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Journals Project

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FC: When All Are One And One Is All | by Kyle Wilson

1: When All Are One And One Is All

2: Table Of Contents | 1. Plans After High School 4. English Assignment I Liked/Disliked 5. Hobbies 6. Whats In A Name 7. Personal Alphabet 8. Likes/Dislikes List 9. Sensory Experiences 10. Metaphorical Definitions 12. Room Sweet Room 14. Ultimate Tardy Excuse 16. Unfinished Sentences 19. Flashback 20. Remember Things Present 24. A Day In The Life 25. Cheer Yourself Up 27. One Medium Suitcase 28. The Perfect Present 30. How To... 32. Are You Hungry? 42. Futures: Fantasy and Fact

3: Plans After High School | After high school, I would like to study at North Carolina State University. I want to pursue a degree in Engineering or Business Administration. After I get out of college and find a job that is relevant to my degree, I will probably get a house in Raleigh and live there.

4: English Assignment I Liked/Disliked | Last year in Mr.Paul's class, we read the Crucible. I enjoyed the book a lot because it had a lot of action in it and I thought it was an effective allegory to McCarthyism. In 10th grade, Mr.McAlister gave us two essays that were due the next morning. I did not enjoy the assignment because I'm not that great of an author. It was hard for me to sit down and focus enough to produce two essays at once.

5: Hobbies | I am interested in the Engineering Club here at Ashbrook. I have been a member since last year and I've worked on many projects with the club since. Last October, we built trebuchets, a machine similar to a catapult, and went to UNC Charlotte for a day to launch them. We also build balsa wood bridges and take them to UNCC to test how much weight they can hold. We compete with hundreds of schools across North Carolina.

6: What's In A Name | My full name is Kyle Winston Wilson. My dad is, and always has been, a huge NASCAR fan. Back in the day, my dad's favorite driver was Richard Petty. Richard Petty's first son was named Kyle Petty, so my dad named me Kyle since I was his first son. The NASCAR Cup back then was called The Winston Cup, so that's where he got my middle name. I kind of like my name, it has a nice flow to it with the two "w" syllables.

7: Personal Alphabet | Athletic - I play basketball and football with my friends. Brilliant - I'm smart. Caring - I try to help people. Decisive - I stick to my decisions. Eager - I'm excited for the future. Funny - I like to make people laugh. Generous - I'm not stingy with stuff. Hopeful - I always keep my hopes up. Independent - I like to be self-sufficient. Judicious - I use good judgment. Kind - I'm friendly to others. Lanky - I'm pretty tall. Mulish - I'm kind of stubborn. Nice - I will be friendly with anyone. Observant - I'm very aware of my surroundings. Patient - I'm a patient person. Quick - I get things done quickly. Respectful - I am respectful to others. Silly - I can be silly sometimes. Thankful - I appreciate others. Understanding - I put myself in other people's shoes. Veracious - I'm an honest person. Welcoming - I enjoy having company. Young - I'm a young man. Zany - I can be goofy sometimes.

8: Likes/Dislikes | Likes 1. Sleep 2. Food 3. Music 4. Driving 5. Basketball 6. Football 7. Computers 8. TV 9. Video games 10. Playing guitar | Dislikes 1. Boredom 2. Baseball 3. Fake people 4. Liars 5. Cops 6. Cold fries 7. Flat tires 8. Death metal 9. People who walk around saying "SWAG!" 10. School lunch

9: Sensory Experience | During the summer of 2010, me and some friends went to see Stone Temple Pilots in concert. These two lesser-known bands opened the show, but everybody was waiting for STP. After the second band finished, the lights dropped down really low. The crowd grew silent, nervously awaiting the appearance of STP. Me and my friends had front row seats. All of a sudden, huge pillars of flame shot out of the stage and I could feel the heat on my face. The members of Stone Temple Pilots emerged from backstage carrying their instruments. The roar of the crowd was deafening at this point.

10: Metaphorical Definitions | Anger is a roaring lion. Peace is a softly-played melody. Satisfaction is a sizzling ribeye steak. Adventure is a misty jungle. Fun is a flowing water-slide. Rage is a charging bull. Boredom is repetitive buzzing. Sickness is a warm bed. Love is a speeding rollercoaster. Freedom is a soaring eagle.

11: Room, Sweet Room | The first thing someone would notice when they walk in my room is my guitars. I love music and I love to make music, so my guitars mean a lot to me. The walls are lined with posters of bands from the 60's and 70's including The Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Led Zeppelin. These are some of my favorite music artists, so I think the posters represent me well. I have a big tv and an xbox 360 because I'm a pretty big gamer and I enjoy using technology.

12: Ultimate Tardy Excuse | Well, what had happened was, I was in the process of driving to school when my wheel fell off my car. Then, the wheel rolled into the intersection I was at and caused a huge crash. I didn't want to be late, so I got out of my car and started running to school. Being on time for school is more important than a car, right? So I just left it sitting in the road. While I was running to school, this hobo came out of nowhere and started asking me for a dollar. At first I just kept on running, but he started to follow me. After he rambled incoherently for ten minutes, I finally gave him the dollar. I ran the rest of the way to school and I'm finally here.

13: Unfinished Sentences | 1. I usually worry about paying bills. 2. I feel angry when I'm not given recognition for something. 3. I am moody when I'm not feeling well. 4. I am happiest when I'm surrounded by the ones I love. 5. I feel confident when I'm given a task to do. 6. I feel frustrated when I don't reach my goal the first time. 7. I feel depressed when I lose something that I love. 8. I am comfortable when I listen to my music. 9. I am nervous when I have to face a big obstacle in life. 10. I feel sentimental when things don't work out as planned.

14: Flashback | If I could relive one experience in my life, it would probably be when I went to WIlmington with my ex-girlfriend this past summer. It was important to me because we were both so happy then, and we had a blast. I don't know if reliving it would accomplish much, but it would just be really nice to go back to the mindset of being happy all the time and having no worries. We stayed the whole weekend down there. I took her out to eat and we shopped and walked on the beach. It was all really fun.

15: Remember Things Present | 20 years from now I want to remember: My high school years My high school friends My college years (haven't started) My childhood Middle school Time I've spent with loved ones over the years

16: A Day In The Life | He sat in 4th period watching the clock attentively as he waited for the bell. After what seemed like an hour-long lecture from Mr.Fritz about proper dimensioning, the bell rang. He and the rest of the students burst out of the classroom like a bunch of frenzied ants, ready for their day to actually begin. When he gets out in the parking lot, he and his friends regroup and decide what to do for the day. After a decision has been made, he starts his car and zooms off.

17: Cheer Yourself Up! | 1. Play my guitar. It usually helps to get my mind off everything. 2. Go for a drive. This also helps to clear my mind. 3. Go climb Crowders midnight. I've never tried this, but it would probably get my mind off things. 4. Go skydiving. I think my troubles would be the last thing on my mind thousands of feet in the air. 5. Drive to the beach. I think this would put most people's minds at ease. 6. Go live on Lake Wylie for the weekend on my uncle's boat. I love being out on the lake. 7. Go hunting. I've never been hunting before, so the idea seems pretty crazy. 8. Go to Carowind's and ride Top Gun. I'm deathly afraid of heights, so I steer clear of most rollercoasters. 9. Go deep sea diving. Swimming alongside the sea life would be exhilarating. 10. Drive to New York City. I've always wondered what the big city is like.

18: Suitcase | I would fill up half the suitcase with clothes because I need those. Then I would pack my iPod and my headphones because I have to have music. Next, I would pack my Xbox 360 so I won't be bored when I get where I'm going. After that I would probably only have a little space left, so I would pack some pictures of my loved ones.

19: The Perfect Present | The perfect intangible gift for me would be the ability to have more faith/hope in things. Usually whenever I get my hopes up for something it doesn't pan out, so I've pretty much learned to expect the worst in life. It would my life because I would be able to look at life with a more positive view in general.

20: How To | How To Wreck A Car 1. Get in car 2. Start car 3. Pick up friends 4. Turn radio up way too high 5. Stop at gas station 6. Buy bag of chips 7. Eat chips while driving 8. Ask friends to tell jokes 9. Laugh loudly at joke and spill chips 10. Rear-end another car

21: Are You Hungry? | My favorite meal is a big, juicy ribeye steak with a butter, baked potato. It is served at my house, usually around 7 o' clock, and it is cooked by Mr. Kyle Wilson. The steak is cooked about halfway between medium-well and well-done, because there's nothing worse than a burnt steak. My favorite part of this meal is definitely the steak.

22: Futures: Fantasy and Fact | In 10 years from now, sales from my bands first album will go off the charts. I will travel the country on a bus playing packed out shows in huge arenas. I will have the nicest equipment made. In 10 years, I will have graduated from NC State with a degree in Civil Engineering. I will work for a contracting company in New York and design skyscrapers and bridges. I will have been out of college for 5 years, so hopefully my student loans will be paid off. My dream is to play music for a living. It's a huge hobby of mine and I get a lot of enjoyment from it. In the fall, I'm starting my freshman year at NC State. I feel like I need to pursue my dream, while also focusing on college. To compromise, I can go to college and play in a band at the same time.

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