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Kartik Gannamaneni *

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BC: That's My Story

FC: Kartik Gannamaneni's Life Story

1: Preface | I'm form many different things. I'm from New York, the city that never sleeps. I come from India, where my parents lived. I'm from the Hindus, my ancient religion. I'm from the ruler Kartik, my namesake. I'm from hot and spicy Indian cuisines. I'm from homemade "chapatis", or flatbread. I'm from ice cream sundaes on Sundays. I'm from going to India every year, awaiting the welcoming sight of my grandfather.

2: The Best Year of my Life | I was born on November 15th, 1999. New York. I was born at precisely 3:40 p.m. The city was bustling, with cars and trucks constantly honking their loud horns, and people shouting at each other for some decision. My mother stated that I was an extremely loud and that I cried so much that one of the nurses tried to leave. I lived in New York for one full ear. We also happened to have left the exact year before "9/11" happened. We lived in a a small apartment overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. I have never been to New York except for when I was born. Due to this, I do not know that much about New York. I am hoping that I will learn or be able to go to New York one day.

3: When I learned how to walk | I remember running around my house the day it happened. The day I learned how to walk. It seemed like the perfect day. My mother carried me back inside, and the T.V. was on; I decided to crawl toward it. | It was some random show about a baby learning how to walk. I suddenly realized that I could be the one walking. I tried to stand up, but I fell down repeatedly. I finally stood up against the wall triumphantly. Next I though about actually trying to take steeps and walk. I fell down many times, but I just got back up on my feet and tried again. Eventually I finally got the hang of it and started to walk without having to think at all. After that I walked all over the house non-stop. I even walked to the backyard and back. I tried to fly after that, it didn't work.

4: When I turned 2 my grandparents came from India to celebrate. At this time we had moved to Illinois. I had only seen my grandfather a couple times from when he visited when I was only 1. Due to this I did not know much about him. I only knew one thing, he is amazing. He actually taught me how to ride my bike. | I still remember it, it was a crisp and chilly day. I was cold all the way down to my bones. My Grandfather took me outside and he told me to try and get on my bike. It took a couple times, but I finally got on. I started to slowly move my pedals, but I immediately fell onto the cold hard asphalt. I got up and had to go inside for a couple hours because my nose was bleeding really badly. After that I went back outside to try again. I tried many times, but eventually I was able to ride. I stayed out there and rode my bike for half an hour. Sadly I could only ride with my training wheels, but it was good enough for me. | When I learned how to ride my bike

5: The first time I went abroad | The first time I went abroad was during the 4th year of my life. We were going to the Bahamas. This was also the 1st time I went on a flight for a long period of time. My mother said that I was quiet and handled the situation perfectly. | When we arrived at the hotel I went straight to the terrace and looked out at the vast sea. The air had a slight tint of salt and I could smell coconut water from the stands below. The first tourist attraction we did was see all the exotic animals. I don't remember the experience very well, but my mother said that when I tried to feed the peacock it suddenly spat on me. We also went into a boat and went across the sea. The air was salty and the water chilled me down to my bones.d That trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I don't remember much about the trip, but I have glimpses of the ocean. The waves were smacking against the shore, palm trees constantly swinging in the wind, and the sand getting wriggled between my toes. I hope I can go back soon.

6: The first day I started school was one of the most abnormal days of my life. I I was tired when I woke up, and I didn't want to leave. I was screaming my eyes out and I just refused to go to school. Finally in the end my mother convinced me to go to school. The second I walked in I was scared to go to school. It was so loud I thought my ears would fall off. Kids were crying, parents were yelling, and toys were crashing on the ground. I walked in and soon got acquainted with the rest of the class. We started to play a game, and I was having a ton of fun. When we left I couldn't wait to come back the next day. Although some days I would have a bad day and not want to go to school most days I would come home happy. I loved my pre-school years and I am very glad I had them. I just wish I had appreciated them more. | The first time I went to school

7: I remember all my anxiety bottled up, waiting to be released. I was graduating the next day. My mom and I were going to the store to get my graduation uniform. We looked all over for the uniform. Finally I realized that my teacher was renting out all the uniforms. | Finally the day of my graduation arrived. We all lined up in the hallway and slowly walked through the hallway to the auditorium. I was wearing the white robe and college graduation hat. We all walked in a single file line. My teacher, Mrs. Sundaram gave our kindergarten diplomas to every single one of us. When I went up to the stand I had to give a short speech about what we would miss from our school. I didn't know what to say so I just said "I will miss our fun free days and parties". After that day, I was officially a 1st grader. I was extremely sad, I had to switch to a different school for 1st grade because my old school didn't have a 1st grade teacher. I will always remember my kindergarten years. I still remember the loud sound of the cloud clapping around me and the ground shaking under the weight of all adults stomping their feet happily. | When I graduated from Kindergarten

8: I remember my mother just walking down the hallway one day and saying,"Kartik, you are going to have a sibling." I was extremely happy and couldn't wait. My sibling's due date was October 16th. Slowly I waited for that day to come. When October 16th finally came, I went to the hospital to see my mother. The first thing I asked her was,"Is it a boy or girl?". My mother said that it was going to be a girl. I didn't want to believe her. | Finally the day arrived when my sister was going to be born. Half-way through school the intercom rang and the office said I had to go to the hospital. When I got there, I had to wait their for 4 hours. I was extremely anxious and bored, the only thing I could was stare at the wall and try to sleep. Finally, I got to go home after my sister was born. I finally met my sister the next day. I visited her every day until she came home. For the next couple weeks my parents were completely occupied. My sister is 5 years old right now and she is extremely annoying, but she is still my sister. | When I got a sister

9: The first time I went dirt-biking | I remember watching T.V. and seeing people people riding on motorized bikes. At first I wanted to do that but then I realized that they go extremely fast. I was scared and I hoped that I would never have to do that. Then my dad walked in and said,"Do you want to go dirt-biking?". | I didn't know what dirt-biking was, so I went along with him. We went out to a field and he brought out the dirt bikes. I saw that these were the exact same bikes as in the T.V. show. I didn't want to step near the bike. My dad tried to convince me, but I wouldn't go near it. Finally he got me on it in front of him. i loved it when we started moving, and I still love it today. I used to go almost every other week. Nowadays, I just go once a month. I still love every moment of it: the wind blowing in my face, the tires bumping against the ground. I just wish I had more time to go dirt-biking nowadays.

10: The first time I played on a team | I remember not wanting to go to my first soccer game.I didn't want to go because I had seen T.V. shows where people got tackled and hurt during soccer games. Finally my mom convinced to go so I went. The field was wet and the cleats I were wearing had mud all over them. We started to practice, and then the game began. | I started out on the field and ran at full speed towards the ball. The wind was tearing at my face as I retrieved the ball and began to dribble down the field. I passed to one teammate who dribbled near the goal and scored. We got treats in the end and I felt really proud. That day was my first experience in a competitive game. It taught me teamwork and sportsmanship. it was also one of the funnest games of my life. After that game, I was constantly asking if I could go to another one.

11: My first karate tournament | I remember the day I went to my first karate tournament. I was only 9 at the time. I had been going to my karate classes for about 2 years, so I was pretty good at it. The competition was in Yorktown, Indiana. It was in their high-school. The second I walked in I was scared. There were so many people in the stands i couldn't even see my parents. Whenever the crowd started clapping, I had to cover my ears to prevent my self from becoming deaf. | The first challenge was to break a block of wood, which I passed through easily. There was a consequence though, my hand was throbbing and it felt like someone was punching my hand constantly. I got a good score for my breakthrough, because I didn't chicken out. The second and last challenge was to spar with another competitor. The person I sparred with was an amateur, so I just pushed him out of the ring and I won. Each one of us who won our spars got a free cake and a trophy. My trophy still sits at the top of my room. I quit karate about 2 years, but I still regret my decision. I don't have enough time nowadays for karate, so I guess I couldn't do it anyway.

12: When I got my dog, Spark | My whole life I wanted a dog. Finally for my 10th birthday, I got one. We went to a breeder and I chose from their collection of puppies. I wanted a golden retriever, so I got one. I named him "Spark". He was only a month old when we got him. He wasn't housebroken, which arose to be a problem. We also took him to dog training classes once every week. Then the challenge rolled in. | One problem was his chewing. He chewed everything he could find. He gnawed a giant hole in the wall, and he chewed on all the shoes and toys. Another problem was his energy. He was constantly hopping around and running all over the place. Most of the time when we took him for walks, he would run at top speed and we would have to run with him. Finally we had to give him back to the breeder. I was extremely sad about our decision but I knew it would be better for Spark.

13: The first time I went on a cruise | I always wanted to go on a cruise, but I never imagined it would happen. The second my dad told me we were going on a cruise I went straight to the website and researched the ship thoroughly. I realized that our ship was called the "Norwegian Epic". | The first thing we did on the ship was checking out all the restaurants. There were multiple restaurants that were amazingly good. There were water-slides and pools on the main deck, which I visited many times. There were many amenities on the ship that made made the stay perfect. Whenever I looked out the window, what always surprised, was seeing the ocean constantly moving. I loved my cruise trip immensely. i loved my cruise trip so much that we may be going again next year.I didn't get sea sickness at all, which surprised me completely. I just wish I could go back.

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