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Leaders of the Underground Railroad

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Leaders of the Underground Railroad - Page Text Content

S: Leaders of the Underground Railroad

FC: Leaders of the Underground Railroad | Written by Mrs. Graham's 5th Grade PEAK Class 2009-2010 | http://www.blackbuisnessbuilders.com/undergroundrailroad.jpg

1: Leaders of the Underground Railroad | Written by Mrs. Graham's PEAK Class 2009-2010

3: This book is dedicated to all of the men and women involved in the Underground Railroad during the time of slavery.

5: Table of Contents Josiah Henson . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenden John Rankin . . . . . . . . . . . . . Miranda Sojournor Truth . . . . . . . . . . .Eduardo Thomas Garrett . . . . . . . . . . . . . Justin Harriet Tubman . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Abbie Frederick Douglass . . . . . . . . . .Curtis John Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Zanib John P. Parker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Katie John Mercer Langston . . . . . . . . D'Ann James Forten . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lauren Francis Harper . . . . . . . . . . . . .Carmen James W.C. Pennington . . . . .Madelynn Robert Purvis . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Bailey

6: wpcontent.aswers.com/ | Born June 15,1789 in Charles Country,Maryland on a farm near Port Tobacco. His father was beaten because he beat a white man for beating his wife.When he was on a plantation in Daviess, Kentucky where he became Overseer. He was a preacher.He gave up a chance for freedom for honor.He almost killed his master when he was sleeping with an ax. When he got marred he and his family escaped to Canada and met some Native Americans along the way.When they reached Canada. His oldest son Tom taught him how to read. | josiah Henson by Brenden

7: Josiah Henson wrote a book about himself called The Life of Josiah Henson, formerly a slave, now an inhabitant of Canada. Which tell the reader what happened in his life. | Josiah Henson died in Dresden,Ontario Canada on May 5, 1883. He was 94 years old when he died. | www.canada-photos.com/ | docsouth.unc.edu/neh/hen...g.webloc

8: tuckahoe.wikispaces.com/ | housedivided.dickinson.edu/ | John Rankin | By Miranda | John Rankin was born on February 5th, 1793 in Dandrige, Jefferson County, Tennessee. His brother was Thomas and his wife was Jean Lowry. When he was 39, his brother bought slaves, so John sent letters saying that slavery was wrong. The letters were put into an anti-slavery newspaper by William Loyd Garrison

9: After his slave school ended, the angry people still attacked him. They put part of his house on fire and watched it burn. Luckily, John and his sons were able to put out the fire and chase the angry mob away. | image.absoluteastron | www.ripleyohio.net/images/...g.webloc | Later, he started and anti-slavery school, but angry people chased them away from the schoolhouse.. They moved the school to an empty hose but whee soon caught. Then they had to hide in a friend's kitchen. And soon the slave children stopped coming. | He died of old age in March 18, 1886. He was 93.

10: home.millsaps.edu/mcelvrs/...g.webloc | Sojourner Truth was born in 1797 in Swartekill,New York on Colonel Hardenbergh plantation as a slave.

11: Sojourner Truth's original name was Isabella Baumfree. She was known for her famous anti-slavery letter "Ain't I a women."Truth became an abolitionist for women's rights. Truth died in Battle Creek, Michigan November 26,1883 at the age of 86. | z.about.com | academic.pgcc.edu

12: farm4.static.flickr.com/ | Thomas Garrett was born August 21 1789.Thomas parents took in runaway slaves. by Justin

13: www.nationalgeographic.com/ | farm2.static.flickr.com/ | Thomas garret marred maragraet sharpless And five children.He was fined$5,400dollers for inhabading slaves.He was a active abolitionist for over forty years. | He was a white man that worked as a conducter on the under ground railroad.He died Januray 25th 1871 at the age of 82 he died of nataral causes.

14: Harriet Tubman was born on the Eastern shore of Maryland. When she was 6 she was sent to work on the plantation. She was often "rented" to different owners who were very mean. At the age of 13 she got hit on the head with a heavy weight for protecting another slave. | In 1844 she married a free black named John Tubman. When her old master died she heard that she was going to be sold to the south so she ran away to Philadelphia. When she returned to take her husband with her to Philadelphia, he had already remarried. | ed101.bu.edu/ | www.whitesideroe.org/ | Harriet Tubman | Abbie

15: In 1850 she went to Maryland to rescue her sister and her children and take them to the free land. In 1851 she went back to rescue her old parents. It is estimated that she made 19 journeys to and from the north and south. During the civil war she was a nurse ,a scout and a spy for the union. After the civil war she settled into her house at Auburn ,NY. She had adopted a daughter named Gertie and she remarried to Nelson Davis. On march 10 she died of pneumonia at the age of 93. | This is a picture of Harriet Tubman's family. | questgarden.com/

16: Frederick Douglass was born February 14th 1818 in Tuckahoe Maryland. He had Three siblings: Perry, Sarah, and Eliza. He was separated from his mom when he was a child, and his father was a plantation owner. | Douglass`s first wife, Anna Murray, died soon after they married, but Frederick remarried to Helen Pitts in his older years (left). | Fredericks children are pictured above. | fromgrandmaskitchen.com | www.math.buffalo.du/ | Frederick Douglass

17: When Frederick Douglass grew older he began to speak out against slavery. He was inspired by Abraham Lincolns attempts to halt slavery, and decided to start helping stop the injustice. Douglass`s newspaper, Frederick Douglass monthly. it ran from 8147 to 1863. Frederick Douglass the abolitionist of slavery, died of a massive heart attack February 20th 1895 at age 77 , six days after his birthday. | www.ls.cc.al.us./blackhistory/douglass2.jpg.webloc | http.www.mansfeild.com | by, Curtis

18: John Brown | http://babylonfalling.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/johnbrown.jpg | John Brown was born on may 9,1800. He died when he was 59 on December 2,1859 he had been hanged because he was found guilty of murder, conspiracy, and treason during Harper's Ferry | by Zanib

19: He attacked Harper's Ferry so he could seize and arm local slaves so the slaves could do something to hurt their master and escape. | http://www.gaspee.org/JohnBrownHseWeb.jpg | http://www1.assumption.edu/ahc/rhetoric/brownlg.jpg | John Brown had hostages at Harpers Ferry John also had an organization called Gileadites. He worked in this organization to protect slaves from slave catchers. | This is John Brown"s speech that he had said before he had been hung. | This is John Browns home.

20: John p. parker was born February 2, 1827.he was a slave with a white dad and a slave mom.john parker ran from slavery when his owner was sleeping.he moved to Rowley, Ohio in 1845 and at night he went and freed slaves from slavery. | a | antislavery.eserver.org | annebustard.hitthosekey.net | www.nku.edu | John P. Parker by Katie | John P. Parker was sold to a doter while in slavery and learned how to read and write.John Parker had not gone to a real school before.John P. Parker was married to Miranda Boulden and had 6 children named Hale, Cassius, Horatiow, Bianca, Portia and, Hortense.John P. Parker went through tough times.He got whipped and hurt badly..he had a lot of slaves to to safety.

21: John P. Parker died February 4, 1900 at the age of 73. | www.ohiohistory.org

22: www | This is a picture of were John Mercer Langston lived when he was a child. | clac-images...dn.com/ | langstonhouse.jpe | This is John Mercer Langston's wife. | He had a child but she died when she was a baby. | John Mercer Langston | He had a brother named James Mercer Langston Hughes. | He was born in Vrgina on Dec 14,1829 | by d'ann

23: He was a conductor of the Underground Railroad.His mother was a slave but he was born free.His dad was a slave owner. | api.ning.com | history.sandiego.edu/ | He died when he was 68 nobody knows what lohn Langston died from.

24: www.westmeade.net/library/J...g.webloc | James Forten | James Forten was born on September 2,1766 He died on March 4, 1842. When he died he was 76 years old. | ematusov.soe.udel.edu/ | By:Lauren | He went to school at Friends African School.

25: He fought and spoke against slavery. | This was his house before he died | He experienced freedom and equality | He married Martha Patty Beatty but then she died and he remarried Charlotte Vandine | He used his money to help the slaves and he formed a Free African Society. | http://negroartist.com/REVOLUTIONAY%20WAR/thumbnails/JAMES%20FORTEN%20SITE%20PHILADELPHIA_jpg.jpg

26: Frances Harper was born in Baltimore,Maryland on September 24,1825. | static.newwrldencycleopedia.or.....g.webloc | Frances Harper By Carmen | She was no slave but she did work for the Anti-Slavery Society.

27: Frances Harper was a great woman and we should let her Rest In Peace. | Frances Harper wrote poems for all sorts of things about her mom,family and many more. | farm4.static.flickr.com/ | myhero.com/Reading...g.webloc

28: www.cwo.com/~lucumi...g.webloc | James W.C Pennington was born on 1809 at Washington County,Maryland. | James W.C Pennington | When Pennington was born he was a slave. He was 19 he escaped to Pennsylvannia.Then he moved to New York in his 20's | By Madelynn

29: Pennington grew up to be a minister.But he was also a ablionist and a African American orator | James died in October 1870.He was only 61 years old when he died. | James W.C. Pennington wrote a book .The book was called "The Fugitive Blacksmith". | http://historicbuildingsct.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/faith-congreggational-church-02.JPG | http://manybooks.net/automatic covers/p/penningtonj/penningtonjj15131513015130-8-thumb.jpg

30: Robert Purvis was born on April,4,1810 in South Carolina he had helped slaves until his death of stroke at the age 88 | explorepahistory.com/ | by Bailey | His mother was a slave. | Robert Purvis

31: His family got asked many times if he was helping slaves. They protected him and lied. | www.blackpast.org/ | explorepahistory.com/2 | He helped slaves escape from there owners and he gave food, supplies, and shelter.

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