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Las Vegas Tales/Canterbury Tales

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FC: The Vegas Tales... A Modern Spin on The Canterbury Tales

1: This photobook was created by Mrs. Story's students as a satirical assignment in conjunction with the study of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

5: The Heist by Dustin The names are Michael and Dustin Into casinos they go a bustin’ The adventure begins in O’Hare To Los Vegas they’ll soon be there. Traveling with disguises, incognito The identities of this pair nobody will know. MGM Grand is the target This is their goal, they’ll never depart it. Arriving in Los Vegas a bit later than expected Their minds full of money are infected. Hiring a crew in much haste Behind schedule, there is no time to waste. For the heist the team prepares Michael is so worried he changes underwear As the time draws near For their safety they start to fear. On adrenaline, they all have a buzz All while trying to avoid the fuzz. All the festivities are about to start Just in time, Dustin gets the nervous farts.

7: His birth name was Michael He loved to ride a bicycle His partner was Dustin He was so good, money into his account, it was a gusting They got stuck for a while in Chicago's airport Their plane was to rob MGM's vault, which was like a fort The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign was greeting them They never saw it, planning their heist they had been They thought about doing it, with just them two But they decided to get a crew Michael has to worry about the security The casino was so tight, it's considered a purity Dustin was so anxious he danced on the bed, The ceiling fan hit him on his head. The night had finally come to rob the bank. The feeling was still there, the feeling that they would tank. They went on anyway and Michael cut the power Dustin opened the vault and was so happy, in his eyes were flowers They've never been caught and live on the west coast To all their friends and family they do boast

9: Mert The Magician Mert was a man of the magic sort, Always alone, without cohort. As a boy, he was not the norm, Forever holed up in his dorm. Always practicing this and that, Attempting to pull things from a hat. Magical infamy was his desire you see, To be the greatest magician from sea to sea. | Family and friends look down on his plan, Always with “No money in slight of hand.” Being stubborn and hard-set was his way, Never would he listen to what they say. Driven by doubt he practiced non-stop, Determined he was to reach the top. Practice continually led to no job, He was forced into the impoverished mob. The soup kitchen was his only home, He lived his life completely alone. Cheap cotton rags were his only attire, But practice he did with uncommon desire. Strong-will prevailed eventually one day, When alone in practice near the bay. A stranger walked by unknown to Mert, And watched him practice wearing a smirk. And this was lucky for Mert and his ploy, For this was an agent of Sigfried and Roy! And now, years later, finally achieved, That dream in which he always believed. Off to Vegas to start his own show, Never will his ratings be too very low. People will flock from miles around, For his sure-fire tricks will surely astound. Practiced and toiled for years on end, His tireless hours will pay dividend. Now onward to Vegas this magician is, To make his own in lucrative show biz.

11: The Chef By: Kelsey Adventures are what the chef is all about Trying out new tastes with every different race Miles and miles of different places covered She learns about different cuisines. She travels the world to find different tastes To add flavor to her perfections on the plates The gluttonous chef works wonders with different foods Working with different chefs is a favorite for her Always learning new things about food Her weakness is food as it shows on her face Going to Las Vegas will be her next place Fancy restaurants is where her heart belongs From fancy pastries to grilling with tongs Her exquisite technique carries through the lands As soon as she arrives she puts on the white suit Already in uniform she gets in the mood From an everyday woman to a wonder with her hands Going to three restaurants in one night She works her magic eating along the way This makes her trip tragic by all the weight gained.

12: The Deciever By: Laura Baumann

13: Some people say, “Things aren’t always as they seem” In this case it’s Laura who’s a compulsive gambling machine By day she’s a sweet and innocent elementary school teacher But at night she beats the boys with her skills playing poker Originally from the South in good ole Virginia Where her sweet smile and manners might just fool ya She travels to Vegas to win lots of cash | And deceives her competition with her purple hair sash And a knee length skirt and a cardigan sweater True is the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” Her favorite games are Texas Hold’em and Roulette There isn’t a game where she doesn’t place bet She bluffs her way to victory with a duce and an ace No one else at the table has a better poker face She gambles all night ‘til wee in the morning And wins lots of money while others are snoring At five in the morning she leaves to go rest Sleeping all day to return at her best But then she remembers tomorrow is Sunday And makes it to Church so no one can say “That girl over there has a gambling obsession” And ruin her squeaky clean and innocent reputation So remember my warning, “Don’t judge too fast” Because Laura just might make a run for your cash.

14: Her last name changes by the date, But normally people just call her Kate. She’s rather tall and has long red hair, She can be spotted in a crowd anywhere. She’s a young lady, who’s extremely independent, definitely the person who likes to live for the moment. Her second trip to Vegas this year, She hopes this marriage will stay strong and clear. She always has smile on her face, She’s searching for a man to share her place. Marriage after Marriage and divorce after divorce This will be her sixth attempt, it can’t get worse. Wealthy from marriage number three, She doesn’t have to work, she’s completely free. Nervous and anxious, she sits and waits For a flight to Vegas, where she can line up her dates. Hopefully after the week, she will be a bride Then share her life with a new love and pride.

15: Looking For The Right One | By Kate Brinkley


17: The Green Mechanic Krishna Kollu From green shores, beaches and shrub rubbed metal, Came the Green Mechanic of the Carolinian Petal, How he bedazzled all with his blooming flush talk, Foliage, Forestry, Flora, and more he chose to balk, How to preserve, and protect, futures of posterity, He glanced and preached, till too great the clarity Then, too vehemently righteous the greenish friar, I spewed bitterly, oh the delusion, you liar, To perceive a floral apostle in ole Sin City, But, squinting beady eyes, the Mechanic brewed pity, Sorrowed he care for all green to suffer such animosity, Now, to the sore of Nevada, he came to conquer atrocity, A Dreamer-Minstrel in heart, he sung to lush virtue, Of won treasure to change urban worlds askew, Forewarning of gray gloom, he bellowed gracefully, How any green papyrus may bless his venture greatly, How blissfully any could wager on floral morality, Those hopes utopian of green elation and spirituality, Ascertained to defeat a jaded, corrupted, and urban sahara, The Green Mechanic leased from the wallets of all in O'Hara.

18: The Rocker By David Taylor

19: The Rocker Sitting in the airport O’Hare, Just chilling without a care, Jamming away on my acoustic guitar, Rocking out with my band not afar. We’re on our way to Las Vegas, Nevada, For our fans who are sitting in side of, The MGM Grand, what a show to be seen. Joking around with my mates at hand, Getting in trouble with all but the man Lounging and vegging in my ripped blue jeans, My button up plaid with the holes in the sleeves. With my long hair and aviators, I’m quite the intimidator, Thinking intently ‘bout things to be said. I’ve come so far to be here today. My musical talents, They have given way, To a plethora of options, And a multitude of goals, For now I’m on my way, To the show of all shows.

20: The Kabbalah Teacher by Alexis Crews

21: Kabbalah teacher she is, Stranded in an airport on the way to the land of the damned. She serves the people day and night, You might not recognize her-try as you might, She is a teacher by day and a dancer by twilight. Slender and tall, She's a vixen to all. Whenever she teaches eyes follow, Her head dress causes hearts to wallow. Showgirl she is, All the men love her vixen gams. Though inside she's torn between pleasure and pride, The money she makes is almost as large as a killer tide. Here she sits with a red bracelet in hand, Staring at that man, who looks like he could use a fan. She starts to walk and then she remembers, She is no longer a helper but a member, Of a club where all she is a number. The flight starts boarding, And all she can think about is her killer headdress.

23: He blows around from town to town, Around the country round and round. He’s known by Jack and that is all, Eyes sunk in, standing six feet tall. Dirt under his nails, and hair greased back, All to his name is a small sack. He kills and steals, just for kicks, Then scores heroin to complete his fix. Joey Fatone, his partner in crime, Wants to hit Vegas, one final time. At the O’Hare’s airport they’re now stranded, planning the attack they’ve always dreamed. Once they arrive they split their own ways, Murder, and drugs, become a big haze. One week later, he catches up with Fatone, They watch for a bank teller left all alone. They run in the place, all bullets and screams, Jack and Joey Fatone are the ultimate team. They score more dope, then hop onto a train, Lay back, tie off, and the needle hits the vein.

25: He goes by many names, but for this tale he is Joey Fatone, He travels to Las Vegas in pursuit of that which he loves, Murder, drugs, and money, He journeys with his only companion, Jack, Together they spear their veins, slice the living, and laugh at the dead, Killing the helpless doesn’t produce much cash, So they rob banks to keep alive their stash, Joey enjoys the hunt, He stalks around at night, eyeing his prey, Then he strikes with a grin full of rage, His weapon choice kills with ease, But lets him enjoy the slaughter for several minutes, A plastic bag and the last words of a dying man fills him with joy, By day he looses control, The white pony carries him into a beautiful oblivion, Here in the Las Vegas airport he spots many new victims, His innocent appearance will draw them in close, Then he will strike with a dangerous passion, Drink in their fear and dine on their despair, Ending their journey on a breathless note.

26: The Musician by Wesley Nix

27: Stranded, as well, in O'Hare Airport, Was a friendly fellow of some import. A musician at heart, engineer by trade, He was on his way to Vegas as he'd been bade By his family and even his boss, no less: "You've done a good job, now get some rest!" A designer of planes, he makes them fly better, At high speed or low speed in any kind of weather. He was considered among the best in the land, At diligently engineering on the job at hand, But here his appearance betrayed none of these facts. Instead his attire was much more relaxed. Jeans and a band shirt were his current fashion, Hinting quite strongly at his true passion: Music. It was perhaps what he loved most, He played the guitar but not for a boast. He simply listened and played; he was doing it there Awaiting departure from the airport O'Hare. For he traveled from Carolina via aircraft stations, Headed for Vegas for a deserved vacation.

29: So here is the story about her big adventure She was sick of being stuck in Concord, Needed somewhere far far away. One of her many bright ideas To leave the family and run away. She took all the money in her savings Along with what was in her fathers wallet, And hopped on a plane to Las Vegas. Oh the amazing lights at night Her first objective was of corse to hit the casino. Gratefully she had beginners luck, Winning two grand on the first night. She found a nice hotel to crash at And a nice restraint to eat. She was living the life of a celebrity. A couple days later she was still ahead, Finding herself obsessed with the game. This was not her best plan yet. Throwing in all her money, Not knowing it was all about to be gone. Finding the worst feeling in the world: Broke and two thousand miles away from home, one phone call away and she would be back home, Not to mention grounded for life.

30: cutie pie by nicole campbell

31: At the age of six, Susie Ann wanted more She decided her kindergarten life was a bore Combing her curls wasn’t quite her niche But any call for adventure had Susie bewitched So when she went to the airport with her dear mum and dad Susie could only think of the escapade she would not have So she hopped a plane to Vegas in order to flee Once she landed in the city she was filled with glee She wandered the streets for a little while However the city smelled of poop and bile She finally wandered into a friendly night club But to her disadvantage she was soon mugged She was beaten, robbed, and her glasses were broken Susie Ann ran away with no money, just a bus token She still had some of her dignity intact Her opinion of Las Vegas changed since the attack Now Susie Ann was ready to go home She had two broken legs and began to feel alone So she sat in the street only to rest her head But a cadillac ran over Susie and soon she was dead.

32: Veagus is not only a place to gamble as it may seem For Betty she goes to celebrate her sweet fifteen She has long brown hair, and big brown eyes | and wears bright colors that can be seen from the sky She wears her glasses even when she sleeps and keeps all her books to study in her jeep Emancipated and free to do as she wishes Since her father left her with many riches Along her side come her friends who hope to find thier lover with thier geeky trends This is how she is when she is with her friends but take a look at the next page and you will see a change.

33: A funny side about her is that she likes chinease men and she hopes to marry one even if she can't understand them Within, shes the | same ugly or not and she does not judge people for what they got This comes to say that if someone has a dollar or penny or if someone is ugly or pretty one should always except someone for who they are. Ugly Betty Diana Mosqueda

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