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LALA 8th Grade Final Project

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FC: Kari v. & Jaymie v. | History Timeline

1: world of the union and confederate states | they were having many disputes about deciding who should be slave states and who should be free states. They created the Missouri compromise which was a 36,30 line that divided the states. They also had issues on slavery. The gag rule was put into act and it silenced any discussions on slavery for ten years; only to make matters worse. It created the Nat Turner rebellion and the confederate states felt threaten.

2: Slavery was a very big issue between the north and the south. The cotton gin for short was a simple machine used for picking the cotton out of the plants. this machine was invented by Eli Whitney. It increased slavery in the south because more slaves were used to work the cotton fields. The masters of the slaves gave harsh punishments and brutal beatings to the slaves if they felt they had done something wrong. slaves weren't allowed to be taught anything they had to be kept arrogant because they did not want them to rise up in rebellion.


4: In the election of 1860 between James K. Polk and Abraham Lincoln; Abraham Lincoln won by 40% . He was an abolitionist he wanted to end slavery. he wasn't going to stop until slavery was ended. Abraham Lincoln was known by the name of "Honest Abe" he always spoke his mind and was very stubborn . many people adored him and he was going to be a great leader.


6: After the elections there was a lot of talk about slavery. The confederate and the union states were disagreeing on many things. Because of this the civil war began. It started of with confederate army winning many victories but at the end the union won. The civil war was a really bloody affair.


8: The battle of Antietam in 1862 was a very bloody war. The battle of bull run had ended and the union was hoping for a quick victory. the anaconda plan was put into effect. Step one was to surround the south by land and sea to cut off its trade. Step two was to divide the confederacy into sections so that one rebel region could not help another. Step three was to capture Richmond, Virginia, the capitol of the confederacy and destroy the rebel government. Another bloody war was the battle of Gettysburg 1863. about 17,500 union soldiers and 23,000 confederate soldiers were killed. The north won the civil war.


10: After the civil war Abraham Lincoln created the reconstruction plan. The first part of this reconstruction plan was all southern states had to create new governments that were loyal to the union and that respected federal authority. The second part was slavery had to be abolished once and for all. They had to ratify the thirteenth, fourteenth, and the fifteenth amendments. These amendments were all created for one purpose to abolish slavery. Even though slavery would be abolished there was still a lot of segregation.


12: Even though slavery was abolished it still brought many problems like discrimination and segregation. There were some positives such as the freedmens Bureau which gave health care, education, financial housing, and employment contracts for former slaves. Then there were negative outcomes like the black codes which limited the power of slaves. The ku Klux Klan was a big issue there main purpose was to rid freedmen from participating in political events.


14: Immigrants moved to the united states to look for jobs. There was a rapid increase in industrialization. There were many monopolists buying buildings and creating jobs. A man named John D. Rockefeller invested in oil trusts many corporations began selling stocks the industry of companies was growing at a rapid pace.


16: Although many immigrants were looking for jobs the working conditions were very bad. The buildings were hot and dirty, there were very crammed fire escapes. The job paid very little, the daily hours were about 14 to 16 hours a day.


18: Many employees grew angry of the working conditions and tried to negotiate better working areas and better wages. The owners of the company did not want to agree to any compromises. So the employees created labor unions. They led strikes and they were going to stop at nothing to have the rights they deserve. Women organized groups and protest about the poor working conditions. The owners of the companies finally made an agreement shorter hours, better pay, and better working areas.


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