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Khamasi Muhiga*

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S: Khamasi is a beast!

BC: THE END? Why yes it's this way

FC: Khamasi Muhiga (Thesaviorthatchangedthegame)

1: Preface I am from a home with 4 ponds 3 small in the front 1 big in the back the big one with ducks and geese and frogs and fish the small ones with gold fish My name given to me by my dad means nothing but I am awesome! Walking by my house at the wrong time you might hear “Foo, im gon’ beat yo’ head till the white meat show” When dinner time comes Its chicken time the chicken nice and crispy brown and golden tastes better than cake, cake, cake this is where I’m from

2: A baller at stage 1 (Just born)

3: My Name My Name given to me by my dad means nothing BUT I am awesome! My dad Had a best friend named Khamasi and named me after him I feel great about my name because it’s unique and nobody I know has the same name as me

4: My dad said "What you lookin at foo"

5: What you lookin’ at? When I was really little, about one year old, my dad always used to drink his beer out of the same cup, I didn’t really know what it was at the time but I knew I smelled really strong, like the ointment you put on cuts, and looked like liquid gold. But the thing that caught my eye was the maple leaf that was on the side of the glass. I guess my dad thought I was looking at it because I liked the beer, so every time he had his cup he would always ask me “What you lookin’ at”.

6: Who needs forks to eat cake? Certainly not me

7: Chuckie Cheese! I was 2 years old, the first time I went to Chuckie Cheese. The cake I ate was amazing, it looked really colorful, and tasted really sweet. The place itself smelled like pizza and nachos. You could hear dozens of kids screaming, fun for kids, stressful for adults. The coins you earned felt cold in your hands, but nobody cared, it was fun to play at Chuckie Cheese and celebrate, I still love to go to Chuckie Cheese.

8: Can you repeat "Swagger" 3 times please

9: Church Sunday When I was 3 years old my parents were new to Muncie. We were having a lot of trouble finding our way around and what we were trying to find, was a good church. We wanted a church that had cookies, was not long, and that didn’t have old ladies screaming “Hallelujah” after every sentence the pastor finished, in other words we were trying to find a church exactly opposite to the church we used to go to. And we found a church called Hazel wood. Hazel wood is a really nice church that was only one hour long, and best of all had cookies to eat after church was over.

10: Describing to my mom how SILLY i made people look when i crossed them over in soccer

11: Star Soccer When I was 4 years old, I played Star Soccer. I used to be pretty good at soccer when I was little. I played soccer so much I have permanent scars on my upper leg and knee from fools kicking me, falling on the ground, and diving for balls. It always felt like needles pricking me when I picked on the scabs the left. My mom always loved the way I smelled when I came back from a double header. She said I smelled like gym locker room.

12: I wonder what i did with all that junk, all that junk inside my trunk.. haha

13: Bush Garden When I went 5 my parents took me, and my brother to this amusement park called Bush Garden. I didn’t seem to enthusiastic when I was told we were going to a park called Bush Garden because that was the first time I ever heard of it, and I thought it was a really big garden in a park. So I was pretty surprised when we pulled up to the entrance and I saw the park in front of us. I could already smell the funnel cakes and the fried chicken. I ended up having the best time out of all my family.

14: You can clearly tell who the more..... attractive sibling was

15: Holiday World When I went to Holiday World when I was 6 years old, it was seriously fun! My favorite ride was the twirl rides when it would spin you around in your little cart, and a crane that held the cart would go around. It felt like someone was tickling your stomach when you immediately got off the ride! And the first few steps you took, you had to struggle to keep your balance! Even though it had a lot of sick effects, I still wanted to ride it again. But twice was 2 too many for my mom and dad, so they took us to find a more suitable ride.

16: Me and my friend annoying the old people in my neighborhood as usual

17: Hoodlums in the Hood When I was little, about 7, my neighbor and I used to always play after school, and all day during the weekend. We used cause trouble all the time though, we did everything from knick knocking people, to throwing rotten apples at the back of a building. The rotten apple throwing was probably the worst thing we have ever done, because the building was covered completely, it looked like there was old blood on the side of the building, and it smelled really bad! It almost smelled like manure, and there were a lot of wasps hovering around the mess. After that we didn’t play with each other for a long while.

18: Might get in trouble for wearing those shorts in school haha

19: My Favorite Aunt My aunt, Lynn is my favorite aunt of all. She always bought me really cool gifts, and when we went to the store she always got me at least one thing I asked for. Sometimes she would buy me some candy, and my parents would always get upset because I would eat it before dinner. And she knew my favorite candy was Twix. My favorite thing to do with my aunt would have to be bike riding. She would always take me to trails and we always stopped to see the wild life. Those were my favorite times I had during the summer.

20: Me and my brother... looking for a flashlight

21: My Brother and Me My brother and me were always horsing around in the house and outside. This was mostly when I was 9. And this is about when we stopped, just because one time we were playing I got a little to rough. When my brother and me were playing a game similar to cops and robbers my brother sneaked into, he of course thought I didn’t see him, so walked right in front of the door yelled his name and swung my fist right at the door, sadly my brother was opening the door at the same time I hit him right in the eye and knocked him out, cold, like for 5 straight minutes. I thought that was pretty funny since he was about 2 feet taller than me back then, but he didn’t and we never played those kind of games again.

22: Getting my friend ready for laser tag

23: Laser Tag When I was turning 10 there was this new birthday place that had just opened. I heard that they had a laser tag arena and I really wanted to have my party there. I got to have my birthday party there, and the place was called the Playstation. The laser tag was really fun, and especially the few minutes we had to get ready before we had to play, because it was my birthday party I got to be captain of my team and yell at my teammates to get them ready. That was a yelling was actually a waist of time because my team lost horribly, and I was really upset, but thankfully we one the second match by just a little, all thanks to me because I had the most points.

24: My brother's sexy and he knows it :)

25: Lisa My moms boss was the best! Her and my mom were really good friends so she would come to our house a lot and eat dinner with us and we would sometimes go to her house. When she would come to our house she would always buy my brother and me chocolate. My brother and me especially liked it when she came because she had a computer with photo booth, and we would always take really funny pictures and make funny videos. When we would go to her house though we would always watch a lot of T.V and eat all her food, when I look back I feel like an idiot eating all her food but she still liked me.

26: Having fun in enrichment

27: Enrichment Burris started a new course this school year called enrichment. I thought this class was going to be really great because I thought it was basically going to be an hour built in to school time to get help on your homework and such. It turns out its supposed to help learn how to be a proactive teen and learn good study habits. The class really didn’t help me become a better teenager at all, in fact a had all A’s the first semester EXCEPT in enrichment in which I had a C. That honestly got on my nerves and I came to think that enrichment was a waist of time.

28: She just cant resist me

29: Computer Science When I was doing my work being a well behaved student, as usual, some clown named Jillianne decided to take a picture of me. Looking at the picture it seems that I am the one who is bothering Jillianne but actually I am sitting in a chair on a computer and Jillianne is on her knees, and when I saw that she was trying to take a picture of me I tried to make a funny face. But everybody who sees this picture can tell Jillianne is the real fool. Besides clowns taking pictures of me I actually enjoyed that class it was really fun.

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