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KPA Junior Year Term 6

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KPA Junior Year Term 6 - Page Text Content

FC: Term 6

1: Junior High

2: 4-11-11 | "Mr. Squires, save me! I'm being courrupted!" -Connor | In English, we had a profesional story teller come in. His name was Eric Strong. He sang songs and made fun of us and Ms. Duncan. | "Yams are strong and hard, and when you cook em up, they real sweet. Just like me." ~Eric Strong | Eric Strong was describing a character and said, "He's a funny-looking guy." He turned to Jacob and said, "You know what I'm talking about!" | "Thats it. I'm only flying with family and Super models from now on. "-Asher in Biology "trees having sex give me problems. "Dr U says about having allergies. We all accepted his comment until we realized WHAT he just said.

3: 4-13-11 | In the bathroom, Jaelen comments on my hair. "It's like a hipster party on one side and a punk party on the other!" | "I got a letter from Texas Tech! It says 'You are poor. Haha. Haha.' "-Jacob | Meredith- "Your eyes are really pretty." Cory- "And when she says 'pretty' she means "stupid and ugly.'" | "Jason is equal to Jordan," Ms. D says. "But Jason's taller." | Before we read a short story, Ms. Duncan warns us, "There is no use of the f-word, but there is one mention of a part of the male anatomy." Cory says, "WHaaaaa? Leg?" | 4-15-11 Jacob came in late to class. Ms. Duncan got mad and said, "I guess I can't bash your...turn around!" and spanked him. | Dr. U -"Quit acting like boys" Brittany- "She is a boy " Sydney-"You're a boy !"

4: Connor- "Kendall, I don't like your hand being in my crotch.." Asher- "He just laughs. Oh wait, that was Hannah!" Me- "We both laughed!" | 4-18-11 | During Leadership we plaed Telephone. Meagan started "Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff." that changed to "The guacamole was reduced to cat" and finally "Welcome home, Mr. Kale." | "Thorton Wilder wrote..." "Shakespeare plays!" -Ms. Duncan and Jacob | "I'm never calling Trevor 'daddy' again!" Meagan said after reading a play. | 4-22-11 | "She can have my pants for a bed!" Jacob says about Dottie

5: Otto went to take pictures with Miss Cotton's camera in Journalism. Carson said, "That camera is worth more than you!" | "I'll do what I want with my own finger!" Jacob says in English. "He's a boyscout. That's what they do." Ryan says. Ms. Duncan asks, "What?" "Suck their thumbs." | Trev says "Jaelen's mind is like a slot machine. Noun. Verb. Ms. Duncan. Exploding." | 4-25-11 5-2-11

6: Senior Car Wash Fundraiser

7: "Hey, Noel, can you come over here and rinse this side?" Cory asks Jacob's dad. "Hey, Dad, can you come over here and brush my teeth?" Jacob demands.

10: Asher and Francis forever | Asher found Francis in the library and for a few weeks would always go back for him during English and Biology | Reading comics together during Biology

11: Junior High Drama

12: Senior trip 2011 Jacob Brittany Jordan Cory Connor Kendall Ryan Kirsten

13: 5-9-11 | Today was full of stories from the senior trip to Dallas and Sixflags. I think a lot more happened than Connor and Jacob even told us. | Jacob told us about riding rollercoasters. "I just kept screaming profanities! Like, 'What can I say to express myself?!?!' Cory kept screaming 'FUUUUUUUUUHHHH!!!!!' and I kept screaming 'THIS IS ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!' " | Jacob told Connor, "I wish you were a girl so I could appreciate your soft hands." | "Kendall would be like, 'Before we get up we have to fulfill our tradition! We have to spoon!!' And I was like, 'No.' So I farted on him. And then Cory had to surprise me in the shower." Connor told us the story of how he pushed Cory into the bathroom while Jacob was showering and locked him in. All they heard was screams and towel popping. The boys' hotel room was directly above the girls' and multiple times, the girls would call and ask who was screaming.

14: 5-11-11 | Jacob says to Meagan and Meredith, "I feel like you're my children!" | "In 10 years, I see Kendall with 12 kids. Himself," Meredith says. "One for each year!" Jacob adds. "And one that just....fell out." | Turning in his paper, Jacob boasts, "I got there first. 10 points. Somebody buy me a coke." "What was that, Jacob?" Ms. D asks. Ryan answers, "He said, 'Minus 10 points for me, please." | "How many people think you've been in love?" Ms. D asks us. "TOUCH ME PLEASE!" Jacob yells. "Jacob, are you serious??" Ms. D asks him. "YES." | Ms. D-"...And can you return to the womb?" Connor-"Yes." | Ms. D- "Computers up!" Connor- "That's not a computer." Ms. D-"What was that then?" Cory- "Me. I was in the fetal position." Ms. D- "Was it comfortable?" | Talking about his alergies, Dr. U says, "Trees having sex give me problems." We all took it seriously for a second until we realized what he actually said. | My phone was in my pocket and during Bio, I feel it moving. I look and see Asher dialing a number on it. I look at him and he says, . "I was gonna call my dad! 'Hey dad! You're in Hannahs pocket!' " | "That's it. I'm only flying with family and Super models from now on. "-Asher

15: 5-13-11 | Kaden asks me, "Give me a name for a hotel in Spanish." "La Hotel Del Mar. And the slogan be 'Duermas con las peces.'" | Meredith- "Page 674." Jacob- "What?" Meredith- "674." Jacob- "Can you repeat that again?" Meredith- "SIX. SEVEN. FOUR." Jacob-"Gah! I heard you the first time!" | "Because unicorns are real. And they will come to save us." "If you believe unicorns are real, they're real."-Jacob and Ms. Duncan | "The children die and get eaten up by the mother. Mother nature. Then the mother throws them up as new children."-Jacob | Jacob- "Ryan is a poem." Connor- "Ryan is MY poem. God wrote a poem and called it Ryan Elder." Ms. D- "A rhino?" Ryan- "I'm a unicorn!"

16: Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more. | In English, the whole class suddenly erupted in the chorus of "Hit the Road, Jack" Even Ms. Duncan joined.

17: "He was one of those guys that got old and died..."-Connor "It's friggin' brilliant." Ms. Duncan says. "THAT MEANS DEATH IS AN ICE CREAM SALESMAN!" Connor says after talking about his poem. Of course we all make jokes about "Being sleuthy" and talking about Zack from Olan Roger's youtube videos. "Why are they speaking English now?" "Because they're in America, stupid!" The guys talk while watching "Kite Runner" which is the WORST book and movie ever. | "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have a gun, GET IN THE VAN!" -Asher while watching "Kite Runner" | 5-18-11

18: Last day! After we finished our English papers, we had to sit in the hall until everyone else was done. Cory and Connor ran down the hall with their shirts off as soon as they handed in their papers.

19: Journalism at Sherridans! | Leadership

20: Fresh | 20

21: Men | 14

22: Sophomores

23: 2013

24: Juniors

25: 2012

26: Jaelen

27: Linda

28: Hannah

29: Asher

30: Meredith

31: Trev

32: Jason

33: Meagan

34: Roberta

36: When Meredith takes my camera...

38: We had to be up at the school at 5:30 to get ready for the pancake breakfast.

39: Pancakes

41: N H S

42: Senior Cut-outs

43: NHS Community Service at Meals on Wheels

45: Ryan-"you wanna see all my cigarette butts?" Me-"did you smoke all those?" Ryan-"yup."

46: Leg Jenga at Sonic after Community Service | "And God took Connor's sternum and made woman."-Asher

47: While everyone was still at Sonic, this homeless, fruity black man came up to us and asked where we went to school. Logan said, "Kingdom Prep." and the man said something, "Oh, yeah! Kingdom Crack!" He seemed like he was ON crack.

48: Community Service at the Food Bank | Mr Squires will not rest until we're all in juvie! -Derek "I thought Jacob wasnt wearing a shirt for a second. I was like 'you in a rush, there?' " -Carson. We found out how much Derek likes the song "Down On Me" | 4-28-11

49: After the food bank, Jacob, Jaelen, Jennah, Trevor, and I went to Cane's to eat. | "Natalie Portman could be a demon firefly in the middle of the ocean with knives...and I would still love her." -Jacob " 'Jacob! your food is ready.' no its not. i just ordered it. unless you just pulled it out of an imaginable OVEN!!" -Jacob. | After THIS community service, we ALSO got approached by a homeless person. This one wanted money, though. He came up to us just as we were all going to go inside, and told this long story about his life. He tried selling us books that were obviously stolen from the library, and tried guilting us (especially me, Jennah, and Jaelen) into giving him money. It was the most awful and awkward experience. Trev tried to make him leave, but he wouldn't. Jacob got a call and started talking on the phone, then went inside to talk. I was so mad at him for leaving, until Trevor's grandpa came out and told us to come inside with them. That was when Jacob said, "I FAKED that call! I really came in to get Tom." Can you say, "SAVIOR"?

51: Reading in English. Random notes I took from accents to commentary from the guys.

52: Our Biology quiz. We had to draw and label the different parts of the digestive system.

53: "He knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake...OR HE'S GOING TO COME IN AND RAPE YOU.!!" -Mere "I don't like bathing suits. It makes me feel like I'm in my underwear." "I love em. Makes me feel like I'm in my underwear." -Kirsten and Ash

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