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kristen's diary

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BC: Sunflowers Sunflowers yellow and bright Beauty shines from the summer light The elegance and grace The wind swaying them together, face to face From a tiny seed, to a stalk of green From beautiful petals to a radiant gleam A warming sensation they bring to all That pleasant fragrance bringing wonderment and awe Their soft silky texture, the feel is breath taking With poise in the meadow, slowly swaying The rich soaring pasture embracing their ways Their handsome features lasting for months, not just days Sunflowers yellow and bright Oh, what an extraordinary sight

FC: Kristen's Diary

1: Contents | Diary Entry 1.......... Pg 2 Diary Entry 2.......... Pg 3 Diary Entry 3.......... Pg 4/5 Diary Entry 4.......... Pg 6/7 Diary Entry 5.......... Pg 8 Diary Entry 6.......... Pg 9 Diary Entry 7.......... Pg 10 Diary Entry 8.......... Pg 11 Diary Entry 9.......... Pg 12 Diary Entry 10.......... Pg 13 | Me, Natasha, Mariam, Sarah and Jamie at camp | Mariam and I | My mum, dad, brother Adam and I

2: Diary Entry 1: 28/4/11 | Dear Diary: Today is our first English lesson for the term! Our topic this term is 'hope for the future', and we are reading a novel called Z for Zacharia. Since the layout of book is in a diary format, Ms Stott has told us to write our own personal diary. We are to write in it everyday and write whatever we want! I continued to read the book when I got home, but I eventually got a bit bored. Although the rest of the book may be interesting, I don't like the beginning part and find it tedious. Sincerely, Kristen :) | HOPE FOR THE FUTURE

3: Diary Entry 2: 2/5/11 Dear Diary: Today in English we had to perform a task call "Who should survive". There were 12 people alive after a nuclear holocaust, but only enough food for seven people to survive. In groups we had to decide who we should let out of the radiation shelter. There were many different people with different personalities, but we chose the people best fit to rebuild society once all the radiation had disappeared. We had to reveal who we killed to the rest of the class, but they did not agree with what we had chosen! In the end, we were glad we didn't have to make this choice in reality! Sincerely Kristen :)

4: Diary Entry 3: 4/5/11 Dear Diary, Today we have to write about one of the topics miss has given us, and i chose to write about being one of the last people to survive a nuclear holocaust. My name is Kristen Manoski. I am one of the last to survive after a nuclear holocaust. In the shelter are 7 other people, but i think they have gotten a minor case of radiation poisoning due to them going outside to see if there were any other survivors. We are all very scared. We wonder when it will be safe to go outside again but we know it will take more than a few days. The food supply will last us at least 3 months, but all the food on the outside will have been contaminated unless it was in proper packaging.

5: I am worried for the rest of the world, of all the people who weren't as fortunate as us, not having a radiation shelter I pray for them all. Signed Kristen P.S Our year is going to camp on Monday! I hope we have a good time!

6: Diary Entry 4: 10/5/11 Dear Diary: Today we have come back from camp! After spending the night at a camp called Stanwell tops, we have just come home after a a tiring but great trip! We got there and were shown our rooms, then immediately went off to our activity.We went to the High Ropes, which was basically a ropes course 15 metres in the air! TO make matters worse it started raining and was extremely windy! Then we went to lunch which was pasta Later on we went to an activity called Survivour, where we had to pretend we were in life or death situations and complete various activites.

7: We had dinner then we had a Year 8 idol, where people got up and sang. Then we had prayer but my friend was sick unfortunately, so my friends and i stayed with. The next day we got up and had breakfast then went to an activity call the Giant Swing, where you go up into the air and pull a rope, then you go flying through the air. Soon after we had lunch then packed up and left for home. It had a great time and it was a great experience. Sincerely Kristen:)

8: Diary entry 5: 11/5/11 Dear Diary: Everyone in year eight, especially me, is tired from camp! We all have sore limbs and muscled from all the tiring but fun activity's we had to complete. Today in English Ms Stott has introduced us to tournament our school will be competing in. It is called TOM- Tournament of Minds. All schools around Sydney come together to try and succeed in various subjects, such as Maths, English and Science. She asked us if we are interested in the competition, but I'm not sure if I want to do it. Sincerely Kristen :)

9: Diary Entry 6: 13/5/11 Dear Diary: Today we had a meeting with Ms Dickinson about a selective night meeting on Tuesday. It is for all the children who are in the A-stream classes. After the meeting Ms Stott handed out papers about the poem/ story that we have to do. It is due on the 30th June, but i want to finish it early. I am still stuck for idea's though. Everyone around me seems to have finished their plans and have started their drafts, while I'm still thinking of an idea! Sincerely Kristen :)

10: Diary Entry 7: 17/5/11 Dear Diary: Today is the day that we have to cook a meal in Technology. We are to go in groups of 4 and make a meal and dessert that originate from counties other than Australia. In my group is: Mary-Jo, Vika, Ellanor and I. We are making Stuffed tomatoes and chocolate brownies. I believe that we worked well today but we could have managed our time more accurately. Today is the day we have our selective meeting. Wish me luck! Sincerely Kristen :)

11: Diary Entry 8: 20/5/11 Dear Diary: In English today we brainstormed who has better qualities from the book we are reading, Ann or Mr Loomis. So the topic of my diary entry today is " Who is best equipped to survive?" Honestly, I think Ann is the best equipped to survive. Whilst Mr Loomis has knowledge of science and is wiser, Ann has lived in a farming environment her whole life, although that is only sixteen years. She has knowledge of how to plant vegetable and how to care for herself. That is why I believe Ann is the best equipped to survive. Sincerely Kristen :)

12: Diary Entry 9: 25/5/11 Dear Diary: TODAY IS STATE OF ORIGIN!!! Mary-Jo and I have been so excited for it all day! We hope the Blues win, but believe they are going to lose considering they haven't won a series in about six years!!! Unfortunately I have a HIstory test tomorrow so I cant watch the whole game. It is worth 50% of my report so I have to do well in it if I want a good grade. I believe I have studied enough and think I will do alright in it, especially because I like History. Sincerely Kristen :)

13: Diary Entry 10: 26/5/11 Dear Diary: Today was the BIG History test. A couple of the questions caught me off guard, especially the one about religion in Ancient Rome. Altogether though I think I did alright. In English Ms Stott told us to write in our diary what we hear on the way home from school. Here is what i heard: The distant noised of cars driving on the busy highway, the sound of a train pulling into the station, the slam of a door across the road, and finally the none-stop chatter of my brother talking about what he did today at school!! Sincerely Kristen :)

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