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Just Another Kid

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S: Just Another Kid By: Group 6

BC: Thanks for listening

FC: Just Another Kid | By: Elyzabeth Hein, Hunter Thompson, Anthony Tong, Aurora Olson, Tate Farley, And Noah Gardner

1: Prologue : Beyond this page is a situaion in which involves a problem with bullying and how school effets our lives

2: Another normal day of getting bullied for Bertha Bullet. "Hey wimp!" said Billy Bob. The meanest strongest person in school. Not someone you want to mess with. Every time Bertha got bullied she grew meaner and meaner. One day after getting bullied again, Bertha went home and thought about how cool it would be to be a bully like Billy. "All those days of not getting bullied and telling all the kids what to do, wow what a life it would be" Bertha thought to herself.

3: So the next day, Bertha went to school and saw Billy bulling one of the little kids (a normal thing) and telling him what to do. "I wish I was like him" said Bertha. So Bertha had an idea to go and try that out herself. So she walked over to a classmate named Karli Gardner and started with "Hey dork!" Thats when it all started.....

4: Three Years Later.. | "Give me your lunch money or else... you know what happends!" yelled Bertha while glaring at Karli Gardner. " Ok here!" Said Karli said in fear. As Bertha stomped away, a tear ran down Karli's cheek. All of Karli's friends appeared long after the event. "Karli are you okay?!" Gary Potter, Guliver Smack, Semur Smarts, and Brent Cornilious all said in union. "Ya im fine, but she took my lunch money" Karli said trembling.

5: "That is the third time this week! She is constantly bullying you! Don't let her control you like this Karli!" Gary exclaimed. " I know" Said Karli. "But we've got to go to class before were late. Lets all meet after school." said Guliver as they all walked to class. After school everyone greeted each other as they sat and ate their snacks. "Okay so lets gather our hypothesis" Said Karli eagerly. "I think Bertha might be a bully beacause she was bullied when she was little" said Semur.

6: "Ya!" Said everyone else. "Okay im going to go home and find out what I can on bullies" "BYE!" everyone said to Karli. So Karli ran home and straight to her room. She got on her laptop and researched Why people bully. The next day at school Karli decided to test her hypothesis. She gathered her papers and went to look for her friends. "Okay guys I did a lot of research last night and found three ways to share it.The first way is to show you my notebook, my second way is to make a chart and the third way is making a powerpoint on my computer. I decided to show you my notebook. Here is what i found >>>>>

7: According to Frank Peretti, there are two basic reasons why kids bully. One reason a child bullies is because he (or she) "has a deep troubling need of his own" and is picked on or feels that he does not have a very successful life. Bullies may be experiencing trouble at home, be underachievers in school, and for whatever reason they feel they have to make themselves better by picking on someone else. On the outside bullies may look fine, but they may be very lonely or may deliberately try to hurt themselves or have trouble eating or sleeping.

8: " I found this information last night" explained Karli. "Maybe we should try talking to Bertha." Said Karli. "I'll go alone since I could relate to her better" Said Karli. "Ok" Everyone agreed. " Karli trotteded over to where Bertha was sitting alone. "Hey Bertha!" Karli said cheerely. "Go away!" Replied Bertha angrily.Karli didnt think the variable(Bertha) here would change. " I just wanna help. Why do you bully people? I did some research last night and I understand." Karli blurted. "I don't have any friends Karli" Bertha admitted. "I'll be your

9: friend Bertha! and so will others, if you just be a little bit nicer to everyone" Karli said symptheticly. "Maybe your right" Bertha said to Karli. "Thanks Karli" Bertha said. "No problem" Karli said. After that karli introduced Bertha to all her friends and more. From then on, Bertha was the nicest person in school with friends like crazy!

10: A Year Later... | Karli sat with her friends inluding Bertha. They were all in math class and had just been given their assignment. The whole class had to come up with one question to ask their grade. The question Karli and her friends came up with is "Do the students in our class like to be bullied?" Their options were "Yes, dont care ,and No" "Okay guys, I know that I dont like to be bullied how about you?" Karli expressed. " Same here, No way, Ya right, me either!" Were all the answers Karli heared from her friends. "Alright class! Everyone needs to gather

11: your questions and start surveiying our class, who wants to go first?" Karli's teaher said. Karlie sat, listened, and voted for all of the surveys' until it was finaly her turn."Yes!" karli thought to herself. She bounced out of her seat and read her survey aloud. At the conclusion of the surveying Karli and her friends gathered their information. The data they gathered from their classmates are shown in Karli's notebook.

12: All of the students got an A+ on their survey and learned that almost nowon likes to be bullied. Yay for Karli and her friends!

13: "Okay class it's time to go to social studies class. Gather your things and rotate to you social studies teacher." Said Karli's teacher. As they settled into their seats of their social studies teacher began giving instuctions on their assignment. Their teacher told them they had to come up with a relashionship between modern day things and the things they had back then. Each group had to find a special thing in common with the past that we have in the present. Karli's group chose tools for farming. They wrote a paper that looked a little like this :

14: Past(1700's): Most of these early implements were still powered by horse or oxen Present: Being a profitable farmer today calls for advanced technology, educational prep, and buisness skills. this may include vehicles , good farming stratigies and a good degree. Connections: The connections my group saw were that we have devoleped bigger and better technology to give us a helping hand in farming.

15: The group finsished their work on time and well done while learning how our world has really improved and impacted our lives all at the same time.

16: This had been a great year for this group of kids. Hopefully you will follow in their footsteps! And they also learned to value all friends and family. :)

17: They grew up and had sucessful careers and many friends thanks to school.

18: Helpful Resources we used: http://www.campsilos.org/mod4/students/life.shtml http://historylink101.com/lessons/farm-city/story-of-farming.htm http://library.thinkquest.org/07aug/00117/whybully.html

20: Red= Noah Gardner Blue= Anthony Tong Brown= Tate Farley Purple= Hunter Thompson Green= Aurora Olson-Cooper Black= Elyzabeth Hein

21: Yellow= Vocabulary Words For Science Portion

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