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Kannan Ramanathan Star Diary

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BC: Reflection: | I had fun doing this project. It was easy with a lot of steps. I think if I was a star I would be proud to have this diary to my death. I think that this was one of the best projects we ever had. I think, while doing this project, I learned a to about a star and I almost fee like a star in space.

FC: Diary of a star By: Kannan Ramanathan | My Dedication: I dedicate this diary to all my fellow stars in the universes. I dedicate it to all my fellow stars because we are all dust in the universal wind. I also dedicate it to Mr. H, Ms. Allen, Ms. Grosch and Mrs. Rachubinski. I dedicate it to them because they supported me while doing this star diary.

1: At some point the gaseous material in the nebula starts to heat up and that is when a star “turns on”. The formula for nuclear fusion 1H1 + 1H1 1H2 + e0 + then 1H1 + 1H2 2He3 + (where = neutrino and = gamma radiation, high energy photons) and it is carried out in every star. The nebula's that stars are born in are basically a cloud of dust. When stars begin, they are just young balls of gas that do nuclear fusion. When nuclear fusion begins hydrogen atoms start to convert into helium atoms the core is beginning to be made up of helium. | Birth of a star

2: I consist of about 70% hydrogen, about 28% helium and about 2% of other elements. Most of my life I am a main-sequence star.I could evolve or change surface temperature at any time. I am in the main hydrogen burning stage. | Main-Sequence Star

3: Super-Giant | I am among the most massive stars. I am a red super giant and after I use all the energy I have I will go super nova. I will be sucked to myself and then explode. My excess will create other stars; so basically, when I die I will make new stars in my wake. I have a low surface temperature so I am not the hottest star in the galaxy.

4: Black Hole | Astronomers do not know much about my death phase. But they do know that my death phases gravity does not even let light escape, that is why they call my death phase is called a black hole. Scientists Have discovered other black holes by looking where light disappears in space. Black holes have infinite density and huge mass. Even parts of stars are sucked in by black holes. Some scientists believe that in the center of the universe there is a huge black hole.

5: Resources: http://deep-space-astronomy.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_circle_of_life_the_beginning, http://www.space.com/nebulas/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supergiant, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole, http://www.star.le.ac.uk/xra-old/research/pictures/black-hole.jpg, http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2005-02-e-large_web.jpg, http://www.dorlingkindersley-uk.co.uk/static/clipart/uk/dk/sci_space/image_sci_space004.jpg, http://spitzer.caltech.edu/uploaded_files/graphics/high_definition_graphics/0003/5888/ssc2006-10-ws-tn.jpg

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