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Life Lessons

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FC: Arusha Siddiqa | Life Lessons

1: LA Performance Final

2: In the story Frankenstein, the monster was deprived of having human friends because of his hideous appearance. He was abhorred by all; therefore, he was neglected and abused. The sole reason being so was because of his look. No one had the courage to ask him about his life or his feelings. | Lesson 1 | The constant judgment of others has personally impacted me. I worried about every little thing to make sure I didn’t look like an outsider. I wasted most of my time wondering what to do to make myself fit in. Eventually, I got tired of trying to be like the others. I wanted to be unique so I started to be myself. “And that has made all the difference.”

3: Don’t judge a person by their appearance. -Frankenstein | First impressions are often perceived when you meet someone. Immediately, you start criticizing the person by their looks. With just that information, you create a personality for them which you deem to be true. It isn’t until you get to know the individual better that you have been proved wrong of your intuition. The look of a person does not determine their personality. Their individuality is dependent on their characteristics.

4: Just because you “hate” them, doesn’t mean that you really hate them. -Romeo and Juliet | When you know someone really well, you don’t take into consideration all the little flaws that they have. You just accept their flaws as it is, and somehow, this makes them even better. However, if you make this imperfection the reason to not be friends, then you have lost a chance to know a person who could have impacted your life.

5: Lesson 2 | In the play, Romeo and Juliet, Romeo falls in love at first sight when he sees Juliet, the daughter of his enemy. The feud between Capulet and Montague had lasted several generations but for an unknown reason. At the time, Romeo did not know his love was the daughter of Capulet. If Romeo had cared that Juliet was a Capulet, then the tragedy would have never occurred. | When I introduced myself for the first time to my friends, I had heard a lot about them, either good or bad. I took the time to know them and soon, I realized why they were so special. It was because of their flaws and their ability to accept it. If I disliked a person and was forced to be with them, I saw that over time, I actually enjoyed their company. All my distaste towards them was because of something I heard or was because of their imperfections. I learned that to dislike someone, you have to know them first.

6: Lesson 3 | No order in world = Chaos -Lord of the Flies | In the story, Lord of the Flies, when the boys first land in the island, they realize that they have all the freedom they could ever want. However, when things take another turn, Ralph tries to create order in the island but fails when Jack has other plans. Over time, the boys become more savage and the order is soon gone. The schoolboys get into groups against each other and try to live their lives the way they want it. This ends in disaster as they astray with their original plans.

7: If the world had no order, imagine what it would be like. No rules, no system to make decisions, and no peace between the people. Absolute chaos. Even though it may seem unnecessary now, rules do impact our decisions. They help guide us to the right path which by ourselves, we could have never known. | If there was no order in my life, I would not be where I am today. All my life, I have written lists on what to do, posted schedules to tell me when I was to do each activity, and pasted clocks all around me to notify me of the time. Rules have not hurt me, but rather helped me. Even if some seem unfair and unreasonable, I know that in the long-run it will help. Good habits created today carry out in the future.

8: “Everything is not what it seems.” -“The lottery” | Everything may seem perfect in the outside but you never know the real truth within. Something could be hidden and you may not know it. You can never really judge a circumstance by just looking at it. Sometimes looking at an object from the outside may seem all perfect, but when you look inside, it’s the complete opposite.

9: Lesson 4 | Just like the lottery box in “The Lottery”, the truth is within. At first sight, you assume that it is an ordinary box with one ticket that has a winning dot. You don’t know what the prize is but you assume that it must be good due to the connotation of the word, prize. However, when the person finds out that they won, they die of horror, leaving us to wonder what the prize was. As we later found out, the “prize” was to be stoned to death as an offering to the world to receive the best crops. | Throughout my life, I’ve always thought that winning was good. I would work extremely hard to win but in the end, I won a small prize. I was shocked to find out that I had won such a small item. Another incident occurred, telling me everything doesn’t appear the way it is supposed to. I thought that going on a boat would be an awesome experience but later, I turned out to seasick. Every night, it felt like I was on a rocking ship. It felt awful but when I had gotten on the boat, I didn’t know of the consequences.

10: When you wish for something, it doesn’t exactly turn out the way you want it. In a way, you wish did come true like you hoped but just not in a manner you liked. That’s why you should be specific with your wishes so it turns out to be exactly how you want it. Perfect with no blemishes. | When I was small, I wanted a perfect Barbie doll. I persuaded and convinced my mom to buy that doll. When I finally got it, I was so excited. However, my excitement died knowing that playing with just a doll was boring. A few months later, I was gifted a Barbie doll house but I lost all interest because I wanted both the dollhouse and the doll at the same time, not separate. | Lesson 5

11: In Frankenstein, Victor wanted to reanimate life into a corpse. He wished with all his might to see life being made right before his eyes. However, when he did create life, he was terrified of the monster he created. He did not know that the life he made was hideous and horrifying. After that incident, Victor was traumatized for a few months. His obsession about creating life drained out of him as his work turned out to be unsightly and monster-like. | What you wish for doesn’t exactly come true. -Frankenstein

12: The family from “The Veldt” bought a smart house and was completely dependent on it, from the house to cooking the breakfast to the house cleaning the dishes. There was one room that the children especially loved: the playroom. This nursery was able to change into any scenery that the kids wanted from any story. One day, the mother realized that she was losing control over her family so she decided to take a break from the house. The children were horrified to be separated from their beloved playroom. This addiction to technology was the reason that the children planned a revenge attack on their parents. | When I first went to this school, I was overwhelmed with having the laptops. I was so distracted that my grades started suffering. I decided to take a break my laptops each night and go on with my life as before and soon, my grades dramatically began to increase. I recognized that I was so used to not doing my homework on the computer that when I began to, it became a burden.

13: Technology can become a crutch sometimes. -“The Veldt” | Lesson 6 | Depending on technology and electronics all the time can be a crutch. If you rely on computers for your everyday life, you will be addicted and not know how to operate life without it.

14: In Beowulf, King Beowulf had to go through many challenges to defeat Grendel and his mother. He knew that to gain fame and glory, he had to accomplish these goals. He is certain that he can defeat them, but there is always that one chance that he could die. But with his luck, he managed to survive. This lucky streak lasted until his final battle with the dragon. When he went to fight the dragon, he was very aged, but he still went to battle. This turned out to be a great mistake as the dragon would heavily wound him to death. | I wanted to be known for writing. However, every time I tried, there would always be obstacles along the way. Like for example, all the stories I write pertain to my personality. I was afraid to share my stories with anyone. I would worry that no one would understand or like my compositions. I soon learned that some people won’t appreciate it, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

15: Just like the stock market, when you invest money to become rich, there are ALWAYS risks. No matter what. If there were no risks, then everyone would be rich and famous. | Lesson 7 | If you want fame and glory, there is always risk. -Beowulf

16: Loyalty is a characteristic that shows you are mature and care about someone. If you can trusted, then you are respected. | Ever since I could read, my mom told taught me 4 things: be gentle, kind, loyal, and strong. I learned that people trust me because I treat them with respect.

17: It pays to be loyal. -The Odyssey | Lesson 8 | During the 20 years Odysseus was gone, Penelope was completely loyal to her husband. Even when the suitors tried proposing to her, she created a plan so that she would not to have to choose a suitor. She still believed that Odysseus was alive after all those years battling in Troy. When Odysseus finally came home to Ithaca, Penelope tested him to really see if he was the true Odysseus. If Penelope did not believe Odysseus was still alive, there would have been a twist to the story and she would have lost her love.

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