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Lamplighter 2012 Yearbook

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Lamplighter 2012 Yearbook - Page Text Content

S: The Lamplighter School - Class of 2012

FC: The Lamplighter School Class of 2012

1: Front: Daylyn Gilbert, Sophia Hurst, Max Arroyo, Abby Brand, Varun Gande, Emery Stobaugh, Cameron Peters, Lindsay Kaplan Second: Alex Piccagli, Ali Scherz, Keller Welton, Elizabeth Mondragon, Gus Solis, Campbell Crates, Paul Sullivan, Alex Rabin, Dante Renzulli Third: Claire Groves, Jackson Swango, Kirsten Kirk, Preston Bulban, Lily Baughman, Evan McNeal, Ella Diotalevi Ezelle, Griffin Benners, Kaiti Ness, John Paul Noonan Fourth: Claire Trochu, Will Steinhart, Virginia Baker, Jack Herz, Maro Reppas, Wallace White, Elizabeth Walsh, Christian Myers, Sophia Ehring, Eli Yancey Back: Thomas Matta, Jess Meniere, Charlie Rose, Kaethe Thomas, Luke Adams, Emma Hunt, Briggs Jones, Liberty Buckholt, Billy Lockhart, Avery Borgmann

3: Mr. Burton, Ms. Lynn Mrs. Beddow, Mrs. Melton | Mr. Peck Mrs. Ogden Mrs. O'Krent Ms. Guadalupe Mrs. Cauley Mrs. Vermillion Ms. Ritz Mr. White | Ms. Raney, Dr. Hill, Mr. Brenner | With special thanks to Mrs. Adler for drawing the yearbook cover!

4: Early Childhood

5: color codes, hootenannies, Halloween parade, barn days, kindergarten square dancing, popsicles with pops, Mardi Gras parade, pre-k sing for parents, field day in May, four billy goats gruff, Carnival

6: Lower School | Fort Worth field trip Earth project pumpkin carving Dr. Seuss talent show Jump Rope for Heart

7: Native American project Pioneer project state fair picking out the chicks holding the chicks writing letters to and skyping with the troops marble party shaving cream fight

8: Kindergarten and T-1

9: 1st Grade

10: 2nd Grade

11: 3rd Grade

12: 2011 Carnival

14: SENIOR Jackets

16: Lamplighter Layers Chickens: Red Star, Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn, White Orphington Best egg-producing chickens: Red Star Most eggs in one month: 1017 in December 2011. The most eggs EVER 7136 eggs collected in the 4th grade

18: Fourth Grade Lunch

19: Halloween Parades

20: Operation Chicken Art Project

24: All School Program FROM THE 1950s TO THE 2000s

25: Hound Dog Stayin' Alive Surfin' USA | How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

26: Broadcast | greetings from the anchors, special interviews, how-to segments, weather updates, around-the-world features, holidays and customs, birthday wishes, student interviews and more

27: Famous Texans | Lance Armstrong Stephen F. Austin Gail Borden Jim Bowie George H. W. Bush George W. Bush Laura Bush Bessie Coleman Davy Crockett J. Frank Dobie Dwight Eisenhower Gregorio Esparza Charles Goodnight Sam Houston | Ladybird Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson Scott Joplin Barbara Jordan Jane Long Ross Perot Bill Pickett Nolan Ryan Louis Sachar Erastus Smith William B. Travis Bigfoot Wallace Babe D. Zaharias

28: S E N I O R P O R T R A I T S | Luke | Max | Virginia | Lily | Griffin | Avery | Abby | Liberty | Preston | Campbell | Ella | Sophia E

29: Varun | Daylyn | Claire | Jack | Emma | Sophia H | Briggs | Lindsay | Kirsten | Billy | Thomas | Evan

30: S E N I O R P O R T R A I T S | Jess | Elizabeth M | Christian | Kaiti | John Paul | Cameron | Alex P | Alex R | Dante | Maro | Charlie | Ali

31: Gus | Will | Emery | Paul | Jackson | Kaethe | Claire T | Elizabeth W | Keller | Wallace | Eli

32: Favorite Lamplighter Memories | the first day of 4th grade...senior jackets...fun in the well...second grade State Fair...Great American Project...Carnival...getting the chicks for Lamplighter Layers... hootenannies...Pioneer Project... recess...pajama day...taking home an egg for a day...Native American project...Halloween parade... silkworms...parties in math...Famous Texans...the most eggs collected EVER...Austin trip...SENIOR WEEK Lamplighter Spirit

33: Class of 2012 Senior Pages

34: Luke Adams 7 years at Lamplighter | athletic, motivated, organized wants to be a professional hockey player favorites: science with Mr. B., Native Americans, P.E., Hagdalena Magdalena

35: Max Arroyo 4 years at Lamplighter | enthusiastic, inquisitive, adventurous, open-minded wants to be an explorer or soldier favorites: Michael Jackson dance party, Halloween glyphs, art, Deep in the Heart of Texas

36: Virginia Baker 7 years at Lamplighter | creative, caring, courageous wants to be a photographer favorites: fun in the well, State Fair, drama, Lamplighter Spirit

37: Lily Baughman 7 years at Lamplighter | artsy, athletic, intelligent, fun wants to be an architect favorites: Carnival, Native Americans, art, Recycle Rap

38: Griffin Benners 7 years at Lamplighter | friendly, funny, fair, musical wants to be an inventor, a pro soccer player or a songwriter favorites: basketball day, math, Great Americans, Feelin' Groovy

39: Avery Borgmann 2 years at Lamplighter | thoughtful, enthusiastic, creative, friendly wants to be a teacher favorites: Carnival, Native American map, art, Deep in the Heart of Texas

40: Abby Brand 7 years at Lamplighter | friendly, entertaining, caring, creative wants to be an artist, gymnast, teacher or mom favorites: jumping in foam, State Fair, art, Lamplighter Spirit

41: Liberty Buckholt 6 years at Lamplighter | fabulous, perfect, creative, giving wants to be an artist...by age 25 favorites: meeting 3rd grade teachers, studying continents, art, The Wheel of the Water

42: Preston Bulban 7 years at Lamplighter | MFFL, sports boy, 100 pct Texan wants to be an NBA player favorites: first basketball day, Astronomy with Mr. B, recess, Recycle Rap

43: Campbell Crates 7 years at Lamplighter | energetic, athletic, musical wants to be an actress, singer or artist favorites: Carnival, Great Americans, P.E., Lamplighter Spirit

44: Ella Diotalevi Ezelle 7 years at Lamplighter | funny, friendly, driven, kind-hearted wants to be a violinist or a vocalist favorites: first marble party, Native Americans, language, Recycle Rap

45: /Sophia Ehring 7 years at Lamplighter | independent, kind, creative, smart wants to be in the Army or to be an actress favorites: holding the chicks, Pioneer Project, science, Home on the Range

46: /Varun Gande 5 years at Lamplighter | mathematical, funny, musical, perseverent wants to be a builder and architect favorites: taking the chicks to the brooder, egg game, math, Deep in the Heart of Texas

47: Daylyn Gilbert 2 years at Lamplighter | creative, playful, friendly, thoughtful wants to have a design house in NYC favorites: marble party, Native Americans, drama, Deep in the Heart of Texas

48: Claire Groves 7 years at Lamplighter | nice, funny, sporty, happy wants to be a lacrosse player favorites: Carnival, shaving cream fight, P.E., Lamplighter Spirit

49: Jack Herz 7 years at Lamplighter | happy, fun, smart, brave wants to be the CEO of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation favorites: Carnival, Earth Project, mad minutes, Listen to the Water

50: Emma Hunt 7 years at Lamplighter | kind, funny, courageous wants to be a pop singer favorites: Carnival, Native Americans, P.E., Recycle Rap

51: Sophia Hurst 7 years at Lamplighter | cheerful, friendly, upbeat wants to be a NFL quarterback or teacher favorites: getting the chicks, Enormous Egg skit, P.E., Feelin' Groovy

52: Briggs Jones 3 years at Lamplighter | adventurous, curious, happy, courageous wants to be a professional motor cross rider or golfer favorites: Carnival, taking home an egg, language, Lamplighter Spirit

53: Lindsay Kaplan 6 years at Lamplighter | happy, funny, outspoken, determined wants to be a hotel designer favorites: Carnival, Native Americans, P.E., Lamplighter Spirit

54: Kirsten Kirk 7 years at Lamplighter | dramatic, creative, enthusiastic, adventurous wants to be an actress and singer favorites: broadcast tester, making a snowman, drama, Grandma's Featherbed

55: Billy Lockhart 7 years at Lamplighter | silly, persistent, athletic, kind wants to be a technology investor or a Rangers pitcher favorites: first day of pre-K, Native Americans, P.E., Lamplighter Spirit

56: Thomas Matta 8 years at Lamplighter | athletic, kind, competitive, funny wants to play in the MLL or NFL favorites: Having Mr. B for a teacher, Great American project, science and recess, Frankenstein Halloween

57: Evan McNeal 4 years at Lamplighter | nice, athletic, humorous, mathematical wants to be a professional athlete favorites: holding the baby chicks, 100 day glasses, math, Pretty Planet

58: Jess Meniere 2 years at Lamplighter | dyna-mati-calasious wants to be an artist/or teacher favorites: first day of school in 3rd grade, Native American project, P.E., Lamplighter Spirit

59: Elizabeth Mondragon 6 years at Lamplighter | thoughtful, generous, smart, athletic wants to be a lawyer or veterinarian favorites: eating ice cream in k-grade, Native American project, soccer, Lamplighter Spirit

60: Christian Myers 7 years at Lamplighter | kind, thoughtful, animal-lover, friend wants to be an ornithologist favorites: sleepover, Native American pow-wow, art, Plant a Radish

61: Kaiti Ness 7 years at Lamplighter | friendly, athletic, organized, helpful wants to be a cardiothoracic surgeon favorites: Carnival, pre-K splash day in pools with hot dogs, math mad minutes, Grandma's Featherbed

62: John Paul Noonan 6 years at Lamplighter | persistent, golfer, honest, clever wants to be a business owner favorites: extra recess, Native American project, language, Lamplighter Spirit

63: Cameron Peters 5 years at Lamplighter | athletic, compassionate, motivated wants to be a NFL player favorites: snow week, Native Americans, P.E., Recycle Rap

64: Alex Piccagli 7 years at Lamplighter | funny, caring, happy, awesome wants to be a soccer player favorites: snow week, Great /Americans, P.E., Recycle Rap

65: Alex Rabin 7 years at Lamplighter | joyful, athletic, phenomenal, kind wants to be a doctor favorites: silkworm project, math, mad minutes, Grandma's Featherbed

66: Dante Renzulli 6 years at Lamplighter | sweet, friendly, funny, athletic wants to be a software developer favorites: recess, Native Americans, language, Lamplighter Spirit

67: Maro Reppas 4 years at Lamplighter | athletic, creative, funny, random wants to be a professional horse rider favorites: Carnival, book report, mad minutes, Grandma's Featherbed

68: Charlie Rose 8 years at Lamplighter | friendly, animal-lover, athletic, thoughtful wants to be an architect and professional snowboarder favorites: first day of 4th grade, State Fair, science, Grandma's Featherbed

69: Ali Scherz 7 years at Lamplighter | artistic, athletic, animal-lover, friendly wants to be an animal trainer or pet hotel owner favorites: ice cream day, making a tee-pee, P.E., Lamplighter Spirit

70: Gus Solis 7 years at Lamplighter | excited, inquisitive, athletic, creative wants to be a robot scientist - inventor favorites: starting school, clay planets, science & basketball, Lamplighter Spirit

71: Will Steinhart 5 years at Lamplighter | athletic, friendly, kind, funny wants to be a Sports Nation announcer or an athlete favorites: first basketball day, P,E., Astronomy with Mr. B, Recycle Rap

72: Emery Stobaugh 7 years at Lamplighter | bookworm, creative, funny wants to be an artist favorites: Pioneers study, eggsperiment, art, Grandma's Featherbed

73: Paul Sullivan 5 years at Lamplighter | loyal, honest, inquisitive, compassionate wants to be an astrophysicist favorites: ice cream parlor day, Native American reports, P.E., Plant a Radish

74: Jackson Swango 7 years at Lamplighter | athletic, friendly, independent, mathematical wants to be a Navy Seal and a professional baseball player favorites: first basketball day, math, learning astronomy, Recycle Rap

75: Kaethe Thomas 7 years at Lamplighter | creative, funny, heart-felt, friendly wants to own a bakery and be the next Cake Boss favorites: sleepover, mosaics, 3 person play, Grandma's Featherbed

76: Claire Trochu 7 years at Lamplighter | vocabulific, bookworm, creative, inquisitive wants to be an author illustrator or lawyer favorites: senior parade, taking care of chicks, language, I Saw a Tree

77: Elizabeth Walsh 3 years at Lamplighter | creative, independent, determined wants to be an entrepreneur favorites: first day of second grade, the chicks, third grade social studies, Recycle Rap

78: Keller Welton 7 years at Lamplighter | artistic, fun, kind, curious wants to be an artist favorites: sleepover, Native Americans, art, Grandma's Featherbed

79: Wallace White 7 years at Lamplighter | athletic, smart, funny, good friend wants to be a US Marine favorites: first day getting the chicks, radio show, science and P.E., National Anthem

80: Eli Yancey 7 years at Lamplighter | musical, determined, friendly, fun wants to be a professional hockey player favorites: meeting my friends, seeing how strong an egg is, science, Recycle Rap

81: What I'll miss about Lamplighter... | Luke: soccer Max: all my Lamplighter friends Virginia: the teachers Lily: team time Griffin: the Jonsson garden Avery: math under the stairs Abby: the loft in kindergarten Liberty: teacher visit in the hospital Preston: basketball day at recess Campbell: very little homework Ella: the animals Sophia E: Flash Varun: hip hip hooray math cheer Daylyn: P.E. activities and jump rope Claire G: the basketball court Jack: working at group tables Emma: the unique drama program Sophia H: Lamplighter Layers Briggs: the swings Lindsay: the Carnival Kirsten: the Opera Billy: playing on LL sports teams Thomas: the science room | Evan: rehearsing the Opera Jess: the projects Elizabeth M: the teachers' smiles Christian: the chickens Kaiti: the chickens John Paul: team time Cameron: playing basketball Alex P: Have AWackyWednesday Alex R: the math room Dante: ice cream in Kindergarten Maro: crew Charlie: the Cook gym Ali: the barn animals Gus: math class Will: the playground Emery: crafts in the art room Paul: the playground Jackson: cooking in math Kaethe: the Halloween parade Claire T: the library Elizabeth W: Sniggle D. Puffin Keller: the barn Wallace: crew Eli: SPARK

82: Austin Field Trip

86: Senior Fun | making sandwiches for Austin Street Shelter, Great Wolf Lodge with friends, Lamplighter Layers elections, Lego building, International Night, Dallas field trip, Auction outings, general fun...

88: ...and MORE

90: The Kids, The House & The Deadly Door Bickering Gods and Despondent Mortals The Irresponsible Kids

94: Class of 2012 Graduation

96: Senior Car Parade

97: Senior Party

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