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Kirsti's Journal

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FC: Kirsti's Diary By: Isaac # 4

1: Kirsti's Diary By: Isaac # 4 2/9/2012

2: Kristi First Diary Entry September15, 1943 Dear Diary, My name is Kirsti and this is my first time writing in my diary. As you may know I am Annemarie’s little sister. Right now my life is pretty hard because my side is in a war with the Nazi’s. And guess what we can’t have cupcakes I really want a cupcake but the Nazi’s stole them I can just imagine a yellow fluffy cupcake with delicious whipped pink frosting. My Mamma is sad because we don’t have coffee. Instead they have to drink this tea stuff. But anyway a few days ago Annemarie and her friend Ellen where running because they do races. So Annemarie and Ellen where running but they just left me behind! I tried to run as fast as I could, but it was just to much for me. But then Annemarie and Ellen heard a Nazi say... “Halt!” I finally caught up to them and then the guard started asking them questions. Like why are you running?, And who are you?, What is your friends name? The guard also tried to touch me and my “pretty hair” but I pushed his hand away and i went straight to Mamma so she could know what happened. When it was time for bed I wanted a story. I finally got a story out of her. Annemarie told me a story about a king and a queen. The queens name was Kirsten but I forgot the kings name. But anyway the story was about how the queen and king lived in a great castle and they where very nice people. Then I was asleep and that is all that I remember. My last part for my diary entry is that the Nazi’s are leaving and we well get cupcakes and coffee back. I am so excited and I know my whole family is also.

3: Diary Entry 2 September 16, 1943 Dear, Diary A problem that I am having in my life is, I think that Annemarie is hiding a secret. I don’t know what but sometimes she stutters and I think she might lie sometimes at dinner. I only know that when she came home from being yelled at bye the Nazi’s, she tried to lie to Mamma here is how it went. After we had just gotten home from being yelled at bye the Nazi’s, I asked for a cupcake with a yellow body and pink frosting. But Mamma said there is no cupcakes until the Nazi’s leave. But when I tried to tell Mamma about my troubled day and about the Nazi’s, Annemarie shouted out “ No, that is not what happened and you know “Kirsti” and little kids they can be goofy sometimes!” That made me really mad and Mamma ended up believing me. Anyway it is time for bed and Mamma is going to read me a story, I hope it is a good one! Goodnight Diary

4: Kirsti Diary Entry 3 September 17, 1943 An interesting thing that was in the beginning of the story was when Annemarie and Kirsti go to bed one night. What happens is Mamma says to go to bed. But what Kirsti and Annemarie don’t know is that Mamma an Papa stay up and talk for a long time. Kirsti always wants a story before bed but since her Mamma is talking, Annemarie has to tell her one instead. The story that Kirsti got told is about a King and a Queen who live far away in a big castle. The Queens name is Kirsten (Kirsti) and her and her King go through many adventures and problems throughout the story. When the story is almost done Annemarie hears Kirsti snoring and she decides to got to bed herself. Before she went to bed she thinks about a real King and what he looks like. She knows that his name is Christian and he looks like an average man. All Annemarie has to do now is think.

5: Kirsti Diary Entry 4 September 22, 1943 Dear Diary, Sorry, I haven’t been writing in my diary for a while because Mamma got hurt in the garden. What happened was Mamma was out in the garden late at night and she tripped over a large tree root. When she tripped she fell on to the ground that was wet and earthy. Soon she had found out that a twig was jabbed into the side of her leg! She later went into the house and she helped her leg feel better. When it was over and when it was morning everybody including Papa said that she had to go to the doctor. Mamma refused and I think she is hiding something. I wonder what?

6: Kirsti Diary Entry 5 September 23, 1943 The story goes down with the Nazi’s . It was very hard with the war and all but I think it could have been worse. But the good thing is we won. And now I get all of the stuff I couldn’t have before. Like cupcakes and newspaper (not the illegal kind) and my Mamma and Ellen’s mom get coffee. I think the war has impacted my life by giving me hope and more time to bond with my family. I think my Mamma is the happiest because she is the one who wanted the Nazi’s to go the most out of our whole family and Ellen’s family also. I wish for this to never happen again because we can keep cupcakes. But the number one reason I want this to not ever happen again is because... I don’t want the Nazi’s to break the strong relationship of love with my family and me. A world that is clean is better for families like mine, Forever we are one.

7: If I could meet Kirsti from the book Number The Stars I would give her a big hug and play with her all day. When it would be time for bed we would both go to bed and wake up in the morning. After breakfast we would start the whole day over and begin to play even more! I would love to be Kirsti’s best friend... Would You?

8: Thank You for your time and love! - Kirsti

9: The End | ( El Fin )

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