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Kingdom/Phylum/Subphylum/Class/Order - Page Text Content

S: Perissodactyla

FC: Animalia Chordata Verebrata Mammalia Perissodactyla | B | By:Kai-Paul Roehrbein March 28, 2012

1: By: Kai-Paul Roehrbein Biology 9R Mrs. Hartman Robinson School April 17th, 2012

2: Order: Perissodactyla What puts an organism in this group? -They must be odd-toed ungulates.(Ungulates are animals with hooves) -They must be large animals. -They must posses a Mesaxonic limb structure. Animals in this group: -Zebras. -Tapirs. -Rhinoceros. -Horses.

3: -The Order is divided into three families: --Equidae --Tapiridae --Rhinocerotidae

4: Family:: Equidae What puts an animal in this family? -Only the third toe remains and supports the whole weight of the animal. -They are medium to large mammals, with long heads, and necks with a mane. -Their legs are slender and end in the single, unguligrade toe, protected by a horny hoof. -They have long, slender, tails, either ending in a tuft, or entirely covered in flowing hair. What animals are in this group? -Horses -Donkeys -Zebras

6: Family:: Tapiridae What puts an animal in this family? -They must retain the fourth digit on their hoof. -The upper lip and nose is extended into a short prehensile trunk. Animals in this group: -Tapirs

7: Family:: Rhinoceridae What puts an animal in this famiyl? -They must possess at least one horn (sometimes two) growing from the top side of the nose. -The skin is tough and thick, falling into plate-like folds. -They must be bare or sparsely haired. Animals in this group: -Rhinoceros

8: So whats so special about animals in the order Perissodactyla? Well to start off horses are in this order, and they have provided a means of transportation for centuries. And others, well, they're just cool to look at. Interesting Facts: -It is made up of fourteen families, but 11 are extinct. Those 11 families were prehistoric horses from before the time of man. -A rhinoceros's horn is made of tightly compacted hair, and the majorty of rhinos have two horns. -Tapirs have not changed or evolved over the last 10 million years, they are one of the oldest species on Earth. -Every year More than 1000 rhino horns are cut off of the heads of rhinos, leaving them either dead or with infection.

10: Bibliography Family Equidae - Horses, asses, and zebras. (n.d.). Welcome to Retrieved April 16, 2012, from Family Rhinocerotidae - Rhinoceroses. (n.d.). Welcome to Retrieved April 16, 2012, from Family Tapiridae - Tapirs. (n.d.). Welcome to Retrieved April 16, 2012, from Order Perissodactyla - Odd-toed ungulates. (n.d.). Welcome to Retrieved April 16, 2012, from

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