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Kyler McCarty *

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BC: My Furry Friends

FC: Paw prints On Our Hearts


2: The time when my friends came over. I was surprised when I saw them because I do not see them that often because we live on different streets. I could feel the doorknob as I opened it because it was really really really really really really really really really really really cold. I could hear what they were saying to me because we talked to each other for a while because we do not get to see each other that often because we all live in different places that were kind of on the same side of town. After they all left I could smell something really good and I thought it was my dinner, which it was, and it tasted delicious. And even though I do not remember that day and do not see them that often anymore I will never forget them because they are still my friends.

4: The time I was on my moms laptop and sitting in a chair. I could see the screen and hear the volume of whatever I was doing which I am sure I was playing computer games on cartoon network .com with free online games like Jhonny test Ben 10 and other games. I could feel the chair and it was comfy because it was not one of those normal chairs. I could smell something in a different room and I am really sure it was dinner. I'm really sure the chair tasted horrible because a lot of people have sat in it and they've sat on it a lot of time and plus it has never ever as far as I know and I knew all about that chair that it has never been washed. And even though I don't know what happened to the chair I still remember it.

6: The time me and my cousin were doing something with sticks. I could feel the stick and see the leaves on the ground. I could here the leaves being crushed by my feet. I could smell the leaves. And I think they would have tasted really grouse. I am really sure we were poking the leaves with stick's I am sure that we had no idea we were doing that because we were toddlers and we weren't aware of are existence because we were to young to even know that yet. I am really sure my mom and grandma thought my cousin Skyler and me were adorable because we were toddlers who were poking leaves with sticks and that was really adorable. I do not remember when we did this or where we did this but wherever we were we probably did not care. Since we were wearing coats it must have been cold.

9: The time I pretended I was getting electrocuted by an electric chair. When I was sitting in it I could feel how hard it was and I could see a lot of stuff in front of me. It smelled weird there to me. I'm really sure it would have tasted disgusting. When I was there it sounded kind of loud. The place I was at I think I was at Washington D.C. when I was there I saw a bunch of other stuff like the linkon memorial, the Washington monument, the white house, the Smithsonian, and the declaration of independence. When I went there I had to get up at about 6:00 in the morning and I didn't get there until sometime after noon. When I left Washington D.C it was late at night so I fell asleep in the car before I got home and I had to get up really early the very next morning.

10: The time when I went to New York City was fun. When I was there I walked around so much my legs felt like they were going to fall off. When I was on the highest floor in the empire state building I could see a lot of New York City. The food there smelled and tasted delicious. I ate hot dog and French fries from a vendor on the street. New York City sounded like it was a very loud city. When I went to the Central Park zoo I saw a lot of animals, like a lion, some weird looking birds, kind of like penguins and a polar bear. I went to the bird exhibit where two big birds were walking on the boardwalk and then went down some stairs and flew behind my mom’s head. I went to the Statue of Liberty and I saw a museum of the Statue of Liberty and the original torch. I rode the subway and I thought it was really cool. I was surprised when I found out that the subway’s go even deeper. New York City is a really big place, but a really cool place too, especially time square when it get’s dark out and Time Square literally light’s up.

12: "The time I was on a ride with my cousin. When I was on the ride I could here people from other rides like roller coasters and other scary rides screaming. On the ride I saw the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again like my mom, my grandma and anybody else I knew. I could feel the rides seat while I was in it. I could smell the other people's food and I'm really sure it tasted good because it looked tasty. The ride was one of those really slow kiddy rides for toddlers and preschoolers and maybe kindergarteners. Me and my cousin looked like we enjoyed the ride mostly because it was fun for are age because we were toddlers which was the kind of kids we were. Even though I don't remember it I'm sure it was fun.

14: The time I was with my cousin. I could feel the thing we were standing against. I could see my mom taking the picture. I could smell something weird. I think my cousin and me tasted bad because we were babies. I could here us giggling. I do not know where my pacifier was but I knew where my cousin was it was in his mouth. I was looking really happy to be next to him but he did not look that happy to stand next to me. The place we where was my grandfathers house. I do not know if my grand mother was living there at the time or if my mom and my dad were still together but if my grand ma was living there that would have been cool and if my mom and dad were still together that would have been even cooler and I am not joking.

15: Cats understand the importance of a nap. | Meow

16: The time I got my picture taken at a studio is a time I do not remember. I do not know if I could see the camera flash. I have no idea if I could here the button was clicked. I know for sure I could feel the thing that I was sitting on. I couldn't smell any thing or taste anything because I think they do not let you eat in there. I always wondered what time I got it taken and if it was a nice place to be and if it was warm or cold in there because I was to young to remember. I do not know if I was told to smile or not but I do know I did smile. I know my mom made me wear really serious cloths. I think I was exited to get my picture taken but I looked like I did.

19: The time I was standing on something in front of my house. The thing I was standing on felt really hard and I think it would have tasted horrible. When I was standing on it I could smell the grass. I could hear cars from the street to get to my neighborhood. I could see the house across the street, my mailbox and the street. I am gessing it was really cold out at that time because I was wearing my jacket. I must have thought I was king of whatever the thing I was standing on was because it looked like I was going insane. I don't know what time it was but it could have been in the morning in the evening or some time my mom made me go shopping or some time my mom made me go out side and play because she made me do it a lot

21: Home Is Where The Cat Is | The time I was laying in my bed. I could feel the mattress under my body, the blanket over me and the pillow under my arm. I could see my messy room. I could here my cat running around. I could smell my scent. And I'm really sure my bed, blanket and pillow tasted horrible. I do not remember what time it was but I am really sure it was some time at night because I stay at my grandmother's house after school because my mom works until five o’'clock in the afternoon. I am gessing that it was not time to go to bed yet because I was not in my pajamas yet so I am really sure that it was before dinner. Why I was laying in bed I do not now why but I am gessing it was because I was being lazy like I always am.

22: Cats and dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Bettina Eddie

23: The time I went to Florida and fed the dolphins at sea world. When I was feeding them I felt how slimy the fish was slimy. I could see the dolphins eat the slimy fish. I could here the sound of the fish landing in the water. The fish smelled horrible and I am really sure it tasted horrible to. I was really surprised when they picked me out of the entire crould and the crould was humongous so I felt like the luckiest kid on earth. Before or after I fed the dolphins I went and saw Shamu the killer whale and the star attraction of that sea world. Shamu did a lot of tricks and whenever she jumped into the air when se landed near the end of the thing she dose tricks in she would splash the people in the first few rows and sometimes the forth row.

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