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Kayla W.

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FC: Absolutely Monarch High School | We teach absolutism, which is when one person (king) has all the power. We believe in the Divine Right Theory, which is the belief that god chose you to rule as king.

2: Philip II

3: Philipii | Clubs Philip was in Catholic Studies club. He was very religious and believed his duty was to defend catholicism against Muslim protestants. | Sports Philip launched The Spanish Armada in 1588 to punish protestant england and tried to win several times. He never won instead he almost led his team into bankruptcy. | "O how small a portion of earth will hold us when we are dead, who ambitiously eek after the whole world while we are living" | Philip II of Spain.

4: Louis XIV

5: "L'etat, c'est moi" "I am the state." -Louis XIV | Sports War of the Spanish Succession started because the other team (Europe) was outraged and worried about the two biggest teams (powers) being untied. Many teams teamed up to prevent this union. This includes teams of England, Austria, the Dutch republic, and Portugal. Louis's team (France) ended up losing the game. | Clubs Louis XIV was in then wonders of Architecture club.This club lead him to built the Versailles. This was a palace that held all the nobles. Many people believed the hall of Mirrors was the most beautiful room in the palace. There were 5,000 gardens, and 1,500 fountains. | Louis XIV of France | Voted most likely to build something beautiful.

6: Maria Theresa

7: Voted most likely to .. Become a powerful ruler. | Clubs She was in the girls matter club because since she was a female ruler Fredrick II thought he could take whatever he wanted and she wouldn't fight back. This club taught her that that doesn't have to be the case. | Sports War of Austrian Succession was started because another team (Fredrick II) wanted a piece of Maria"s land. This land was the land of Silesia and he thought since she was a female he could just take it. She gained other teams trust (allies.) Which included teams of Great Britain , and Hungary against teams of France and Prussia. She won this game. | Maria Theresa of Austria

8: Fredrick The Great | Fredrick II of Prussia

9: Sports Seven years war included Fredrick's teams of Prussia and Britain vs. Maria Theresa's teams of Austria, France, and Russia. Fredrick attacked Saxony, opposing the teams allies. Fredrick wanted Silesia a piece of Austrian land. Fredrick and his allies lost this game. | Clubs Fredrick was in the renaissance fan club., because he like most renaissance men liked poetry, philosophy, and music. Although he had missed the time of the renaissance movement, hints the reason he only managed to be in the fan club. | Most likely to follow in his father's footsteps.

10: Voted most likely to bring forth a new beginning to an under developed country. | Peter the great | Clubs Was in the Western technology club which included teachings of navigation and ship building. | Peter the great of Russia

12: Voted most likely to get rid of parliament . | Clubs He was in the against parliament club because he didn't like parliament. He ignored them and even went as far as to dissolve it. | Sports English Civil War started when Charles tried to arrest Parliament leaders, but the landowners raged outside his palace. He fled to the north and raised an army. The Royalist or Caravliers (supporter of the king). | Charles l of England

13: Charles I

14: Voted most likely to become the Grinch and steal Christmas. | Oliver Cromwell of England. | Sports English civil war started with Charles I as stated in the previous slide. Charles tried to arrest Parliament leader but was stopped by landowners. Oliver Cromwell was the leader of the Roundheads (against the king) that overthrew the English Monarchy. He also established the common wealth. | Clubs He was in in the Puritan club which consisted of nothing fun, ever because everything fun is sinful.

15: go | team

16: Voted most likely to party himself into his grave. | Charles II of England | Clubs He was in the party hardy club which consisted of dreaming about partying until Charles got the thrown and then he was the king who brought back partying.

18: James II of England

19: Clubs | Sports | He was in the proud catholic club which consisted of him displaying his catholicism openly.In doing so he angered the British. | Voted most likely to avoid any and all confrontation. | Glorious Revolution was started because James was openly Catholic, and the English Protestants were terrified of having a line of Catholic kings. This game was called glorious or bloodless because James ran away, there for there was no fight.

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