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Landmark Games 2013

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Landmark Games 2013 - Page Text Content

S: Landmark Games 2013 - Grade 5

BC: Landmark Games 2013 February - March

FC: Landmark Games 2013 Primary A

1: Our four sections of Grade 5 participated in the Landmark Games 2013. Each section thought of a landmark and then clues were created. For 3 weeks, each Monday, we were given three clues for each participating team. We searched, asked questions, and tried to figure out the landmarks. We always learn so much!!!

2: (1A) Abanskaya School (World Explorers) Aban, Russia 1. The head of all Landmarks 2. The oldest in the city 3. Northern hemisphere 4. Named in honor of the builder 5. There is the legend about a thing in it 6. Lighting of this place change in December 7. Chinese room 8. about 122.3 longitude 9. opened on The Independence day

3: Smith Tower Seattle, Washington, USA

4: (2A) Abanskaya School 3 (Team Kazakova) Aban, Russia 1. Tatar burial mound 2. Metal, metal 3. Black snow, no grass 4. The leader lies at it 5. 40- 50 N 6. The bloodiest battle 7. World War II 8. Was the largest when it was built 9. The woman on the top

5: The Motherland Calls (Mamayev Kurgan) Volgograd, Russia

6: (3A) Abanskaya School 3 (Team Vinokurova) Aban, Russia 1. It was founded in a cave. 2. There is a museum there. 3. There was a big fire in 1718 4. 500 people were killed there by the Nazi soldiers. 5. It is one of 7 wonders of its country. 6. It is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 7. Northern hemisphere 8. You can find this landmark between 29 and 31 degrees east longitude. 9. Its area is 2,533,825 sq ft

7: Kiev Monastery of the Caves Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Kiev, Ukraine

8: (4A) Aginskaya Secondary 2 (Siberian Experts) Krasnoyarsk, Russia 1. It is a unique place in the world 2. It is situated in the Eastern Siberia 3. It was founded in 1925 4. It is a nice place for animals to live, for plants to grow, for citizens to have rest and for alpinists to climb rocks. If you visited this place at least once you will never forget your impressions. 5. The taiga flora includes dark green fir, pine-tree, Siberian cedar, white birches, mountain ash, bird cherry tree, larch, . You can meet taiga animals (sable, musk deer, hazel hen) and forest-steppe gopher, polecat and roe deer. 6. It is situated between the Mana and Bazaikha Rivers 7. The square of it is about 47hectares 8. There are more than 100 of syenite rocks 9. You can find there very interesting names of rocks: D’ed (grandfather) and Perya (feathers).

9: The Krasnoyarsk Stolby (Pillars) State Nature Reserve Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

10: (5A) American Community School (Team 5A) Beirut, Lebanon 1. Located in the Northern Hemisphere around 35N. 2. Important to at least seven (7) ancient civilizations. 3. Gilgamesh is said to have ventured here. 4. Sometimes thought to be a dwelling of the Gods, but humans said to enter the area 4,700 years ago. 5. One of the most prized building materials in ancient times. 6. Described as the oldest of its kind in the world. 7. Began to disappear in the early 6thcentury. 8. Once named an “imperial domain” and destruction was halted. 9. Can be up to 40 m (130 ft.) high.

11: Forest of the Cedars Becharre, Lebanon

12: (6A) American Community School (Team 5B) Beirut, Lebanon 1. Sculpted by erosion. 2. This landmark has had five (5) previous names. 3. Open Air Museum 4. Made of volcanic rock. 5. Not located in the southern hemisphere. 6. Added to the World Heritage List in 1985. 7. Has had a population exchange between Greece. 8. The name of a place within it relates to fairies. 9. Can be found at about 40 N.

13: Goreme National Park & Rock Sites Cappadocia, Turkey

14: (7A) American Community School (Team 5C) Beirut, Lebanon 1. Many legends, but the most popular gives the landmark this name. 2. The site is featured in films (Hitman, The World is Not Enough). 3. Red or white flash every 3 seconds. 4. Featured on the back of the host country’s bank note. 5. From 1829 was used as a quarantine station. 6. Today, there is a restaurant on the 1st floor and a café at the top. 7. Octagonal prism with a cupola. 8. Located in the Eastern Hemisphere at about 30E. 9. Part of the structure was destroyed in an earthquake in 1509.

15: Maiden Tower Istanbul, Turkey

16: (8A) American Community School (Team 5D) Beirut, Lebanon 1. Location of several military campaigns 2. Not in the Southern Hemisphere 3. Once a center of community life; now a war memorial 4. Sickness, especially malaria, was rampant 5. At least seventy-five miles (121km) in length 6. Built over a 25-year period, but begun in the 1940s 7. Latitude is about 10N 8. Free-strike zone 9. Helped achieve ultimate military success.

17: Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam

18: (9A) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Campbell) Liberty, MO. 1. Our landmark is in the northern hemisphere 2. Our landmark is between 25 degrees and 45 degrees north latitude. 3. Nicknames for our landmark include Bear’s Lair, Bear’s house, and Bear’s Lodge. 4. Our landmark is columnar. 5. Spend your time hiking at our landmark-there are 13+ miles of trails. 6. 1906 is an important year for our landmark. 7. Our landmark is 865 feet or 264 meters in height. 8. It is sacred. 9. Our landmark made its movie debut in 1977.

19: Devil's Tower Crook County, Wyoming

20: (10A) Alexander Doniphan Elem. (Team Kesner) Liberty, MO 1. Our landmark is in the Northern hemisphere. 2. Our landmark is between 40 and 60 degrees north latitude. 3. Approximately 5000 people a day and 6 to 7 million a year visit our landmark. 4. Our landmark is made of iron. 5. Our landmark is 1050 feet high. 6. At one time, our landmark was the tallest in the world. 7. Our landmark shares the same name as his builder. 8. The idea for our landmark was conceived in 1884. 9. Our landmark was in danger of being destroyed 20 years after its construction.

21: Eiffel Tower Paris, France

22: (11A) Barnveld School (Ryan World Whizzes) Barnveld, WI 1. It is very colorful, but don't bring your camera 2. If you live there, you go in one way. If you don’t, you go in the other 3. About 1000 people could fit inside. 4. Although it is millions of years old, it was only rediscovered in the 1940's. 5. It is in the northern hemisphere 6. It is about 30 degrees north 7. It was once used as an emergency shelter and hospital area during a war. 8. It has a palace, and a dragon and Santa Claus 9. It is named for a plant

23: Reed Flute Cave Guilin, China

24: (12A) Bolshesosnovskaya School, (Salnikova) Bolshaya Sosnova, Russia 1. Some parts of the landmark look like ruins of Pompeii but there wasn’t any volcano eruption. 2. It is neither in Europe nor in Asia. 3. There are about 70 lakes. 4. There is a "Big Ring" and a "Small Ring" there. 5. The legend says if a young girl falls down on one of its ways it will get married soon. 6. Its length is about 5.7 km. 7. You can find this landmark between 57 and 58 degrees east longitude. 8. Its first plan appeared 310 years ago. 9. It is called "Ice Queen".

25: Kunger Ice Cave Ural Mountains, Russia

26: (13A) Cathedral St. Raymond's School (Team Kabellis307) Joliet,IL 1. Man-made 2. Designed by winning sculptor 3. Cultural events 4. Controversy was created over its building 5. Not in the Southern Hemisphere 6. The building was started in 1948 and still in progress 7. Sacred ground 8. 43 degrees N 9. A million visitors a year

27: Crazy Horse Memorial Black Hills, South Dakota, US

28: (14A) Cathedral St. Raymond's School (Team Kabellis308) Joliet,IL 1. Man-made 2. Took almost 200 years to build 3. Gothic architecture 4. Started in 1163 5. It is not in the Western Hemisphere 6. 48 degrees N 7. Crown of thorns 8. Emmanuel 9. 5 bells

29: Notre Dame de Paris Paris, France

30: (15A) Comprehensive Lyceum #3 (Team Yenisey) Krasnoyarsk, Russia 1 It's in a picturesque place in Russia. 2 There is fog everywhere, because there is a lot of water. 3 It's 1065 meters long. 4 It is manmade but it doesn't pollute the air. 5 Almost 6 million tones of concrete was used to build it. 6 It started working before it was finished. 7 It sometimes looks like a waterfall. 8 There is a big lake but it's fake. 9 There is a ship's lift there.

31: Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Dam Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

32: (16A) Eugene Field Elementary (Team Huseman) Hannibal, MO 1. Readers Digest 2. Built in 2001 3. Not in the Southern Hemisphere 4. Weighs 5 tons 5. 24 feet high, 40 feet long 6. Guinness Book of World Records 7. North 40 degrees 8. "Get your kicks on Route 66" 9. Exit #126

33: World's Largest Covered Wagon Lincoln, Illinois

34: (17A) Eugene Field Elementary (Team McGuire) Hannibal, MO 1. Third part of seven 2. 786 square feet atop 45,000 pounds 3. Inspiration came from 1888 4. Part of a project 5. 101 degrees West 6. Began in 2000 7. Northern Hemisphere 8. Completed in 2001 9. Has connection with Canada and Australia

35: The Big Easel Sunflower by Van Gogh Goodland, Kansas, US

36: (18A) Fithian Tatem Elementary (Tatem Tigers) Haddonfield, NJ 1. The creator of this landmark was born in Iran. 2. This landmark involves Beethoven. 3. It is in the same hemisphere as the Eiffel Tower. 4. The inspiration of this landmark was originally made from the stomach of a sheep or a goat. 5. It cost more than $1,000,000 to build. 6. You can only visit this landmark during daylight hours. 7. The landmark involves something that you put on your food. 8. This landmark was dedicated in 1986. 9. Its location is about 3.6 degrees off of Area 51's latitude.

37: Tree of Life Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah

38: (19A) Gimnazia 3 (Explorers of the World) Krasnoyarsk, Russia 1. It is situated on the left bank of the river Yenissey in the city of Krasnoyarsk. 2. It is a part of a big building. This building has got a lot of rooms. 3. It is 90 metres high. 4. It has a very famous nickname. 5. People can listen to its sound twice an hour. 6. It looks like a well-known English sight. 7. It took 31 years to build it, because the city didn't have enough money. 8. Finally it was opened to the public in 2001. 9. This landmark won the competition "Gold Rouble" in 2002.

39: Singing Clock Tower - Big Ben Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

40: (20A) Gymnazia 2 (Siberian Balls) Krasnoyarsk, Russia 1. This River is situated in Siberia and devides it into Eastern and Western Siberia 2. It's the full flowing River in Russia 3. The length of this River is 3487 Km 4. Krasnoyarsk, Abakan and Divnogorsk are situated on the banks of this River 5. Very often the Russians call this River "batyushka" ("father - River") 6. 36 Fish species live in this River, you can find most of them only in it 7. In some areas: the width of this River is about 40 Km 8. Because of Hydropower the river has stopped freezing over 9. The greatest Russian artist Vasiliy Surikov and a modern Russian writer Victor Astafyev were born on the banks of this River

41: Yenisei River Siberia

42: (21A) Gymnasia 1 (Team 5A) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia 1. It is a church. 2. It is on the main square 3. It was repaired many times 4. North hemisphere 5. You can find this landmark between 40 and 60 degrees North latitude 6. It has nine domes 7. It was founded in 1516 8. There is a monument next to it 9. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site

43: St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow, Russia

44: (22A) Gymnasia 1 (Team 6B) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia 1. It is on the water 2. It is the most photographed building in the world 3. The doors were opened by Queen Elisabeth II 4. It is 185 meters in length 5. You can find this landmark between 30 and 50 degrees South latitude 6. South hemisphere 7. More than 100,000,000 was spent to build it 8. It was founded in 1973 9. It was built by Danish architect.

45: Sydney Opera House Sydney, Australia

46: (23A) Gymnasia 1 (Team 7A) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia 1.It is an ideal place for picnics 2.It depends on water and rains 3.Its height is 9 meters 4.It is in the park 5.You can find this landmark between 30 and 50 degrees North latitude 6.It is in the western hemisphere 7.It is under natural gas leak 8.You should use a footpath to get there 9.This is a fire by itself.

47: Eternal Flame Falls Chestnut Ridge Park, New York, USA

48: (24A) Gymnasia 1 (Team 8A) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia 1.It was reconstructed several times 2.It is situated on the bank of the river 3.It was a prison 4.You can find this landmark between 30 and 50 degrees North latitude 5.It is in the Northern hemisphere 6.It is nearly 2000 years old 7.There was only the one person who managed to escape from it 8.It was founded as a mausoleum 9.It was a place of refuge of Clement VIII in 1527

49: Castel Sant'Angelo Hadrian's Mauseleum, Rome, Italy

50: (25A) Gymnazium Dr. A. Hrdlicky (Team Tercie) Czech Republic 1. I am man-made. 2. I am situated in a country which lies in the both hemispheres. 3. I have not been finished yet. 4. I am financed by the donations and charity. 5. I hope I will be completed at the 100th anniversary of the death my creator. 6. I could be visited by the winners of the Summer Olympic Games. 7. I was born in 1882. 8. My creator was a vegetarian. 9. The best football player in the world plays home matches near me.

51: Sagrada Familia Barcelona, Spain

52: (26A) Kalachinsk-Gym1 (Team Phoenix) Kalachinsk, Russia 1. Our landmark is in the Northern Hemisphere. 2. It is in the city of great museums. 3. A famous artist lived next door to the landmark. 4. Nearby there is Madame Tussaud’s Museum. 5. 55 degrees north. 6. The landmark is closed for visitors but you can see it from the swimming cafes. 7. It has a famous broken clock. 8. It was built exactly three centuries before the battle of Borodino. 9. Its nick-name is the ‘Local Tower of Pisa.’

53: Montelbaanstoren Amsterdam, Holland

54: (27A) Kalachinsk-Gym1 (Team Cross) Kalachinsk, Russia 1. It is in the Northern Hemisphere. 2. The landmark is made of three kinds of materials. 3. It is one of the most photographed landmarks. 4. It is used as an entrance to the building. 5. It is about 10 meters high. 6. 40 degrees N. 7. There was an unusual wedding ceremony in 2010. 8. There is a symbol of a famous company in the landmark. 9. Opposite of this landmark there is a building which appeared in the film "Home Alone".

55: The Apple Store Fifth Avenue, New York

56: (28A) Kalachinsk-Gym1 (Hand in Hand) Kalachinsk, Russia 1. Many copies 2. Northern Hemisphere 3. Man-made 4. Divers 5. 40 degrees N 6. Bronze 7. 1954 8. It was damaged 9. 17 meters

57: Christ of the Abyss Mediterranean Sea

58: (29A) Manor Hill Elementary (Team Green 5) Liberty, MO 1. Many people come to this landmark to get married. 2. It was finished in the same year as a series of bomb attacks in London. 3. It's frame is made of concrete and steel. 4. It lights up in different colors. 5. It is found in the northern hemisphere. 6. You can find black cabs in this country. 7. It can be found at 50 degrees north latitude. 8. It receives over 600,000 visitors yearly. 9. You can view the sights from 3 different decks.

59: Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth, England

60: (30A) Oberthur Primary (Searchers) Bull Creek, W. Australia 1. not always part of same country 2. hollowed sides 3. birds nest 4. Southern Hemisphere 5. 1958 6. mining 7. attempted invasion 8. close to 10 degrees latitude 9. migration wonder

61: Christmas Island (Australian Territory) Indian Ocean

62: (31A) St. Oswald Primary (Sizzling Sausages) Burneside, UK 1.It's in the northern hemisphere 2. Anagram of EBYAB WRENTTIMESS 3. Begun by Henry III 4. It's the final resting place of 17 monarchs 5. An architectural masterpiece developed from the 13th to 16th century 6. Started building in 12 45 7. 60,000 sandbags used to protect the tombs in the World War II 8. Over 600 people buried here 9. Longitude 0.1275 West

63: Westminster Abbey London, England

64: (32A) Secondary School5 (Siberian Stars) Krasnoyarsk, Russia 1. I am located in the same hemisphere as the Arctic. 2. I am between 40 and 60 degrees North latitude. 3. You can also find me between 75 and 100 degrees East longitude. 4. I am part of a big family. 5. I have two heads. 6. The biggest one is about 14,784 feet high. 7. In the 1990s I was included to UNESCO World Heritage list. 8. I am a sacred centre for spiritual travellers. 9. Nicholai Roerich, the mystic Russian artist, found the entrance of the mystical Shambhala.

65: Mount Belukha Altai Mountains, Russia

66: (33A) Voyager Academy (Voyager Blue) Durham, North Carolina 1. It was built with an automatic flushing system which was something new for that time. 2. In the summer, it has 6000 visitors a day. 3.I t has an artificial cave. 4. It is located in the Northern Hemisphere. 5. It is a symbol of romantic architecture. 6. It was built in 1869. 7. It is one of the most frequently photographed things in its country. 8. There was a room in gold and blue in the Byzantine style. 9. It is located at 10.7 degrees E Longitude.

67: Neuschwanstein Castle Schwangau, Germany

68: (34A) Voyager Academy (Voyager Green) Durham, North Carolina 1. It is made of concrete. 2. It is home to a large instrument. 3. It is named after a poet. 4. The object in front of it was a gift from another country. 5. You can see mountains from an observation area. 6. It is over 240 feet tall. 7. Construction began in 1945. 8. It is in the northern hemisphere. 9. Located at 64 degrees N Latitude

69: Hallgrímskirkja Reykjavik, Iceland

70: Images used were taken from Wikipedia articles of the landmark name. Creative Commons License You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work to remix – to adapt the work Under the following conditions: attribution – You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). share alike – If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

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