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Keen Teens

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S: Keen Teens

BC: Jessica Simpson doesn't play nice with Zits. She uses Proactive!

FC: Keen | Teens

1: Contents! | Page 1. Adam Mancharian Page 2. Exam Survival 101 Page 3-4 Advice for her Page 5-6 Advice for him Page 7-8 STDs age 9-10 Puberty Blues Page 11-12 Relationships

2: Adam Manucharian | You may know him as moose from step up 2: the streets but Adam Manucharian is just a 19 year from his home town of California. | Adam G. Sevani ( Adam Manucharian) is an Actor and dancer in Step Up 2: The Streets and Step Up 3D, playing Robert Alexandra III Aka "Moose". Step Up 2: The Streets Premiered on February the 14, 2008 and was praised by the New York Times for playing a character who "might be the baddest nerd in history". He was awarded the 2008 Young Hollywood Star award for playing Moose. This year he's playing Max in the new movie LOL. Adam even has his own dance crew known as ACDC or Adam/Chu Dance Crew. We love Adam here at KT and we can't wait to see more of him in LOL and Step Up 4ever 3D in 2012.

3: 911 Exams! | KT asked some 19 year old Scarlet, who has already survived her exams, for her advice on exam survival 101. | Believe you can do it: Scarlet 19, "you can't help stressing just before an exam, although it does show that you care about the result your going to get, so use it to your advantage. I used to stress to remind myself to try harder and not give up and it really helped. My last year of school was spent studying and trying to get the best mark i could to make sure I'd have more options for my career. | Looking back, the greatest piece of advice i was given was to work to the best of my ability because in the end that's what helps you know what you can do and what you need to work on. You can't control what questions you're going to get or whether you're going to be better that everyone else, but you can control how much you study and how prepared you are, and if the stressing becomes to much some green tea and a shower will help that.

4: Advice For Her- | The New Guy There's this new guy at my school and he's amazingly gorgeous and every girl has been trying to get his attention. How can I get him to notice me without looking stupid? Jessie To get this guy to know you pretend not to notice him. These other girls are just going over the top with their flirting but to him they will just look desperate and then they come across at trying to hard. By not noticing him you're more likely to make him want to be noticed therefore he'll be coming to you. When it’s time to talk just start off with a simple “Hi” followed by some casual questions like “How are you today?” this will build the conversation over time. Taking the time to talk, asking questions and really listening to what someone has to say will give of a really good vibe and will really get you noticed. Boobless I'm starting year 10 next year and i still don't have any breasts. it's really embarrassing as all my friends have them. Is there something wrong with me? Jazmin Breasts can start developing anywhere in puberty. They usually start to grow around age 14 or 15 but it varies between people. Talk to mum about when she developed breasts. is she was a late bloomer you may be as well. if you are really concerned go to your GP and they'll check if your developing at a normal rate.

5: Wet problem Me and my boyfriend have been together a year and we were going to have sex to celebrate but he ended up saying no because i was to wet. what can i do to stop from getting wet next time so he'll say yes. Nicole Any male who understands the female body should understand that getting wet is a natural arousment and a good thing. it is a natural lubricant that helps the penis slide into the vagina easier and if he tries to say no next time you could always say it is a sign of how attractive he is.

6: Advice For Him | NO MAKE-UP My girlfriend always wears make-up and spends forever putting it on, but i really hate it. i think she looks beautiful without it. i don't want to be mean to her but haw do i tell her she's prettier natural? Justin Actually you'd be doing your girlfriend a favor by telling her she looks better without make-up. Firstly you'd be being honest with the bonus of paying her a huge compliment and you'd be saving her money while helping her skin. To tell her just give her a positive statement. like " You know i think you look pretty all the time, but you look beautiful when you wear no make-up" or " you know you look the prettiest when you natural". Your girlfriend may ask you if you don't like the way she looks with make-up on, so you could say "I like you better with a natural face". | Penis Pain I was having sex with my girlfriend and i felt this sharp pain on my penis. when i pulled out i had a cut on there and it was bleeding. How did this happen? Mark How this happened is quite hard to explain without more information. the first thing i would like you to ask yourself is whether or not your circumcised or not. if not then the tightness where the foreskin joins the penis that's getting stretched or torn during sex. you may want to get medical advice to get more info and get this problem fixed.

7: Wanting Her There's this girl at school that i like and i really want to ask her out but there's one problem, she's my friends ex. He Just broke up with her and she was really upset. we get along really well and i helped her through the break up a lot. I've told my friends i like her and apparently they told her and she said she likes me to but I'm scared that they're lieing. i feel so happy when I'm around her and she seems happy to. how do i tell her myself that i like her and want to take it to the next level without risking our friendship? Blake If you really like this girl and you think she really likes you a risk might be exactly what's needed here. If she makes you happy and she seems happy you may be made for each other after all. She may also need some time to heal from the break up though as sometimes broken hearts take a while to patch up. maybe talk to you about how you feel and see how she responds. is she responds in a positive way then take it a step further like asking to hang out sometime or if your feeling really good and ready kiss her. If she says she's flattered but not ready for

8: "If you touch each other, You will get Chlamydia... And Die!"-Couch Carr | Just another great time to quote mean girls and although coach Carr may have exaggerated a bit, he does have a bit of a point about how bad sexually transmitted diseases are. So we talked to Dr Marie, to find out all you need to know about STDs. | What to watch out for: Chlamydia, Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs among young teenagers with 15-19 year olds having the second largest age group to be diagnosed with Chlamydia in 2010. this has increased a dramatic 80% since 2000, Yikes! Here are some warning signs to look out for: - Pain in lower stomach - Pain during sexual intercourse - Flu-like symptoms such as nausea - Pain when going to toilet - Needing to go to the toilet more often - Vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods If you are sexually active and have any of there symptoms, see your GP ASAP.

9: Genital Warts, About one in eight Australians have genital herpes, but unfortunately, 80 per cent of those aren't aware that they even have it. Herpes isn't just transmitted by sexual intercourse, it is also transmitted through oral sex. People who are infected with herpes simplex type one (which gives you cold sores) can give genital herpes to the person you are giving oral sex to and vice versa. Although most people don't have any symptoms at all those you do may only have something like a mild rash or very painful blisters on or near genital areas. There is no exact cure for genital herpes, but the symptoms are treatable. | That's not all! Some other STDs are listed below and if you want anymore info head to - Hepatitis - Gonorrhea - HIV - Genital Warts - Pubic Lice - Syphilis - Trichomoniasis - AIDS

10: Puberty Blues Physical Changes In The Body | So I guess some of you teens out their are getting confused with all this birds and the bees talk, so KT is here to talk to you about Puberty. | Something about hormones. Hormones are very important and they'll play a role in your life for many years. Both females and males have hormones but they are both different for their gender. For a female 1 hormone is called estrogen. It releases at a regular rate all through the menstrual cycle (we'll talk about that later). It causes the lining of the womb to thicken in the early part of the cycle. Another hormone is called progesterone. The tiny space left in the ovary when an egg is released each month suddenly fills up with fluid, then it's known as corpus leteum. Now for the male hormones, the main on is called testosterone, males also produce a minute amount of estrogen. Yes we know that's the females main hormone but just like males females produce a minute amount of the male hormone. Testosterone starts when puberty begins, then it remains at a high rate until a older age, when it tapers off a bit

11: Girls- Periods happen once every twenty-eight days. Periods start when a girl is around nine-to-15-years of age. And when you are around the age of 49-50 it stops, this is called menopause. A period is when the womb lining breaks and turns into blood. This lasts for about 5 days, then you start the menstrual cycle all over again. The menstrual cycle goes for 28 days the first 14 lead up to ovulation which is when an egg is released. Then the last lead up to your period. The time between your first and second period may not come on the twenty-eighth day. It may be months or years before you period turns into a regular occurrence. Boys- Now you boys are lucky the only thing you have to worry about (that girls don't) is your voice breaking. No we don't mean actually breaking we mean that, sometimes when you talk only a squeak may come out. Then your voice gets deeper and your Adams apple appears.

12: Relationships | Is it really love? Sometimes people may get confused between love or just lust so we are here to make sure you can tell the difference. Lust Love Speed of development Rapid Slow Attitude towards compatibility Disregards Recognizes Responds to faults Ignores Recognizes Physical contact Explores Controls Everyone has their different views on love and they can sometimes be the wrong views. these days a lot of young people are getting more physical at a young age as they feel left out and uncool if they don't but, being physical is not love. Here are some things you may have heard that are defiantly NOT true. If you don't have sex before marriage, you aren't really in love. This is not true on so many levels as some people believe if you have sex before marriage you aren't in love or you have sinned. there is no exact time that you have to have sex by to know your in love. everyone knows when the time is right. If you have sex before you marry, you'll found out if you're compatible. Proving your compatible will take getting to know each other, spending time with each other and making each other happy. having sex doesn't prove compatibility.

13: If you're truly in love, then nothing else matters. Everything still matters whether your in love or not. Education is one thing you can't throw away for life. neither is a job, family, friends, you need to care about everything and the person your with. If you have sex, you'll love each other more. Having sex can prove you love each other but, it also may rip you apart. there are people out there (guys and girls) who will have sex and then move on to the next person, so don't give yourself away to easy. | So you think your in love, well here are some things to ask yourself which might help you get an answer, 1. Do they listen to you? 2. Do they feel free to express their opinions and desires, or suppress their feelings to keep the peace? 3. Do they want something i can't really give? 4. Do you have admiration as well as love for each other? 5. Can you make them happy? 6. Do they make you happy? 7. Do they love you for you, or their image of you? 8. Do they make you feel special? 9. Do they believe they are always right and knows the best way to do something? 10. Do they challenge you and make you a better person/

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