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Knight in Training

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S: By Julia

BC: Thank you for reading my journal! Brom Hendrick

FC: Knight in Training | http://theswordlord.com/pro915095.html | August, 1361

1: Greetings! I am Brom, and I am a knight. Well, more like a knight in training. Anyway, this is my journal. From this point on, all that you will see or read will be from my personal memory and accounts. Please Enjoy. Brom Hendrick

2: Today I am officially nine years of age. As a birthday gift, my family sent me to live with Noble Bernstein to train to be a knight. It will be a long journey before I reach Noble Bernstein’s castle. I am traveling from one side of England to the other! Boys that are seven to nine years of age will be training with me. The real training will soon begin. My parents bought me shiny new armor and a sword. The armor weighs fifty pounds! The sword is also very heavy. It is long with a silver double-edged blade. My helmet has little slits in it for ventilation | A "Birthday" Gift

3: and little openings for my eyes. I also have to wear gamble sons, otherwise known as "pads" under the armor, so the it doesn't feel so cold once I put it on. I won’t use any of the armor until I become a squire. | Noble Bernstein's castle | http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://blocs.xtec.cat/langlsalpidelburgar/files/2009/07/castle-500.jpg&imgrefurl=

4: Code of Chivalry | Today I took the oath of the Code of Chivalry. This oath must be obeyed when becoming a knight and throughout knighthood. Basically, I promised to defend Noble Bernstein; care for his property; use the Code in public areas; protect those of lesser rank; fake combat, writing, religion, music, leadership and knowledge seriously; and be polite to all ladies. I also have to respect the church, protect the weak, and | preserve peace. I also took an oath to the code of Courtly Love. Courtly Love is respecting ladies and doing good deeds for them. The hard part is keeping that promise. | http://www.orderexcal.com/code-of-chivalry.asp

5: I am officially on the path to knighthood. I am what Noble Bernstein calls, “A page.” That means that I am just starting my training on becoming a knight. My job, as well as the other pages’ job, is to help feed, carry out errands, dress, and assist Noble Bernstein. In return, am learning how to ride a horse, use proper manners, and to use simple weapons, such as the sword and the lance. I am also learning how to survey the land on which Noble Bernstein lives and to clean the castle. After I train for about seven years as a page, I will become a squire. After training for about seven years as a squire, I will finally become a knight. Most people are about twenty when they become knights. | A Page

6: I have been very busy with my training lately. In the past few months, I have learned how to use proper manners, how to survey the land, and the basics of battle training. I also have been studying religion and music and even dance. Most importantly, I have learned to hunt wild animals with a bow and arrows. Below is my typical schedule. | Before Sunrise: Go to mass Sunrise: Breakfast Mid-morning: Practice skills with weapons Midday: Noon meal and prayer | Training Schedule

7: Afternoon: Dance (occasionally), horsemanship, hunting, estate inspecting, music Evening: Evening Prayer Dusk: Dinner in the Manor house Before bed: Dancing, music, juggling, acrobats, etc. | http://www.edupics.com/coloring-page-knight-on-his-horse-i10656.html

8: Last night, Noble Bernstein held a large feast. I sat on a bench by Noble Bernstein. Normally, we are supposed to stand by our Noble's table in case of an invasion, but since last night was a special feast, we could sit down. I ate apples, pears, wheat bread, carrot and lamb stew, and almonds. It was delicious! Noble Bernstein said that knights eat better than average peasants do. For an average meal, I will eat bread, cheese, some sort of fruit, and pig. | A Feast | http://dmorton.ca/blog/2009/04/food-in-the-middle-ages/

9: Yesterday I received the rest of my equipment for training. I now have a metal shield, a mace, a dagger, a lance, and an axe to add to my helmet, armor, and sword. The shield is round and it bears a large “H” for my last name, Hendrick. The dagger is a short version of my sword. The mace is a short, thick pole with a spiked metal head. The lance is a long, spear-like weapon that I will learn to use on horseback. The axe is a short pole that has sharp piece of metal at the end that is used for chopping. I am now expected to help Noble Bernstein to put on armor before battle and help him if he is injured. Also, I will help serve him his meals and clean his armor and chain mail. Chain mail is consisted of little metal rings linked together and is worn underneath armor. I will train every day on how to use my weapons, especially the sword and the lance. | A Squire

10: Today I competed in a tournament. I am lucky to still be alive, for many people are killed or brutally injured from tournaments. Tournaments are military exercises that prepare knights for war. I competed in the jousting part of a tournament. I mounted on my horse which was mounted to a list, a wooden barrier. Then, I charged at the other rider with my lance while he charged at me. I broke the other knight’s lance, which means that I am the better knight, and I won the match! After I won, I attended a parade on the tournament grounds. There, a man was acting as a knight trying to rescue a | The Tournament

11: beautiful princess. After the parade, I tried out my skills at a footrace. I used my sword during this event. I lost, but I am thankfully not extremely injured.

12: Yesterday Noble Bernstein sent me on a quest. To become a knight. I must pass the quest that is given to me. My quest was to go into a cave to find a diamond. I cannot return until I do so. It took me all day, but I reached the location of the nearest cave that has diamonds. I am saving the space below for when I find the diamond, if I ever do. | The Quest | Well, I found a diamond! Fifty-three days ago I started searching a cave and I finally found a diamond yesterday. Today I traveled back to Noble Bernstein’s castle to show him my findings. He approved. In two days it will be Easter. Normally, squires like me become knights on holidays, so when Easter is here Noble Bernstein said that I will become a knight.

13: Purification | Tomorrow I will become a knight, so I need to wash away my sins before I do so. I was told to take a long bath, which I will do tomorrow, and then I put on colored robes. I’ll put on a red robe which signifies that I will shed my blood for a good cause, a white robe for purity, and a black robe to show that I am prepared to die. I also placed my sword on the altar in the church to be blessed during the night. Tonight I will not sleep, for I must pray to God. | http://www.travelblog.org/Asia/Thailand/South-West-Thailand | A diamond cave

14: Finally, today is the day I have been waiting for my whole life! I am now a knight. I attended a special ceremony in a large church. All of Noble Bernstein’s loyal subjects were in the crowd watching me. I kneeled in the front of the church. I vowed that I would fear God, serve the king, protect the weak, and live honorably. Noble Bernstein's daughter unsheathed her silver sword and placed it on my shoulder. Then she moved the blade of the sword to my other shoulder. This is called “dubbing.” Lastly, she said, “Arise, Sir Knight,” and he handed me the sword. Now that I am a knight, | A Knight

15: people refer to me as, “Sir.” I will have to start training for war soon. I will start to earn money, so I can buy a castle of my own and start a family someday. | My dubbing ceremony! | http://www.medievalwalltapestry.com/accolade.html

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