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LALA 8th Grade Final Project

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S: Made by Kimberly Calderon & Laura Cano

FC: Kimberly Calderon & Laura Cano Period 3 | Our MixBook

1: War in Mexico | President Polk wanted more territory for the United Some people thought that that Texas And Oregon Country were enough for people to settle on but NOT for Polk.Polk wanted a new area that was called California and New Mexico. The U.S. went to war with Mexico and the U.S. won.

2: Equal Rights For Women | Some women were trying to make slavery illegal, yet they couldn't vote or hold office. Two women met in 1840 at the World anti-slavery Convention in London.They were told they couldn't do anything but sit behind a curtain and listened to the men talk about slavery. they got upset and they made a declaration called the Declaration of Sentiments.

3: Working Conditions For Slaves | Some slaves work side by side with their owners that own a small farm. Some of them work in large plantations along with slaves, not their owners. Some slaves work indoors and some of them work outdoors.

4: Slave Churches | Many of the slave's owners encouraged their slaves to go to church on Sundays.They started their own churches and many of the slaves

5: The Missouri Compromise | Congress was arguing over whether to have Missouri a slave state or a free state. So instead they made a thing called the 36-30' line so anything above this line is a free state. Everything below it is a slave state.

6: Dred Scott Case | In 1857, the Dred Scott Case took place because Dred's owner took to a free state and so Dred thought that since he is on free territory he thought he could take this to court and get his freedom. But the judge said that it doesn't matter if you step on free territory, your still a slave, and with that the case was dismissed.

7: Impeachment of Johnson | The House of Representatives wanted to impeach Johnson by voting with the people.During his trail, in the senate the president's lawyers argued that Johnson only "crying" had been to appose Congress.If he were removed from office for that reason, they warned "No future President will be safe who happens to differ with a majority of the House and Senate"

8: white terrorism | Democrats try to win black voters away from the Republican Party . They try to using legal tricks to keep blacks from voting or taking office . When the legal tricks failed, whites turned to terrorism ,or violence. Thoughout the south, whites formed secret associations to drive African Americans out of political life completely. The most infamous of these groups was the KKK(ku klux klan).

9: African Americans responded to segregation in many ways. Some blacks that spoke out risked of getting attacked by white mobs. During the 1890s, an African American lynched somewhere in the United States almost everyday. | Responding to Segregation

10: labor unions | Worker like Rose Schneiderman had been forming Unions since the 1830s. THey were normally called trade unions. THey organize workers in the same trait, or job, to fight for better wages and working conditions.

11: References | The history text book Images=google

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