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Karli's Geography

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S: Geography

BC: Created by: Karli Thornton 2011 | Jordan River

FC: Geography

1: Thailand pages-1&2 | Russia pp.3,4,5,&6 | Columbia pages-7&8 | France p...9&10 | EGYPT PGS.11-16 | CHINA PAGES.17&18 | japan pg.19&20 | SPAIN | pages 21-24

2: King Bhumibol has been Thailand's king for over 60 years and is 84 years old. | Do NOT point your feet at a Buddhist statue. It is very offensive to the Buddhist religion. | Spin the night in a floating hut. | Thailand's original name was Siam until 1932.

3: Thailand | Thailand is the world's largest producer of rice. | Thai food consists of 5 different tastes: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, and salty. | One of the most popular tourist activities to do is to ride an elephant through the jungle. | Sepak Takraw A form of volleyball with a Thai twist on it, players are only allowed to touch the "Buka Ball"(a woven plastic ball) using their feet, knee, chest, and head to get the ball over a net.

4: R U S S I A | The religion of Russia is Russian Orthodox. | Russia is the world's largest country and holds the record for the most time zones with 9.

5: War and Peace was produced in Russia and is the world's most expensive movie ever produced. | Pyotr Illych Tchaihovsky was banned from Russia because the government considered his music to be "too political".

6: Russia gained its independence from the Soviet Union along with many other countries in 1991. | Russia has accumulated the biggest stock pile of nuclear weapons in the world. | If you happen to need health care or education in Russia its free..........but its RESTRICTED!!

7: An on-going construction project, Crystal Island is an apartment building with a bizarre type of architecture. | Common foods to eat in Russia: fish, poultry, berries, and honey | Russia will hold the 2018 FIFA world cup. | Faberge eggs are an enduring work of art to create that are exclusively Russian. Easter is one of the biggest celebrations for the Russian Orthodox church.

8: Colombia

9: According to jewelers around the world Colombia's emeralds are the highest quality of emeralds on planet earth. | Gold-All the gold in Columbia Blue-Ocean shores Red-Blood from war | The best coffee is always from Colombia!

10: France | Chateau De Versailles One of many royal palaces in France. | Charlie Chaplin is from France.

11: Escargot | Claude Monet is from France. | Notre Dame Cathedral -Notre Dame means "Lady of Paris" the Cathedral is where the kings of France were crowned for 200 centuries. | An Aqueduct is how people got water. This was invented during the Roman times.


13: The Nile River is the longest and oldest river in the world, it flows through nine countries. The Nile Crocodile is the largest in Africa and can "gallop" at the speed of 30 mph. Mummified Nile Crocodiles have been found in Egyptian tombs. Date Palms, Citrus Groves, and Papyrus Plants grow only near the Nile in Egypt.

14: Al Azhar Mosque and university in Cairo was founded in the 10th century. It is considered to be the oldest university in existence. | The White Desert | Futbol is the national sport of Egypt.

15: Protests started on Tuesday, Janurary 25, 2011, when-inspired by the succesful revolution in Tunisia-thousands of people gathered in the streets of not only Cairo, but also in Alexandria and Suez, two other major cities. The Egyptians protested poverty, rampant unemployment, government curruption, and autocratic governance of President Hosni Mubarak. The government responded by blocking Twitter, which was being used by organizers to coordinate protests. | Blocking Twitter not only enraged Egyptian citizens; it also brought national attention to the uprising. Over the next two days the Egypt government proceeded to block Facebook while the riot police took to the streets, arresting and injuring hundreds with batons and tear gas water cannons. Additionally, the Muslim Brotherhood, long a fierce opponent of the Mubarak regime and officially banned in Egypt, threw their weight behind the protestors. | The largest protests were planned for Friday, at which the government took the inprecedented step of blocking all internet services. With Twitter and Facebook already down, email and other social networking outlets fell as well. Text messaging was also blocked. Protestors and journalists began finding alternative means of pushing out information. The military was called in to take over security, a move that was welcomed by the protestors. After long silence, Hosni Mubarak resigned as president and handed contreol to the military on Feburary 11th, 2011, after 29 years in power, bowing to a historic18-day wave of protests by the people. Several hundred thousand protestors massed in Cairo's central square exploded in joy, cheering and waving Egyptian flags after Vice President Omar Sleiman made the announcement on national television.

16: Khan El Khalili Bazaar | The Rosetta Stone On the stone are three different scripts. The upper text is Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion is demotic script, and the lowest is Ancient Greek. Because the stone presented the same text in all three languages, it provided the key to the understanding of hieroglyphs where unsuccessful attempts had been made to translate the Egyptian language for hundreds of years. The Rosetta Stone was found in 1799, however, it was 20 years before the final decipherment of the egyptian texts.

18: CHINA | China is half Buddhist and half Taoist. | China was the first to create and cultivate tea. | The Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built by hand. | 1,331,460,000 people live in China

19: 2008 Beijing Olympics | Mount Everest is one of the most climbed mountains of the world, and also the highest. | Most Chinese celebrations are celebrated with fireworks.

20: JAPAN | Japan has 1500 earthquakes every year. | The worlds largest fish market is found in Japan, along with crazy fish and seafood recipes. | 128 Million people live in Japan

21: The unusual Japanese art Japan is known for dates back to the 6th century when the new style of painting was being taught in Buddhist monasteries. | Japan has four different religions, Hindu being the most common in Japanese homes. | Japan is the worlds largest car producer.

22: Spain | Flamenco dancing style originated in Spain.

23: Rafael Nadal is from Spain. | La Tomatina "The Festival of Tomatoes" is on the last Wednesday of August. Communities all over Spain spend from 11am to 1pm throwing tomatoes at each other throughout the city streets. | The hot chocolate in Spain is thick and very chocolaty, it is like drinking warm pudding. | Spain's new "City of Arts and Sciences".

24: Spanish art | The President of Spain from1936-1975, General Franco. Fransisco Franco was the creator of a long war between the citizens of Spain and his elite army; along with Catholic priests who reported citizens that did not attend mass. Together they carried out around 2 million executions of nearly all innocent people. Franco had powerful connections with Hitler; both generals backed each other's army for World War 2. The Spaniards today look upon these years with hatred towards Franco and the war. The carnage is portrayed as "The Civil War of Spain". | -1700 1931-

25: The Catholic church designed by Antoni Gaudi has been under construction since 1882 and will not be finished until 2026. | Spain wins 2010 FIFA World Cup!!! | One of the top ten things to do in Spain is see a bull fight.

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