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KPA Junior Year Term 4

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KPA Junior Year Term 4 - Page Text Content

6: "You people are like VULTURES!" Kaden tells us at lunch. | Trying to get through past him in English, Meredith tells Jacob, "Move your legs!" He replies, "What legs?" | "I won't stop until you appreciate what a jerk I am." -Jacob | "Kaden! Your hair is my favorite to eat!" Connor says as he takes a bite out of Kaden's hair. Everyone starts telling him how NONE of us would EVER put Kaden's hair in our mouths. | "I don't care about the environment! I'm a litterer! I help with pollution!" -Meredith | "Shut up, Dave." Cory tells Jacob. "Dave is gonna eat your face," Jacob replies. | "Trevor, get us two chairs!" Ms. Duncan tells him. "And get me a soda, too!" Jacob adds. | Asher was talking about finding long hairs in his shower that weren't his. Jordan asked if it was his sister's, "You sure it wasn't Aslan's?" "Nah. I got my own shower. It's pretty gross." | 1-19-11

7: "You would hate being an alcoholic?" Asher asks Kirsten. "I'm Irish. So, it's pretty much inevitable. I'm like, 99% Irish. I'm like...FREAKIN' Irish." | My absolute favorite Asher Quote to-date.

8: Cory drank after Jacob and suddenly began screaming, "I have Jacob inside me!! It BURNS!" | Meredith, Connor, and I made up a pet bunny named "Trever," not to be confused with "Trevor." We kept saying things about "Trever" that sounded awkward. One was, "Trever's pretty feisty. At night." | "None of you are mothers yet," Ms. Duncan says. "I am," Connor corrects. "I'm a mother of FOUR." | "They'll have their own little ecosystem. And the frogs will turn into birds and then they'll start growing hair...MAAAMMAA! Then they'll be cyborgs and they'll dissolve and go back to water!" -Connor | "I don't love your feet as much as I love Ryan!" Connor says. "Do you love my feet?" Ryan asks. "Yes! I love all of you!" | "Did you guys notice that Jaelen is never here...when Superman episodes are on??" -Jacob | "I can read thoughts, but I can't read lips." -Trev | "We have a situation." Connor says, seriously. "Because the kleenex box is empty." | 1-21-11 - 2-2-11 | My and Asher's potato baby...that he and Jaelen tried to eat...

9: Jacob- "His wife!" Ms. Duncan corrects him- "His sister." Jacob- "Same thing!" | My friend Jacob (NOT Dave) made me a top just like on Inception. I brought it to school and Asher started spinning it. When it fell, he sighed, relieved, then said, "My kids are real!" | "A 17 year old girl being attracted to an 8 year old boy is, in your vernacular, CREEPY." -Ms. Duncan | "I know a good Administrator password!" I say in English. " 'He went to Jared.' " | "I got the old and crappy one!" Cory says about his laptop. "Cause YOU'RE old and crappy!" I reply. | "She has red hair! And she plays video games! And she sings!" Jacob says about some famous girl. "I WANT THIS WOMAN!" Asher screams. | "Does this look good on college applications?" Kayla asks about NHS "It looks EXTREMELY good," Mrs. Byars answers. "You know what else looks good on college applications? SPARKLES," Asher says. | We started making up "Black names" at lunch like "Watermelon-Iqua" | "I can't get my boot off. Trevor, can you help me?" Ms. Duncan asks. Embarrassed, Trev says, "...Of course..."

10: Praise Band

14: Leadership

15: "Read it right now!" Jaelen tells Jacob to quickly read the story we had for homework. "No! You can't! It's too long! Give up now." I tell him. | "Do you guys have a baby over there?" Jacob asks across the room. "Yes," Asher answers immediately. | "It's grisly! Like a bear!" -Jacob | "And the Misfit "stops" to "help" them. Out of the world." -Ms. D | *Knock on the door* Ms. D- "Don't answer it. Who is it??" "A student!" Ms. D- "Password! What's your name?" "Jase!" Ms. D- "What do you want?" Jase- "Does anyone have a laptop?" Ms. D- "No! Go away!"

16: "Jase! Do you want a special job??" I ask him, hoping he'll do the pledge. "NO! Your mom wants a special job!" | In Leadership, we were told to get into groups and pray for all the crazy stuff in Egypt. Linda, Sydney, and I were a group, and then Derek came over saying, "I'd rather pray with a bunch of girls, 'cause you're prettier than all the other options." | Talking about the Junior/Senior Banquet: Cory- "I like everything. Even princesses." Me- "ESPECIALLY princesses." Cory- "Hot Disney princesses!" Jaelen- "A little Jasmine action?" Cory and Asher- "YEAAAH!" | Connor- "If I get it right can I got to the bathroom?" Ms. Duncan- "You know, you MAY. I don't know about your ability...." Jacob- 10 points to Gryffindor! | "It will not make a damned bit of difference," Ms. D tells us about something. "20 points!!!" Jacob tells her. | 2-4-11 - 2-7-11 | "It's either incest or it's not." -Trev on "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe"

17: The Seniors got their caps and gowns today. Jacob said, "DUDE! It's freedom in a bag!" | Everyone suddenly got a country in English. Jacob- Mexico Trev- Russia Kendall- UK Jordan- China Asher- Ireland Cory- Japan Connor- Australia "And now China's mad at Mexico!" Trev said. We basically tried to start WWIII with our countries. | "Plan your work and work your plan." -Ms. D | Ms. D- "We need to take care of Cory." Jacob- " 'Take care of'? You mean like...?" | "I'm like a graceful butterfly! Did you see that??" -Cory | "Dude, the stork is awesome. It's like baby drop bomb." -Jacob | Describing Marvin Macy from "Ballad" Asher says, "Well he has a lot of lady-fans, so he can't be TOO bad-lookin'!" Ms. D described him as, "This big, bulking piece of BEEFCAKE." | The boys took turns playing with my scarf. Asher said, wearing it, "Mmm. Smells like butternut. I don't even know what that is." Meredith turned to me and said, "Aw! Hannah! You smell like butternut!" | 2-9-11

18: "He poked mah love handles!" Cooper cries in Leadership. | "Can I have that napkin?" someone asks Meagan at lunch. She freaks out saying, "No! That's like sharing underwear!" | Mrs. Mora had her new baby at the school today, so he kind of got passed around at lunch. Jase came over with him and Asher said, "Jase had a baby! Like right now!" Later he said, "I'm thinking about writing a book: Our Class, Jase, and Also a Baby." Jase says, "I left with a Dr. Pepper and came back with a baby." Someone says, "Who would trade a baby for a Dr. Pepper?" Jase says, "Kaden." | "You got bit by a spider?" Meredith asks Jacob. "Why aren't you dead yet?" | Cory- "I need a man-scarf." Asher- "That's the most redundant thing ever. A scarf is the epitome of man." | Connor taught Ms. Duncan that "Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo" is a sentence. "The Buffalo bison that the Buffalo bison buffalo, buffalo! I broke the language!" | "And what IS the theme?" Ms. D asks about "Ballad." "Desperation and incest?" Meagan answers. | 2-11-11

19: "Man...school sucks! I just had an epiphany!" Asher said at lunch. | "Halle Mutha WHAAAT?? Berry." -Cory getting excited about watching "Their Eyes Were Watching God" | Ms. D told us, "Halle Berry is part white." Jacob said, "She'd better be!" | "I'd call her a bigoted ol' B!" -Ms. Duncan about a character in our book. | Asher drew me a Japanese Penguin in Biology. It was in his sketchbook, so he couldn't give it to me, though. | 2-14-11

20: "Have you ever had a caterpillar crawl on your face? It's invigorating!" -Connor "It's like a chocolate commercial!" "Dude! That's soo racist!" -Asher and Jacob "Asher! Close your eyes! You're too young for this!" -Cory "She's wearing a croissant!" -Cory "You DEAD, sucka'!" -Cory "He's a tramp!" "But he's a hot tramp!" "He's like a black Trevor!" -Cory and Connor "Oh, she can drink Coke, too." -Connor "Oh hey! It's Water Muffin!" -Cory "Cory, it's Soda Biscuit." -Trev "Milk Pie!" -Cory "Whiskey Pancake." -Trev "Vodka Cupcake!" -Cory "Rum Cookie." -Connor "Soda Donut." -Trev "It's PG...meaning R." -Connor | Trev and Cory were coming up with new names for Tea Cake | He didn't even MEAN it that way. Jaelen said after, "It DID look seem like someone would flash a Dove wrapper or something. | WATCHING "THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD"

21: At lunch, Meredith went around giving everyone massages. When Asher and I were the only two who flinched and fought her off, she told me, "Asher is just a boy version of you!!" | "IT'S THE STAIRWELL OF SEXINESS!" -Meredith | "Cory put teethmarks on my snake!" Kendall says. He had taken his belt off and making it 'hiss.' | 2-16-11

22: Asher was literally bounding down the hall to Leadership. Meredith asked, "What's wrong with Asher?" Jaelen answered, "It's close to Saint Patty's Day." Trev said, "I think he's on cocaine." | Connor announced in English, "I don't have a butt fetish!!" | "Hey, Dottie," Jacob tells Ms. D's dog. "Let's take over the world." | "I used my science to please you!" -Trev | A lot of people were getting sick, so Ms. Duncan told us, "Don't even kiss anyone on the face!" Meagan asked, "So below the neck is ok?" just to see what she'd say. "No!!!!" | Ms. D- "I hear you have a keen artistic ability." Asher- "Yes." Ms. D- "You're a cartooner?" | "Do you know where Nathan Conroy lives?" Ms. Duncan asks us. "Tech Library," Ryan answers. | 2-19-11 2-21-11

23: "Stay away from my Trevor!" Cory yells in English. "He's rightfully mine! I changed a song for him! Trevor's body is a wonderland!" | Talking to Dottie, Jacob says, "We're hunting Robert Downey Jr. There's a chick named Robert Downey Jr. with her pet Skippy." | Ms. Duncan asked some of the guys to describe Ligeia from the Poe story. Ryan said things like, "She was really smart" then adds, "And....she was pretty hot." | Ms. D- "Why don't men giggle?" Me and Meagan- "They do!" Ms. D- "Well I know they doo-doo!" Connor- This conversation suddenly got very weird. | "It doesn't take 3 to tango," Kendall creeps in the hall when me, Meredith, and Leahnna were talking. | "What the heck?? What's wrong with you, Poe?" Jacob says. "Is he insane?" Connor asks. "Well he's certainly not sane..." Trev answers. | Jacob's phone went off and Connor says, shocked, "You brought your PHONE to school, Jacob? How dare you? That's disrespectful." And this is from the guy who always has HIS phone, camera, computer, etc out. | 2-25-11 3-2-11

24: "It's national Thigh Stroking Day!" Meredith and Meagan say. | "Where are my French students?" Ms. D asks. "In Africa, right now." Jacob answers, talking about Stephen. | "Do you know why today is important?" Ms. Duncan asks. "It's Ash Wednesday!" Meagan says. "It's Thigh Stroking Day!" Meredith says. "Is it ironic that Ash Wednesday is the day before Asher's birthday?" Jaelen asks. | "Mardi Gras makes a frat party look like a trip to grandma's. Everything you SHOULD be doing inside is out in the streets." -Asher | "In what situation would you like to say, "I would prefer not"?" Ms. D asks. "When people offer me drugs!" Meagan answers. | Cory gave Asher the nickname for the day, "Doucher Barfy" and all Asher could think to call him was, ".....Gay!" | 3-7-11 3-9-11 | "He looked like a dead cat!" Jacob says about Asher that morning. | "I heard you had a hard time your first semester," Jacob asks visiting Hayden. "Nice, Jacob!!" Connor tells him. " 'I heard you're dumb!' " he mocks. | "Speak Russian!" Connor tells Hayden. He does, and Connor says, "HOLY CRAP." | Jase comes in English, throwing Cory his keys on a long lanyard. Ms. Duncan asks, "What do you call those things?" Without missing a beat, Cory replies, "I think they're called KEYS." Ms. Duncan thought it was pretty funny, and meant the lanyard.

25: "If Jacob tells a joke in the forest and no one is around to hear it...has anything changed?" -Trev | "I like Hannah's hair best. Shes got the whole Strawberry Shortcake in the making going on." -mrs brown. Ms D got the broken chair! Jaelen said "thats what happens when you let your chair do a striptease for you." Hide yo hands, hide yo thighs, and hide yo armpits cuz they strokin' everythan out there. "Jaelen are you a good friend of Trevor's?" -Ms D Kirsten-"want me to tell you a bedtime story? Once upon a time there was a naked girl and a doctor..." Asher-"I DONT LIKE THIS STORY!!!!" | Connor- "Man, if I were Trevor's girlfriend, Id get a root beer." Cory- "If I were Trevor's girlfriend, Id be a girl." Trev- "do you want a root beer? You can't be my girlfriend, though." Connor-"Yes! That's the next best thing!" | "I'm the opposite of you. I'm big, fat, and Mexican!" -Jacob | We heard a weird noise and Ms. D asked if it was Dottie. It was Jacob. | The boys pulled their pant legs up past their knees to compare leg hair. Meredith said, "There is WAAAAY too much leg hair going on over there." | 3-21-11

26: "Hey. I'm trying to listen to the teacher, Eses." -Jacob | Ms. Duncan-"Oh those halcyon days when we were out on the poop deck..." Jacob- "And then Jack dies." | "F-word. F-word. F-word. Focus." -Ms. D | "Respect the womb!" -Meredith | Kendall- "I play the piano." Connor- "Yeah. But not as good as Jaelen. And not near as attractive. As Trevor." | "Cows don't have souls. Get drunk if you're a cow! I would!" -Meagan | Jacob throws Jordan over his shoulder before English starts. Then he starts telling her, "Teacher are walking by! It's weird. Get off my shoulder, please." | Connor forgot it was jeans day, so he came to school in khakis. He had a pair of jeans in his car that he brought to class and Ryan told him to stand on the table and put them on. So he puts them on OVER his khakis. "Double pants! Hey, buddy! That is more pants than necessary." -Asher "Multiples of pant." -Connor | "You're just jealous because Jason looks like a Mexican but he's not," Connor says. "Jason's just straight up sexy," Cory adds. "You just said he sucks!" Jacob corrects him. "You can still be sexy and suck! Like Angelina Jolie!" | 3-23-11 3-30-11

27: "Jason was like...kissing the butt of that book!" Jaelen says about his paper. | Jacob demands of Meagan, "Jump over that table, you gazelle!" | During Leadership, Coop says, "I haven't seen NEAR enough of Asher yet!" leaning back in his chair to mess with Ash. "We've had our faces close. We can share ideas." | Ms. Duncan had to leave and told us, "Please do not destroy the room. Or each other." | We had a quiz in English that was 2 questions long. Jacob said, "If you miss one, you get a 50." I add, "Yeah, and if you miss 2 you get a 50." Because Ms. D doesn't give less than a 50 on anything. | Connor wasn't at school, because his sister was having a baby. Ms. D asked where he was and Cory said, "Connor had a kid today." Ms. Duncan was shocked and believed him until we explained it was his sister's baby. | Kendall, for some reason said "I will punch a baby!" Cory told him, "There was a baby born this morning. And if you punch it, it will die." | Cory was talking about what Jacob's kid will be named. "His first name will be Asher Murphy. His middle name will be John Foreman. And his last name will be Estrada because he's Jacob's son." | 4-6-11 4-8-11

30: NHS Induction Ceremony 3-2-11

31: " I pledge myself to uphold The high purpose of the National Honor Society To which I have been selected- I will be true to the principles for which it stands; And I will maintain and encourage High standards of scholarship, service Leadership, and character."

32: Kingdom Prep NHS

34: New inductees

35: "Veteran" members

36: Health Class CPR

37: Savin' lives

39: Warrior Awards

41: Most Social Connor and Meredith

42: Class Comedian Cory and Meagan

43: Most Unique Talent Kendall and Kirsten | Most Athletic Sydney and Ryan

44: Most Wanderer Kaden

45: Most Talented at Sleeping Through Class Jennah

46: Most Redhead Sydney and Caden

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