks some rice and cooks some chicken. She puts the rice and chicken in the Crockpot. She then adds cream cheese and cream of mushroom soup. Then she cooks it for a while.

38: The Examined Life | 1) Good Friend 2) Kind 3) Good Mother 4) Good Girlfriend

39: Annual Report | Last year I was not trying in school. I had bad grades. This year I have good grades. At least passing grades. I also have been to school more this year. I plan on being graduated and to be in college.

40: Lessons I Learned Too Late | A lesson that I learned after it happened was skipping school. I learned my lesson on skipping from getting caught with by my moms friend. Then my mom told my assistant principal and I got a day of ISS.

41: Advice To The Young | Dear Adriana, I want you to have the childhood of your dreams. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. I want you to succeed and be able to do more than I get to do. I want you to have fun and so good in school. I want you to grow up and have your dream job.

42: Who Am I? | Student- I want to have a good future. Daughter- I try my best to do good. Girlfriend- I love Antonio. Mother- I try my best to make her life wonderful.

43: Rewarding Experiences | 1) Having Adriana 2) Getting to finish school 3) Getting my license 4) Getting my car 5) Getting to have the best little girl

44: Futures- Fantasy and Fact | I want to finish all my degrees at Gaston and Caldwell. Then I want to transfer to a bigger college. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't get a good job. Thats what I need to let Adriana have a good life.

45: Churchill / Ghandi Quote | "The moment there is suspicion about a person's motives, everything he does becomes tainted." -Ghandi | Ghandi is saying that once you think someone is doing something you make your self believe that they are doing that. After so long of making it seem like it then it eventually becomes true.

46: Epilogue | The author is hardworking, loving, smart. She has experienced a lot of bumpy roads on the way to accomplish her goals. She has had good and bad experiences. This has made her who she is today.

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