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Kylie's Writing

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S: Kylie Hunter's Writing

BC: Joy, Peace, and Love. | Always.

1: Kylie Hunter's Writing Spring 2012

2: Boundaries I was peering out my window at a polluted, brown, overcast sky. Below was a rough, rocky neglected ground. It was the kind of path that used to be lush grass, but then got worn down by dryness and neglect. It was hot and dry, and there was the smell of rain in the air. the atmosphere was drab and murky, dust was being blown everywhere by the warm wind, creating a blinding screen. My eyes stung and my heart pulsed and throbbed for change. As I strained myself to see through the haze, I saw the outline of a monstrosity, a huge structure that reminded me of a cathedral. Wrapping myself up in a cloak, I trudged through the dust, shielding my eyes with one hand while holding the fabric tightly around me with the other. The cavernous structure soon came into view, a giant, empty place, with huge columns, thick, marble columns that reached up to support the roof. It was not shielded from the storm, and one would expect to find the same haze inside as outside, as it was so open and seemed to be embracing the dust.

3: However, as I walked toward the place, I saw that there was no dust inside, no blistering wind that stung your face. I broke out into a run, sprinting through the dust towards the empty place. I stepped inside, mystified. Taking hesitant steps, I walked into the huge room. My steps echoed throughout the space. Afraid to say a word that would disrupt the peace, I walked to the front. There, there was a table, small compared to what I expected. On it lay a stick, soaking in water, and little, tiny cups, all filled with different substances. I looked up to see a giant mirror, one that reflected the rest of the room. I was parched, the flavor of dust still in my mouth. I took the stick out of the water and drank the whole glass in one gulp. I absent mindedly took the stick with me to gaze outside. The dust was still furious, whipping around in huge torrents, and I was awed that none of it came inside of this place. It was tidy, mainly empty and all made of marble. There were plants pushed against the invisible wall blocking the dust. in the middle of the room, there was a gold turret, intricately designed with enigmatic spirals. I touched the pole, and a doorway appeared. Metagrobolized, I wandered in. Inside was a plant, a huge one, that reached way up to the ceiling and then branched outward, creating a curtain of leaves.

4: As I looked up, I saw through the the plant that the ceiling here was glass, displaying the gray sky, ready to burst with rain. The room was dark, but things were still visible. As I circled the plant, I realized that I was still clutching the stick, which was cool in my hands. All of a sudden, a crack of thunder released the water, The sky was pouring, settling the dust. I gasped, realizing that the ceiling was not glass, yet the water was not coming in. A cool, misty breeze enveloped me, and the leaves swept down like willow branches. The gold pole disappeared, and I pushed the leaves slowly aside. I realized that I was now back in the huge room, with equally as large plants in the corners and in the center. The ground was, I realized, patterned with the same spirals that I had seen on the pole.

5: I noticed a small notch in the spirals, and traced the spirals with my stick all of the way to the notch. The spiral lit up with a yellow glow, and a wave of yellow followed. It reminded me of a ripple, Once I touched the first spiral, all of the other spirals closest to it lit up. The room was filled with yellow light, which turned to blue, purple, and then red. Then, the floor turned into a sort of screen, which bubbled up with blue until bursts of green shot up. I watched in astonishment as the ground outside the room transformed from mud and dust to shoots of green. The rain continued, and the cavernous room echoed with an imperceivable sound, a sound that sounded like something, but if you listened really close, all logic said it sounded like nothing at all. A quiet calm followed, a calm where all you could hear was the sound of the rain and... birds? The gentle squawking had returned. I walked out to enjoy the rain and peace, and when I turned around, the cavern was gone.

6: I have thought about that dream very much, and I have come to a sort of conclusion. I think that that place is just like my family. The way that we are open and observe the terrors of the world, but how we never let them destroy our peace. we flourish every day, just like the plants. We have secrets that are hiding, in gold poles and cups of water, and if we let ourselves, we could change the world with our peaceful outlook and our openness. If we used our magic, so to say, for the better, the world would be a better place.

8: Interview with Artifact 1) Describe your physical appearance. What color, shape, size, texture, and hardness are you? I am in a black and silky case, so that when you hold it up to the light it has a dull shine. There is a small silver metal circular tab on the top of my case that shines in the light. But the first view does not display everything. Within the folds of this soft fabric lies a silver bracelet with multiple charms on it. The chain is larger than usual, in between each link is a gem a different color of the Rainbow. It lies loose on my owner’s wrist. There is another silver tab, with a K engraved in it. A charm on me is a pink castle with blue turrets and green cones on top. That was a charm earned for traveling with ease to new places. I have one that reads “Happy birthday” in fancy print with a cupcake. I have one that says “Big Sister” with a heart that was earned for being a new big sister.

10: THE WORLD'S GREATEST MOM! | 2) What is the charm on you with the most history? My most historical charm was the one that I came with in the nice package. It is a pink heart that is very smooth. It has red, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, and topaz gems on it, and she often rubs that one because it is so smooth. That one has been on it the longest. 3) What do you consider your best feature? I think that my best feature is not the case that holds me or the bracelet, but the charms. They are very important to me, and everytime I earn another one, it makes me feel more complete. I love the way I get more and more heavy with each new accomplishment, and feel very proud of myself for holding all her treasures. She values the charms more than anything, and so that is what I cherish as well.

11: M E M O R I E S | 4) How do you feel about your owner? I think that my owner is sensitive and well-behaved. She often worries at night, so I am always sure to release luck every time she rubs me. She is calm and sweet, and she earns a lot of charms. Often, she cries in her room. I feel bad for her sometimes. But other times, she comes in super excited, which thrills me and sends a jingle through my charms. I love her, the way she laughs, the way she thinks, and the way the heat from her hand melts into my chain. I would not choose to have any other owner but her. 5) Describe any changes you have felt in yourself over time. I know that I am constantly getting heavier as charms get added to me with care. I also know that I have gotten more sad. Not being on someone’s wrist all the time makes me feel lonely. But when my owner comes in every night, I feel less lonely, more comforted. Watching her and guarding her while she sleeps makes me feel like the lonely day was worth it. I know that I am not as clean as I was, not as polished up. I also know that my heart has grown more full of love during the years from loving my owner so much.

12: 6) What has been the best experience you have had? I loved it when, a long time ago, I was on her wrist everyday and how when she washed her hands in the white sink, the water would wash over me and made me feel clean. Then, she put some nice smelling stuff on and would rinse me again, and then she would personally dry me off. I always looked forward to that! I also just loved it when she was learning and happy at school. I was so pleased then! 7) What was the worst experience you have ever had? I hated it when I got lost. It was a very baffling feeling. I knew exactly where I was, but my owner would cry and run around the house looking everywhere BUT where I was. I kept on saying, “I’m Here!” but she never heard. Then, she would leave for school without me and my heart would break. The sadness always ended though, when we were reunited.

13: 8) What is your favorite charm and why? Well, I think that I like the unicorn the best because it reminds me of my owner, majestic, wise, sensitive, caring. I always look to the unicorn when I feel lonely. With her glittery mane and tail, piercing blue eyes, and strong flanks, the unicorn is definitely my favorite. 9) Where did you come from? I initially came from her grandmother, who had bought me at a store. The black pouch had come from the Tooth Fairy, and my charms came from her mother. I remember being elegantly wrapped in a tiny package, and was shipped to her house. I remember only having one, lonesome heart charm on me, the first one I ever got. I remember how then, after she lost her first tooth, she put me in a nice pouch from the tooth fairy and kept it by her bed. Then, I remember the second charm, for her birthday. She continued getting charms ever since.

14: 10) What is your importance in your owner’s life? My owner considers me as her good luck charm. She wore me everyday when she was younger, and still rubs me every morning and night. She is proud of me because every time that she made an accomplishment, she got a new charm. I jingle merrily whenever I move, which is another reason why she likes me. Whenever she feels worried at night, she fingers the charms on me and remembers. I am like a lucky keeper of memories from when she

15: Family

25: Celebrations

26: Celebrations June 19th, 2006 The Hunter's are pleased to announce that today, a new baby boy was born. His name is Bryce Douglas Hunter. As Bryce’s siblings and grandparents eagerly await his arrival to the house, they have eagerly informed the press of a special welcome home party in honor of their new family member. “I am really excited,” says 6-year-old Kylie “because Bryce will be my brother and I will be a DOUBLE big sister!!” The picture below shows Kylie cutting her own brother’s umbilical cord. With lots of paint and a heart full of love, the eager family paints two posters and elegantly decorate the home. “Yeah, I like Bryce.” says the new big sister Maya with a huge smile on her face. “He will play and play and I will take care of him.”

27: Kylie and Maya were both there to see their brother’s birth, with their grandparents. When they had to leave the hospital they were extremely disappointed to leave Bryce, but that disappointment vanished when they decided to plan a welcome home feast as well as a celebration. Annie, Kylie, and Maya spend all day cooking and creating, and they can barely contain their excitement. “Mommy will be so HHAAAAPPPYYYY!!” says Kylie, spinning ecstatically. “Bryce is cute and he is my brother and I will make him cake.” Maya tells her grandma happily.

29: Kylie, Maya, and Annie, their grandma, watch with excitement as their new baby brother and parents drive up to the house. Kylie and Maya are bouncing up and down in anticipation. “SURPRISE!!!!!!” Everyone shouts as their weary but very happy mom steps out of the car. Bryce reaches out his hands in glee. Kylie gallops up, bouncing up and down, followed by Maya, and then Annie. “We are so glad you are home mommy!” Kylie cheers as her mother reaches down to hug her. “So am I!” she says. Maya pulls her mom inside of the house, where the food awaits. Kylie holds Bryce carefully, under the watchful eye of their father. Everyone cannot stop smiling at Baby Bryce’s adorable face.

30: “The family is now complete!” says the very eager mother. “My heart could not be filled with more love.” “The celebration my family planned was so thoughtful!” says Scott, the new father. “I cannot believe how creative and thoughtful my family is.” Not only was their food and posters, but stickers and drawings for Bryce, mom, and dad. “It was a lot of fun!” says Annie. “And it was all worth it when I saw their faces.” “We love our new family!” Kylie and Maya shout, as happiness spreads all around.

32: Hard Times | The deluge of time is funny. No matter the twists and turns, it will never cease moving at utter consistency. The flow of time collects bits and pieces along the way, to be carried along for however long the current holds it up. Time is the stream that transports the sediments, the sediments that allow you to go back, at least for a little while, and experience a sensation that has long passed. Your current can carry small pebbles such as the moment when you looked at a piece of rubber balloon on the sidewalk while walking home from school. It can carry boulders that somehow, manage to be pushed along, like when someone important to you dies. Our family, and I, myself, carry many different sized pieces from the past. Some that are only flecks, ready to disappear from our memory bank, some are so large that it is impossible for us to leave it behind. One boulder, bigger than the rest will always be with us, coming back to haunt us in our darkest hour.

33: Choices are made, gratitude is expressed, unification is restored, and burdening memories are brought back, all with the weight of this one stone. I tell its tales to you now, the story that is etched into this boulder, to be carried along by me till the end of my time. I was young, almost out of 3rd grade. My life revolved around simple things, playing in the backyard, Skype with my cousins, weekly spelling lists, reading in bed. Never had I known a different way of living. Then, my dad got kicked out of his job. He got to finish the year, but the budgets were not enough to support him anymore. My dad was all of a sudden transformed. The man I knew who spun me around at the park and shared jokes and carried me on his shoulders turned into someone who I barely knew at all. Someone who spent all of his time up in his room, didn’t smile, rarely came outside to play with me and my siblings. I knew not where he was, or what he was doing, but all I knew was that I wanted the old dad back.

34: Life was bearable, until the news came. I thought that things would be better soon, and my dad would come outside to play and we would all be back together as a family. It was not to be. My mother got a call that my uncle was very sick. At least, that is what she told me, that dreary day when she left to go and visit him. I did not understand why everything suddenly changed. My mother was suddenly gone a lot, going out to visit my uncle. My father, my broken, anxious father was the one who was left with us. Never before had I known a life without my mother there. I cried every night for my uncle, my mother, my dad. Only later would I understand the danger that my uncle was in, all of those months spent hoping, praying that he would get better. I realized, finally, what was happening the following year. Before the day of that dreadful call, my uncle had taken a medicine, a terrible drug that he thought would help him. Later, he knew something was wrong, terribly wrong. He drove himself to the hospital, where he fell into a deep, deep sleep, something that my mother described as a coma.

35: She told me that he ceased to think, and needed special machines to think for him. She told me that when she walked into that hospital, when she asked to see my uncle, when she walked up to his door and was about to open it, a nurse told her that Uncle Mike was about to die. There is that time, that moment, when you know that something important is about to be lost. It comes to you as a shock of realization, and then an unearthly frozen feeling. You do not know what to feel, to think, to do. The frozen feeling thaws to make room for longing, regret, disbelief. Then, your body gets all frozen again, stoney and stiff. You know that this moment is real, yet you refuse to believe it. Anger, mistrust, hatred, stubbornness. My mother opened up the door, and looked at my uncle, her dear little brother. He seemed to be barely breathing, deathly white. My mother clutched his hand, yet no tears filled her eyes. Only a stiff, monotone montra, “Please don’t go please don’t go please don’t go please don’t go”.

37: She stayed with him all night, partway into the day. It was only then when the tears came. The water had collected behind her eyes that whole night, longing to be released. Like a dam her eyes held in that sadness, until the burden became too much for her to bear. First a twig came loose, then a stone, and then the whole dam collapsed. The water rushed out. My mom sobbed for a long time until finally, the river ran dry. She felt completely drained. 10 days she sat with him. All the while, he remained alive. My mother went to visit him often. Poems were written, stories were made, more nights were spent sobbing into my pillow. Finally, he awoke from his deep sleep, his cursed coma, and saw a new light, a new opportunity to live a new life. My uncle became a nomad, wandering from place to place, the love of his family his most vital medicine. One hospital, and then another. Our family began to reunite, all of the energy spent bringing uncle mike back to health was bringing our family back to health as well.

38: Everything seemed to improve. My father got a job. He worked late, but he began to have more of a taste for playing with us, more of a taste for jokes, more of a taste for life. Those days were the best days of my life. After the day when my dad lost his job, nothing seemed right. But a broken life taught me how to live a full one, a happy one, a grateful one. Until more bad news. More medicine, more dreadful than before, more coma. Now, I felt not confusion, but anger. Why does my uncle have to be sick and take my mom away from me? Why does he have to torment our family with sorrow? It was the deep, deep anger where you know you have no control over things, and yet you desperately yearn to make things right. The anger that brings tears of frustration and choking sobs. My father was gone very much, so different people had to take care of us. My mom’s secretary, my grandparents, my friends. House to house, when my mom wasn’t there, always winding up back home, late at night.

39: My cousins, my sick uncle’s children, then came to stay with our family. Every afternoon was fun-filled, making pancakes, going to a water park, Trying to be silent so that my cousin would fall asleep. My cousins were brave, so brave. Tears were shed, but they never gave up. More poems, art, stories. I prayed and prayed that he would get better. I prayed and prayed that everything would be alright again. Our family went through a roller coaster of moods. Sometimes we were filled with light and hope. Sometimes we had none, and we thought that all the worst would occur. Sometimes we were angry. Sometimes scared. Then finally, our prayers were answered. My uncle finally knew who he was, what he wanted to do with his life. We rejoiced when he finally found his way. He had allowed himself to hide who he was. He had willed life to release its clutches on him forever. And, it almost did. But with the love, support, teamwork, and determination of his family pulling him out from the unforgiving clutches of time, and with his struggle to hold on to the thread of hope, he finally regained his footing on land, more sure than ever before.

40: Our family, once pulled apart, broken, weak, was now forever united, strongly connected, filled to the brim with gratitude. It shows that even in the darkest moments, when the only thing illuminated is your fear and panic, there is more in front of you than what you see. For although your world might be broken and crumbling, somewhere further along the river of time there is a reason. Although everything may seem lost, time will never cease moving at utter consistency, no matter the twists or turns. A change in direction, and everything might be turned around. And each moment that time holds, no matter good or bad, will somehow, in some way, change a life, change a country, change a world. My story is etched into the rock that I carry along in the river. I am still waiting for this rock to change the world. But in a sense, it already has. It has changed my family, me, my outlook, and hopefully, yours too. For everything has a reason. I hope my words can change lives, countries, worlds. I strive for peace that one day might be. There is still a ways for me to go, a ways for my current to carry my stones.

41: I have many more to collect. Many more tales to tell. And when I deposit my collection, and my current wears out, I hope someone else will pick up my stones and carry them many more years. Peace may be a dream, never to come true. But everything has a reason. Time has and will see to it.

42: The Butterfly Endings Change Knowing Yet resisting Longing regret Is it true? That endings lead to beginnings? No. Closed heart Closed mind. Anger

43: Sadness Change If change were good Why would it leave me so? Lost No. I will not fly. I will not move. Here I belong here! As I am

44: A caterpillar They tell me That I need to be strong Stand on my own. No. I will not let go Of this branch That holds me No. I will not change I will not grow I am a Caterpillar!

45: They tell me That everything Will be okay But I know it will not No. No one can Force me To change I am still weak I need more time More time! I am not ready!

47: Soon this moment will end There will be no going back No! Clinging to this last Minute In fright I will not move on No! I am a caterpillar A CATERPILLAR! a...

48: Caterpillar?

49: No! I see no wings No colors I am a Caterpillar! A caterpillar! No. I am not ready. Help! Don’t let me change! No. No. No.

50: My youth Slips away Help! I do not know How to fly I know only how to crawl! Do not let me change Please I am a caterpillar caterpillar caterpillar Time More time! I am a caterpillar A Caterpillar!!!

51: No. If these things on my back Are wings Then I cannot see them I will not see them. Do not let me fly away! I belong here! Please! A caterpillar...

52: But somehow my wings are there. Waiting If change were bad Then why are my wings Rainbow? Sparkling? Why is the warm wind Pushing? Urging? a caterpillar...

53: No. My wings unfold a caterpillar... No. I feel the air On my magical New Wings a caterpillar... No!

54: I let go Of the branch My wings are light On the winds of change I know not where The wind will carry me I know not where My youth has gone The memories Longing Regret Hope for a new beginning.

55: I am a butterfly butterfly butterfly Yes. Soaring swooping searching... Yes. I am a

56: Butterfly

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