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Kites in Ancient China

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S: Ancient Chinese Kites

FC: Kites in Ancient China Maria Fernanda Zaldivar

1: this Mixbook is dedicated to all my class mates

2: A long time ago the Chinese brought life to a wonderful artifact, the kite, this gave joy and laughter to each child in China, over the time it gave not just success to the Chinese, but also pleasure as it became the soul of some very important festivals and created some fantastic pieces of art. The Chinese have created hundreds of different types of kites.

4: Ancient kites were originated in China, they were invented more than two thousandth years ago, this invention happened during the Han Dynasty there are records that a general named Han Hsin was the inventor. In ancient China the kite was known as the 'Zhiyuan' (paper glade). Kites are the oldest form of aircraft in history; Chinese didn’t invent the airplane or another type of aircraft. Nevertheless they had a good deal to do with helping man to fly. Ancient kite first appeared in the wars of the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC). According to historical records, the prominent ideologist Mo Zi spent three years constructing a beautiful wooden kite which was tested and failed after one day's flight.

6: These kites attained religious and ceremonial significance to the Chinese. Apparently a book noted that the master carpenter Lu Ban also made kites which were flown high to spy on the situation of the enemy

7: As you can see kites were also very important because they helped the ancient Chinese military to win a lot of battles against their enemies, Chinese kites were believed to have healing powers, these kites were so special to the Chinese because they sent many messages to the people of China and they also believe that Kite-flying is good for the health. Kites helped the Chinese to make beautiful musical sounds and created amazing pieces of work; since the Chinese discovered the sound of the kite some people called kites “Aeolian harps”.

8: Ancient Chinese kites had a lot of uses just as pleasure but there were so many other uses for this great invention, for example one of the most common uses of the ancient kites was in the Chinese military as I already mentioned; the Chinese army would attach bamboo pipes to the kites, after they would make the kites fly over the enemy, the wind passed through the pipes people during the famous Qingming Festival; kites are not only flown during the day but also at night.

10: When the kites are flying in the sky the lanterns look like twinkling stars that add unique scenery to the sky during the night. What makes flying kites during the Quingming festival so especial is that people cut the string while the kite is in the sky to let it fly free. It is been said that this action brings good luck but not only that it also diseases can be eliminated and many others incredible events. One of the most important ancient kites was over 300 meters (984 feet) long and in the shape of a centipede with a enormous dragon's head, won first place in the International Kite Festival held in Italycausing a sort of whistling sound.This strange noise caused the enemy’s troops to panic and flee.

11: They were some famous Chinese stories that fascinated all the children these stories were about giant dragon (any shape) kites that could carry people. Flying kites is an activity favored by a lot of people.

12: Ancient Chinese kites look amazing but you might wonder how they were made, apparently the steps to make a traditional ancient kite are not so hard but it has a delicate procedure, this procedure can be divided into three parts

13: First you have to pare and flex a bamboo into thin strips for the frame of the kite, then paste some paper onto the frame work; the paper has to be tough and thin with even and long fibers. After doing this two steps you can start to decorate the kite with colorful chiffon, ribbons and paintings. You will find out that there are hundreds of different types of kites with the different colors, shape or any extra item you might want to add to the kite. Ancient paper kite was named for the resemblance of it is fight to that of the bird; the Chinese have been flying kites long before they learned how to make paper.

14: Perhaps the earliest kites were covered with a very important material, silk; kites can have shapes as diverse as that of a dragonfly, swallow, centipede or butterfly; apparently the ancient high quality kites were covered with thin silk. There are many refences in early Chinese literature to the “mu yuan” or “wooden kites” which had the shape of a bird and “dragonfly. Regarded as an artistic marvel, the kite makers' skill in both painting and in the design of the kites' flexible flying movement are well renowned.

17: As you can notice kites were a very important invention to the Chinese, it helped to win battles, gave pleasure and important messages; they created beautiful pieces of music with its sound; it is a massive treasure that now belongs to everyone around the World and it will last forever in its different types.

18: Quiz | question 1: Who and When was the kite invented? question2:what are the most important uses of the ancient kite? question3:Why are kites so especial in the Qingming Festival? question4:How many steps do you have to do to make a kite? question 5 :how much time did it take to the Chinese to create a wooden kite?

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