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Leyla K.

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S: Memories of 5D

FC: Memories of 5D

1: Cover Table of Contents 3 Original Poems “Magic Box” poem ”Canoeing poem” “I Am From” poem Non-print Self Portrait Technologically Created Portrait 3 “Required” Pieces Canada Social Studies Essay Persuasive Essay Realistic Fiction 3 “Choice” Pieces Quotes An excerpt from a memoir or short story Poems

2: The Magic Box Inspired By Kit Wright I will put in the box The sound of the summer sea Individuality of every person The ripeness of a red rose I will put in the box The brightness of a blue moon A shining silver tear The life of a new born baby

3: I will put in the box My past and future Today, tomorrow, and yesterday The love of my parents I will put in the box My past and future Today, tomorrow, and yesterday The love of my parents

4: I will put in the box The enchanting heart of my mother and father Playfulness of my sister A spring breeze I will put in the box The joy on my birthday Humming of a humming bird Majestic whispers of the weeping willow

5: My box is fashioned from gold Shines like the suns’ rays It has secrets in the corners and stars from the sky on the outside I shall play on the beach of my box Make a sand castle on the shore As the tide comes in it will wash away And I will fall asleep

6: Canoeing Swish swish of the paddle Ripple ripple of the lake Paddle paddle yells my uncle Too hard too hard yells my sister Gimme gimme I yell at her And FINALLY my turn!!

7: I am from I am from yummy, and soft cold ice cream that looks delicious. I am from sandy, blue watered beaches. I am from friends that fill me up with happiness. I am from books where I get lost in another world of adventure. I am from comfy, soft beanbags. I am from jumping inside cold pools and feeling the cold water grow hot. I am from fun rock climbing with friends. I am from...

10: Canada The Inuit wear parkas or coats made of seal skin. Traditional clothing styles are important in their life. The parkas provide warmth in wet and cold weather.

11: One classic piece of Canadian dress seen as a symbol of Canada is the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The RCMP are also called the Mounties. The uniform is dark pants with a yellow stripe, a red tunic,

12: Canadians wear what is comfortable for them and what they feel like wearing.If it is cold they wear jackets and warm clothing and if it is hot they may wear shorts and a T-shirt. Fashion though, generally follows American and European trends. Clothing is usually imported from Asia, the United States and Europe. and a wide brimmed hat.

13: Lots of native people still make and wear mukluks and moccasins. Mukluks are like knee high boots, and moccasins are like shoes. These kinds of footwear are made of animal skin, and might have fur on the cuffs.

14: Roman Catholicism was practiced first by French settlers in Canada. Irish Catholics came to Canada in the nineteenth century. Early settlers from Scotland and England brought Protestant beliefs to Canada. In the nineteenth century, a group of Jesuits (Roman Catholic priests) came from France to Canada and spread the religion. The Jesuits wrote letters to each other, talking about the native culture.

15: According to Bobbie Kalman (2002), in the book Canada the Culture, Native Canadians have had their own beliefs for thousands of years. There are 600 bands, or groups, of native peoples in Canada. Each band has its own unique spiritual beliefs and practices. Many native Canadians do not think of their spirituality as a religion but as part of who they are. There are some common threads among all native spiritual traditions. Native spirituality is closely connected to nature.

16: All creatures and all natural things, such as trees, rivers, and mountains, are thought to be alive and have spirit. Native shamans are able to communicate between the natural and spiritual world. Native people believe that all living things are interconnected and see the planet as Mother Earth. The power that made all living things is called The Creator. All bands have a version of an image called the Medicine Wheel, which represents the universe and the cycle of life.

17: There are lots of yearly festivals in Canada, a few of them are: Canada Day Thanksgiving Holi The Winnipeg Folk Festival La Fete National

18: July 1st is Canada Day. Canadians celebrate at/with parades, parties, barbecues, and fireworks. The holiday marks the day that in 1867 that Canada was officially announced a self-governing nation. The holiday was originally called Dominion Day.

19: The Winnipeg Folk Festival is a 3 day holiday in July. A folk festival was originally a chance for people to show what they were good at to the country. Though today, folk festivals feature music, crafts, and food.

20: Did you know that American Thanksgiving is celebrated on a different day than the Canadian one? Well, it is! Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October whilst the American Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday in November. Also different things gave the rise to the national holiday. There are three reasons; the Canadian one is celebrated because of a man, Martin Frobisher, an early explorer, who gave thanks for surviving his trip to the shores of Canada.

21: The second reason is because of the American Thanksgiving. The third and the last is because of the fall harvest celebrated by European farmers. But the American Thanksgiving is celebrated because, when the first European settlers in America gathered their crops, and they then thanked God for the success of the harvest.

22: La Fete National is celebrated on June 24 in Québec. It was originally called St. Jean Baptiste Day. It was a Christian celebration with a bonfire and a feast. It is a privileged moment to celebrate our identity, our pride of what we were, of what we are and of what we dream of becoming.

23: Holi is an East Indian festival of colors that celebrates the changing of seasons. It is on the day after the full moon in early March. People celebrate by having a mean together and throwing brightly colored dyes at each other.

24: References: Schemenauer, Elma, Canada, Chicago, Childrens Press, 1994 Kalman, Bobbie, CANADA the Culture, New York, Crabtree Publishing Company, 2002

25: Dear mom and dad, Here are a couple of reasons that I need to earn money to buy a tree. I really think this is important for the universe and the people living on earth. Lots of people may think this is silly but I don't and I think it is important because when I grow up I want to be able to breathe fresh air and not polluted air from cars and boats. I know that cars are good for transportation but we need more trees to make up for that pollution that we are making.

26: I will have pride in my tree if I earn the money to pay for it. I might love my tree more if I do the chores to buy it. I will have a sense of ownership. When I think about my tree I will have thoughts of doing chores for it and think about the fact that I worked hard for it.

27: The trees are part of a huge ecosystem. The trees prevent mud slides that slide down hills. If there is a lake or a river at the bottom of the hill then the mud will slide down into the river\lake and if fish live in the water the mud will slide in and kill the fish. Therefore if we go fishing in that rive\lake, we won't be able to fish because there won't be any fish.

28: It is really vital that we plant trees because of our ecosystem and to make up for the clear cutting that is happening to our trees. The trees have a life and deserve to live it well like we deserve to too. Even though the trees may not talk and we think they are not very important, they really are and may be the most important thing to us. We need to make up for the wrongs that we have done and change!!!

29: Clear cutting is bad for us but also bad for animals. Animals lose their homes, like it sometimes happens to us. How do you think that feels? We hate it when it happens to us so why do we do it to animals that are harmless. Now, animals die and lose their homes just because we want a wooden lodge or a wooden boat. Why can't we just have a fiber glass boat or a stone lodge? Animals natural habitats are being cut down and the animals are coming down the mountains into people's homes and killing them and\or their pets.

30: Stupid Inspired by Sandra Cisneros Birthdays are supposed to be the best days of our lives. Today is my 9th birthday. When I get home ma will have bought a cake and pa will be home early (because he stays at work late) all because of ME! Now I am in school though waiting excitedly until three when I get to eat MY cake with ma and pa.

31: “To whom does this essay with horrible handwriting belong?” questioned Ms Suzanna. (Who is a neat freak.) “Not mine” said the class in unison. But I just sat there looking at Ms Suzanna “I think its Ruth’s!” lied stupid Julia Parker. You know what the worst thing was? Well, I’ll tell you! Ms Suzanna believed that stupid Julia Parker! She walked right up to my desk and said “Tell your parents you got an F!!!”

32: “N-n-n-not mine!” I stuttered. “Now class, please turn to page 428 in your math notebook.” Ordered stupid Ms Suzanna to the class. “NO, NO, I won’t!” I whispered under my breath. Rrrrrrrripp!!! I started ripping that stupid essay from the bottom. “What was that?! “Screeched Ms Suzanna. “That was Ruth ripping her essay” answered stupid Julia Parker out of turn, but did stupid Ms Suzanna care about that? NO!!!

33: “Put that essay in your bag right now, and I will also send your mother and father an email with your essay and grade included!” Called stupid Ms Suzanna from the front of the room. Rrrrrrrrrring! “Class dismissed, go to recess.” We all got up and yelled “WHAT???!!!” “I-I-I, just wanted to say that the essay was mine!” Confessed Faraday.

34: “Well, you'd better tell Ms Suzanna that before she sends that email to my mom and dad!” I said in a very angry voice. “Sorry.” Called Faraday over her shoulder as she rushed to Ms Suzanna's desk. What a terrible way to spend my first day of being nine.

35: "Remembering is an invention of the mind, you can remember anything if it really happened or not" - Freak the Mighty "Hope doesn't do anything. Action does." -Among the Hidden "United we stand, divided we fall"

36: Mia may seem like the luckiest girl ever. But the truth is, Mia spends all her time doing one of the three things: preparing for her nerve-racking entrée into Genovian society, slogging through the congestion unique to Manhattan in December, and avoiding further smooches from her hapless boyfriend, Kenny. For Mia, being a princess in love is not the fairy tale it's supposed to be...or is it? From: Princess in Love

37: Camping Inspired by Jenny Whitehead At one in the morning I lay wide awake Watching the stars Listening to the rippling river Smell the fire getting low Tasting the s'mores still in my teeth Feel the warm flannel blankets As I burrow underneath

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