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LALA 8th Grade Final Project

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BC: References Open Court History Alive! | Folder #1 Folder #2 Folder #3 Folder #4

FC: Matthew Granados Jose Luis Herrera Period: 3 | US History

1: 1. Injustice against Colonists 2. Declaration of Independence 3. American Revolution 4. Creating the Constitution 5. BIll of Rights 6. Manifest Destiny 7. World of the North 8. World of South 9. Dividing Nation 10. Civil War 10. Reconstruction Era + 11. Reconstruction Era - 12. Rise of Industry | USTopics

2: The Colonist had to buy these stamps and put them on every single piece of paper, they had to buy them because British had to pay off the large debt of the French and Indian war. | Another thing was that mast colonists had to quarter British troops, they had to feed them, take care of them and give them beds to sleep. | Injustice against Colonist

3: The Boston Massacre was an incident at Boston which killed 5 colonists and injured 10, due to the British troops shooting towards the colonists. | Colonists were sick and tired of the British taxes, so they dressed up as Indians and dumped the tea on the harbor. Because of this action, Parliament passed the "Intolerable Acts" which were harsh laws toward colonists.

4: The Battle of Bunker Hill created a war, this war showed the British that the American Army was strong and quite powerful. | The Olive Branch Petition was a peace offering that was sent to King George III. He considered the colonist as traitors. | Declaration of Independence

5: This was the book that Thomas Paine wrote that told everyone that everyone was equal and that a king nor queen should control them. | Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and weakened the ties between Britain and America. It gave reasons why they should be independent and why he was a tyrant

6: Washington crosses the Delaware River to Trenton and captures exactly 868 mercenaries and later captures 300 British troops at Princeton | Washington led his troops at Monmouth. The British retreated and it was an American victory. IT's good that they won, but the British troops slipped away | American Revolution

7: When general Cornwallis sees French and American troops, he surrenders. The crowd watched 8,00 British troops put their arms down. | In 1783, the Treaty of Paris singed by Britain and the US. It claimed that US is officially independent, US now owns lands between Mississippi River and Atlantic Coasts, and last was that the US had to give back the Loyalists during the war.

8: The Articles of Confederation needed to be revised. The Articles had lots of flaws, such as giving the State Government too much power. This was a problem because the Federal Government couldn't collect taxes. | Shay's Rebellion was a rebellion that took place at judge courthouses. The reason why they went to the courthouses was to stop them from taking away their farmland, the rebellion ended when the state sent troops to restore order. | Creating the Constitution

9: The Great Compromise was the compromise that settled the states power in Congress. One equal representation and the other by population. | Thomas Jefferson was the one who wrote the Constitution. It gave more power to the federal government, and had laws that people had to follow. Only 38 delegates signed it.

10: James Madison was the guy that came up with "The Bill of Rights." He came up with this because he noticed that the Constitution didn't have the individual rights one should have. | The Bill of Rights

11: 1. Freedom of religion, press, assemble, petition, and speech 2. Right to bear arms 3. No quartering troops 4.Rights to searches and seizures 5. Legal rights 6. Criminal Trial Rights 7. Civil Trial Rights 8. Bail and Punishments 9. Retained by the people 10. Powers reserved to the states

12: On April 30, 1803, Monroe purchased Louisiana for $15 million. This piece of land doubled up the US's size. | In 1819, the Spanish government agreed to give Florida to the US, in exchange the US had to give them $5 million. Now the US has the whole east. | Manifest Destiny

13: In 1845, the US annexed Texas. Before Texas was part of the US, it had troubles with racial problems and battles, like the one at the Alamo. | After the war with Mexican soldiers, the US signed a treaty called the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo." Mexico seceded and the US paid them $15 million.

14: The North's geography wasn't great, they didn't have the rich soil that the South had, so they would cut down trees to make land for factories. This is called deforestation. | The economy in the North was based on industry. Most of the products made were made by machinery and not by hands. | World of the North

15: The way the North got around was mostly by railroads. They would ship products through railroads. | The society of the North was city-like. Most of the streets and cities were dirty and often contained homeless people.

16: The South's Geography was grassy. The South had the advantage because they could plant crops and other items. | The South's economy was based on agriculture and slaves. Their main crop was cotton, and thanks to the "cotton gin" the amount of slaves increased. | The World of the South

17: The way the South got around was around was by boat. They used steamboats and went along the Mississippi River. | The society in the South was rural. Most people lived on plantation or small houses surrounded by land.

18: The Missouri Compromise was a compromise that said that no slaves can be above the 36' 30' line. This made Missouri mad because it wanted to be a slave state. | The "gag rule" was a rule Congress made up that said that nobody can make up petitions about slavery, if people didn't follow them then they would get fined. | Dividing Nation

19: Nat Turner led a rebellion at South Hampton, Virginia. This killed a 55-65 people. After this rebellion, Southerners felt threatened of slaves. | This was a book that Harriet Stowe Beecher wrote. This story was about a slave and his master and how the master treated his slave.

20: The battle at Fort Sumter was the battle that started the Civil War. This happened at Charleston Harbor. Nobody was killed. | The Battle of Bull Run took place at Richmond, Virginia. The South won, because all they had to do was defend. | The Civil War

21: The Battle of Antietam took place at Maryland, Sharksburg. This was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War until the Battle at Gettysburg. | General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse in Virgina. Grant was generous to Lee's soldiers.

22: The Freedmen's Bureau was a bureau that helped freedmen with food, shelter, and education. | The Reconstruction Amendments were amendments that helped African-Americans. 13th was abolish slavery. 14th was freedmen had citizenship. 15th they can now vote | Reconstruction Era +

23: The South was then divided into 5 military districts. Each district had a general. Then they replaced the State's Government with loyal Southerners. | African-Americans were allowed in office. There was 20 in House of Rep. and 2 in Senate.

24: The Ku Klux Klan was a group that prevented African-Americans from political life. They would do this by torture, tarred and even killing them. | The Amnesty Act of 1872 was an act that hurt most African-Americans. This act allowed Confederate people to vote again. | Reconstruction Era -

25: The African-American people were also losing voting rights in a way. They would have to pay poll tax that was expensive, and they would give them hard literacy tests. | Jim Crow laws were laws that segregated African-Americans. Freedmen put this in court, but the ruling was towards the South people they had the same facilities.

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