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Kingdom of Heaven

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FC: Kingdom of Heaven Jacob Lahti

1: Table of Contents 1. Ordinary World 2. Call to adventure 3. Refusal to call 4. Meeting with the Mentor 5. Crossing the First threshold 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies 7. Approach to the Inmost Cave 8. Death Experience 9. Reward (initial goal) 10. The Road Back 11. Resurrection/ Rebirth 12. Return with the "Elixir"

2: Ordinary World | Balian lives in a run down village. He works a blacksmith making horse shoes, swords, ect. His wife committed suicide, because of their unborn son died. He likes to believe she will go to heaven, but the bishop tells him she'll go to hell. In that village not everyone one is educated to read and the bishop can say what he wants. The village people are expected to believe what he says is true.

3: Call to Adventure Balian's father rides into the village with his army and asks Balian to join his army in Jerusalem. Godfrey tells him that if he goes to Jerusalem he could be pardoned from sins made. Which gets him thinking if he could get his wife from being condemned to hell.

4: Refusal to Call He tells Godfrey that he had a responsibility to the village and can't and won't go. As Godfrey rode off, Balian was visited by the Bishop who was lecturing him about how his wife is in hell. Balian wasn't scared to go he was just unsure if he thinks it's the right choice. He then relizes he can save his wife from being condemed to hell.

5: Meeting the Mentor He kills the bishop and catches up with Godfrey to join him. Godfrey then makes camp with his army to teach his son how to sword fight. Godfrey is his mentor because he is letting him know, why it's preferred to hold the sword overhead. Godfrey actually attacks him to give him the sense of fear and make him braver. He does that by getting close to killing him.

6: Crossing the First Threshold Balian and Godfrey's men were confronted by the people of the village, where Balian killed the bishop and they wanted to execute Balian. Godfrey told them they can't take him. They got angry and attacked Godfrey's army. Balian fought along side of Godfrey. He went from making swords to using them in battle. Balian is surrounded by death of not only enemies, but allies as well.

7: Tests Balian's boat to Jerusalem crashed and he is to cross the desert on foot. The only horse that survived ran into the desert. If he has the will he will make it. | Allies He runs into a landlord and found his horse and the landlord wants the horse. He kills the landlord and frees the servant who then takes him to Jerusalem. Promises to repay his kindness | Enemies The reason Balian really got into the fight with the landlord was because Balian was a Christin and the landlord was Islamic. Those two religions are the ones who are fighting the war right now

8: Approach Balian hears that there is going to be a war. He heard that the Templars pissed off Saladin. Balian gathers up his knights to defend the city. This is the arrival to the showdown because this is a major point in the movie.

9: Ordeal Balian charges Saladin's chivalry. He was captured and was released by the servant he freed. Imad-aldin was actually Saladin's Chancellor. King of Jerusalem, Baldwin started dying after all the commotion and he wants Balian to marry his sister, Sibylla. Balian refuses because he wants to be the perfect knight, but he was starting to fall in love with her. He goes to the land Godfrey gave him before he died. He gave up hope in trying to save Jerusalem and doesn't think the he can save his wife from hell.

10: Reward Guy, the new King of Jerusalem, sends Templars to assassinate Balian because Balian was against going to war. He survives the attack and returns to Jerusalem to see Guy riding off with a massive army leaving Jerusalem defenseless and king-less. Balian takes full control of the city and starts preparing for war. This is his chance to fix his wife's sin.

11: The Road Back Balian hears that Guy's massive army was destroyed. He goes to see the bodies. He knows they can't defeat Saladin, but they would give them hell before they gave them Jerusalem. Balian makes everyone in the city knights. He is going to lead an army with no fighting experience.

12: Resurrection Balian was no longer a blacksmith. He is now a knight, even better a perfect knight who takes the code to heart and doesn't think of himself. Everything Balian does is not for himself, but he does for his dead wife and the people of Jerusalem.

13: Return with Elixir | After a battle that lasted three days, Saladin offers terms, allowing everyone in the city safe passage to the Christian lands. Guy was released and killed by Balian. Balian gets together with Sibylla, who renounces her claim as Queen. He then returns to the village he came from. Balian then gets a visit from King Richard asks him to join the Crusade to retake Jerusalem. Balian simple replies with I am the blacksmith. Richard rode off and Sibylla then joins Balian in a ride. Balian rode off past his wife's grave and starts a new life.

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