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King George's Medieval Journal

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S: The Medieval Castle Victor Lai

FC: King George's Medieval Journal Victor Lai

1: Day 1: Castle Altowind Hello, I’m King Gregory and this is my castle. What your reading is my journal. I have wirtten many things in my journal but this is about a time when it was one of my first days of being King and I owned my own castle. My castle is Castle Altowind. It is the strongest castle within my fiefs. 45 ft. walls and over 1,500 knights under my command. I have additional archers and foot soldiers. My castle is equipped with the following: Moats: A trench of water surrounding a castle. Attackers were shot while trying to swim in the moat or row. Moats reduced risks of tunneling under the castle. Ramparts: Steep banks of dirt and rocks which had to be climbed to be closer to the castle. High walls: Almost impossible to climb over without a ladder. Curtain Walls: Tall thick walls surrounding the castle buildings protecting the inhabitants. Flanking Towers: Part of the curtain wall and made it harder to capture a castle. Battlements: On top of the castle wall having crenels and merlons. Crenels were openings between merlons, which were raised sections helped to shelter the soldier. Machicolations: Stone boxes which had doles for dropping stones or boiling oil on attackers. Wooden versions were known as hoards. Gateway Defences: The entrance was always the weakest point. Drawbridges wound be pulled up and th main gate had an iron studded wooden door which was hard to break through. A spiked wooden/metal barrier called a portcullis helped protect the doors from fire and battering. Lowered by chains. Murder Holes: Openings in the ceilings which were used to drop hot liquids onto the attackers below. Round Towers: Round towers made it harder to collapse since there was no corners. Arrow and Gun Loops: Holes in the wall to allow an arrow to fire trough the wall.

2: Day 2: Incoming Siege As I was finishing my late evening meal, I suddenly heard the watchmen cry out. I asked what was wrong and a messenger exclaimed that a siege with over 200 men were attacking, and the defenders were already preparing and the drawbridge was raised. He asked me what to do. I hesitated. I told him to prepare the archers to fire through the loops. As the messenger ran off, I sat on my bed and waited, listening to the shouts of men and women. I lay down on the bed, closed my eyes, and went to sleep.

3: Day 3: It’s Not Over I woke up when one of my servants shouted and told me that our supplies were low. During the night an additional 500 men were reinforcing the enemy. This worried me. What if my men couldn’t get rid of the enemy in time? What if we run out of supplies? What if...? Many thoughts were worrying me, but I knew a king wasn’t supposed to panic. I forced myself to calm down. I looked out the window and saw a battering ram. I heard it pounding on the outer gate. I heard a snapping sound. I gathered a few of my belongings and asked for my horse. My servants helped out of the castle. I galloped away on my way to Castle Terrobalt.

4: Day 4: On My Way I’ve been riding for 2 days now and I can see the tip of the watchtower of Castle Terrobalt. I believe they saw me since they lowered the drawbridge and sent a few knights. At first they pointed their swords and spears at me, but they seemed to have saw my crown. I immediately introduced myself as King Gregory. They recognized me and brought me into the castle. I told them about the enemy and Castle Altowind. They then offered me a castle. A new castle! I didn’t think of that. I asked where would I find the supplies and people to create it. They said they know some people who would help. I slept happily knowing everything will be alright, or so it seems....

5: Day 5: New Castle I needed and met 400 masons, 2,000 workers, 200 quarry men, and 30 smiths. We had stone to make the castle. After a few weeks of hard work, finally the castle was finished. I named this castle Castle Shadowind since it was surrounded by a dark forest. Instead of 45 ft. walls like Castle Altowind, Castle Shadowind has 30 ft. walls. I added reinforcements to the outer and inner door. I hope this castle will be more strategic in defense.

6: Day 6: Epilogue My castle has withstood hundreds of sieges. Unfortunately, my villagers complain about how uncomfortable it is in my castle. I explained to them that a castle was to withstand a siege, not to be comfortable. I’m proud of my castle.

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