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Life of royalty

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Life of royalty - Page Text Content

FC: Diary of the Royalty | By: Kayla Mahally Jamsine Witkowski Julia Swayser

1: Table of Contents | King; December 5th, 1348 Lord; December 6th, 1348 Lady; December 9th, 1348 Queen; December 12th, 1348 Prince; December 18th, 1348 Lady; December 19th, 1348 Queen; December 20th, 1348 Prince; December 25th, 1348 King; December 26th, 1348 Prince; December 26th, 1348 Lord; December 26th, 1348 | Queen; December 27th, 1348 Lady; December 28th, 1348 Queen, January 1st, 1349 King; January 2nd, 1349 Prince; January 2nd, 1349 Lady; January 4th, 1349 Between time for 9 years Princess; August 19th, 1358 Happily Ever After Authors Page Works Cited

2: King, December 5th 1348 | This journal is made to help the royals in the future run a better castle. The experiences we have had will help you control a better empire. We, the Cullens, swear that we will write in this diary forever, or until death comes upon us. If you agree, please sign below. | King Edward | Queen Isabella | Lord Carlisle | Lady Alice | Prince Jasper

3: Lord, December 6th 1348 | I am Lord Carlisle. Today, I had to manage the king's lands, judge disputes, and attend political discussions. I also had to collect taxes. It was a very hectic day, and I am grateful that I also got to hunt. Almost all day today we got ready for the big holiday feast coming up. Today was the start of a busy week.

4: Lady, December 9th 1348 | My day was absolutely horrid. I had no time for gardening because of that feast. It is ruining my schedule, and I am very busy these days. I had to run to the castle because my husband, the lord, was judging disputes!!! Our steward, who usually helps, is sick with the Black Plague. The plague is spreading everywhere, and I am very afraid of catching it.

5: Queen, December 12th 1348 | I am Queen Isabella. I am very excited since I am pregnant. I am hoping it is a girl, so I can have a little princess to teach. I will teach her how to sew, dance, and entertain. I am also a bit nervous because many people die in child labor or the baby dying in the Black Plague. Any way, I think it will be a few more days until I have it....

6: Prince, December 18th 1348 | Hello, my name is Jasper. Today I had to be measured by the tailor to get a new coat and breeches. I also got two new pairs of sandals made out of leather. I went hunting with the Lord. Then, we went on horseback to collect the taxes from the townspeople. My day was exhilarating, and I don't understand why everyone is fussing about the upcoming feast.

7: Lady, December 19th 1348 | Hello I am very excited for the feast! I have the outfits picked out for it! Only the royalty are allowed to wear gold and purple silk. So, I had the tailor make the queen a silk purple dress. Since veils are banned for lower class women, we are taking advantage of our position in society and wearing them for the feast.

8: Queen, December 20th 1348 | I am excited for the feast, where all of are royal family can get together and discuss taxes and discipline for the peasants. I am absolutely positive that the taxes will go up! I wonder how much I can eat with this little baby in my stomach? I am so excited and happy that a baby is coming soon! I really do hope it is a girl so we can have a girl addition! I hope she looks somewhat like me!

9: Prince, December 25th 1348 | I am very busy today with going to the training castle that my father owns. I am training to become a knight in my fathers army. I hope I will be there for a long time, because I really do not want to stay for the family feast (even though they might serve some of my favorites). I absolutely do not want to talk about taxes and discipline for the peasants. All of this talk about feast and peasants and taxes makes me sick.

10: King, December 26th 1348 | The upcoming feast is very soon it will be in a couple days!Hopefully before the Queen gives birth.At the feasts the royal and our guests will sit at high tables overlooking all of our guests.We will cut with daggers and eat with our fingers and hands.We have the great hall all set up and decorated in the finest decor.We will sit on raised platforms while the jesters entertain us by singing and dancing.

11: For dinner we will be serving beef, mutton, deer, eggs, onions, herbs, dried peas and other beans. We will also be having salted herrings as a special.For dessert we will have Potage of Roysons. Potage of Roysons is a pudding of raisins.We will also have Paest Royall (Royal Pastary) which is made of flour, butter, and egg yolks. | King, December 26th 1348

12: Prince, December 26th 1348 | Today, my mother, Queen Isabella, and I are going to do all our favorite things! We are going to play chess, tables, and Nine Men Morris inside. After that I am to go outside with the my father and play archery, bowls, gameball, hammer, and more. Today is going to be the best day ever!!!!! It also might be one of the last days my mother will be able to play with just me since she is due very soon.

13: Lord, December 26th 1348 | Today I shall go and talk to a serf family about the courtly dances. Everyone, even the serfs should know the dances and if they do not, then they shall learn it from me, since we take dance and entertainment seriously.

14: Today I went shopping for clothes. I got all of the nicest purple and gold silks for the baby and I. I got a damask gown, velvet robe, and a satin sable. Since we are the only people allowed to wear these things so we thought we would take advantage of it. We also got velvet imported from the Far East. I got the my husband and son brightly colored coat. | Queen, December 27th 1348

15: Lady, December 28th 1348 | The clothes that the tailor made are finally finished today. They are a nice silky purple for me and the queen, and I wonder what she will think of it! The veil head pieces are absolutely wonderful and so beautiful. I may go around with my husband, the lord and help him collect taxes from the peasants and show of my new headdress!

16: Queen, January 1st 1349 | I am ready for the baby. I can have the baby any minute now, I am very excited! I just hope everything will go well, because I am starting to hurt a little. Wait... owwww my stomach hurts of a burning pain! I am breathing less now, I don't know what is happening! Taking deep big breaths! Losing...air...

17: King, January 2nd 1349 12:00PM | This is all just heartbreaking and over whelming. I can't believe this! My wife, Queen Isabella has just died giving childbirth! This is very sad too, because the baby is a girl and she has always wanted one. The baby's name is Princess Rosalie, and is back at the castle being warmed up with blankets. Isabella's body has been taken to a place where we will later discuss an appropriate funeral for her! The baby girl is just beautiful and I am sure she will be raised well. I am looking now for a person that I trust to help raise her in the castle with me. Maybe the wet nurse will take care of her and feed her? I wish Isabella was here...

18: Prince, January 2nd 1349 12:30PM | My mother has died about 45 minutes ago. I am very upset and can not focus on anything right now. My father said I shall not go to knight training this month, and that I shall be part of the big feast and discuss taxes, and discipline with the lord. I do not feel like doing it, and feel absolutely dreaded right now.

19: Lady, January 4h 1349 | Although I am mourning very bad, the feast was absolutely fantastic and the queen had her baby a couple days before. It was an exhilarating week but worth it in the end. Today I took Princess Rosalie out to the garden for the first time. Then I sent the prince on a mission to go to town for a day off. We had a great day together but tomorrow we will have to clean up the castle after the feast that took place.

20: During this time frame the castle and town have a funeral for the Queen. Then, Lady Alice gets put in charge to nurture and care for the baby who got very sick from the measles. Prince Jasper finishes his knight training and is in the kings army. He is now learning how to be king for when his father dies. Life goes on as normal and Lady Alice sees to all of the Queens jobs until Princess Rosalie is old enough to do them.

21: Rosalie is now turning 7 and learning how to sew, read, write, mathematics, and be literate in many languages.The King has found a new wife and got married on Queen Isabella's birthday. Everyone gets along well and they are all happy. One Rosalie's 8th birthday we took her to go see her mothers resting place in the Rose Garden. 9 years have passed since the queen died and the story continues here......

22: Princess,August 19,1358 | Hello, I am Princess Rosalie. I have just stumbled upon this very ancient notebook and read all of its contents. It breaks my heart to hear about my mother. I cannot believe we are still running the castle perfectly fine after nine years! I have been raised so well from Lady Rosalie and Queen Esme They took very good care of me after my mother died of child birth. And luckily I did not get the black plague as it was spreading around while I was young, but I wouldn't say that too soon though; many of thousands of people have died from that and still are dying.

23: Princess,August 19,1358 | I Rosalie Mae Cullen promise to always write in this book and do the best job I can do to become an amazing princess and future queen of England. | Princess Rosalie Mae Cullen

24: Happily Ever After | In the end everyone is happy and satisfied of where they went for their life's journey. Prince eventually got to King and princess Rosalie got to be queen. The lord and lady retired and later died of the Black plague. King Edward and Queen Esme go out on an adventure into the unknown territory. Everyone has a different ending in there life and a different goal. But nobody forgets about Queen Isabella...

25: Authors Page | Jasmine Witkowski | Kayla Mahally | I am 12yrs old and I have a younger sister that is 9, and is in 4th grade. I take dance lessons at Performing Arts Center of Lehigh Valley. I also love taking vacations to Florida and visiting NYC. My besties are Kayla, Brittany, Paige and Julia. I love shopping and my favorite outfit to wear is a tank and shorts. | I am 12yrs old and I have a younger sister that is 9, and is in 4th grade. I am in the Eyer band and play the clarinet. I love to take vacations to Florida and New York. My friends are Jasmine, Julia, Emily, Lauren, and Rachel. I love to go shopping and my favorite thing it wear is shoes!

26: Authors Page | Julia Swayser | I am 13 years old, and I have a sister and brother. I have a dog and enjoy playing the cello and dance. I live with 2 parents and have lots of friends including Kayla, Jasmine, Rachel, Lauren, Meredeth, and Maggie.

27: Works Cited Bingham, Jane. Medieval World. New York: Scholastic, 2000. Print. Clements, Gillian. The Truth about Castles. Minneapolis: C Carolrhoda, 1990. Print. Gravett, Christopher. Eyewitness Castle. New York: Dorling King, 1994. Print. Knight, Judson, and Judy Galens. Middle Ages: Almanac. New York: Thomas L. Roming, 2001. Print. Miquel, Pierre, Pierre Probst, and Penelope Davies. The Days of Knights & Castles. Morristown, NJ: Silver Burdett, 1980. Print. Sheehan, Sean, and Peter Dennis. Castles. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2005. Print.

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