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Literary Elements Book

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Literary Elements Book - Page Text Content

FC: Students could use this to somehow represent crucial moments in the plot they believe contributed to the development of the character's personality, they can use clip art, scan in their own art, use pictures or use it to show elements of plot like rising action, climax, resolution etc http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/timeline-30007.html Timeline Creator

1: Students could create a character profile using different images that represent their character on the left. Then write a little bio of the character in this box. http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/profile-publisher-30067.html Profile Creator

2: Doctor Reed, This is my little idea book, I hope you can see it, I messed with the privacy settings. Each Page is an idea I thought I could do with students each day. I wanted my lesson plan to be about literary elements like plot, setting, characters, themes etc. I wanted to have students in groups in which they would be provided with a list of books they can choose from

3: Students will name their top 3 picks from the books provided and I will divide them into groups that way. I thought they could collaborate as group and take notes while they discuss that day's topic but each one to have a project and little book to call their own. I have not yet applied any before, during or after strategies from our book but I plan on figuring that out after I have an idea of what I want to do with their reflection journals. I plan on applying strategies to help them discuss in groups and will have a list of expectations for each page. Or, have a list of options and they can choose from that list a certain amount.

4: I also considered leaving all explanation until the end and used their explanation of their project to assess how well they made connections, used textual evidence, came to the proper conclusions, etc. Or I could have them explain as they go and find a different AFTER reading activity to do.

5: Soaking up the sun!

6: Could do setting. Big photo is a representation of the landscape as a whole and the little pictures to the right could be things that represent time period, map, then write how the setting contributes to the character Reflection?

7: This could be point of view, student use these boxes to explain | biases of narrator how it changes the way we see the characters | what kind of information we can acquire from that point of view . The image could be an eye for first person. Idea. | Further explanation in reflection log? Themes

8: Themes | Themes of the story | Conflicts in the story | How character encounters/interacts with/ changes from themes and conflict | Identify symbols and determine what they mean | any metaphors personification or other literary techniques used

9: Explain in further detail the significance of these elements and how their character changes and interacts with the themes, metaphors, and symbols. They should also relate, again, to how these situations affect the way a character thinks, acts, makes decisions etc. and how they contribute to their personality. Reflection opportunity. THEMES

11: Character Crest Project: Maybe find a better looking crest. From top left: !1st Section: 4 things that describe the character, in words, pictures etc. 2nd Section: 3 things that represent hobbies, interests etc 3rd Section: A representation of the setting whether than be in pictures, words, anything they choose. 4th Section: Something you find memorable about the character himself. Use this page to explain pictures, words, or whatever else student may have decided to use to represent these elements. Try to use textual evidence. REFLECTION OPPORTUNITY -CHARACTERS

12: REFLECTION OPPORTUNITY -SETTING -CHARACTER -PLOT -THEMES -SYMBOLS -POINT OF VIEW | Hand out copies of books and tell students not to read the back, or to open it. Get into their project groups (determined earlier in the lesson) and use the time to brainstorm some first impression they can gather from the cover art and the title. They can use their notes to later create this page. They can insert a photo of the cover art. They can later create a different page that explores the connection between the cover art and the text. Discussion: How do you choose books?

13: Can use this place to create a found poem. The phrases have to be significant in some way to a literary element of their choosing. Plot Character Setting Etc A short explanation of their choices. REFLECTION OPPORTUNITY

14: Pick a quote from a part of the book that contributes to the a literary element, provide a little explanation, use the two boxes two insert the quote and its speaker. All elemtns

15: Five Senses: Find a portion of the book that has a good landscape description, use the information to imagine what it would feel like to your senses. Could use the photos to put pictures of ears, noses, eyes,etc -setting

16: Give them some space, or some time, if they would like to reflect on their reading. Encourage them to ask questions, clarify confusing points, any connections they might have made, any stories that come to mind. Could give them a couple pages, they would be in the back, and students could just record at the end of the day after they finish the assigned pages.

17: More reflection space. If I wanted to I could have prompt questions, or ask them to come up with questions. Probably more reflection space but not going to put them all in. Students can create as they go. Could be for further explanation or reflection.

18: Could create journal entries for a character that include actions and thoughts that character would most likely have, do a character interview, written with the personality of the character news script. Give them a lot of options. -should probably do a rubric for this project letters to other characters to show relationships letters that reveal conflict points in the story http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/readwritethink-printing-press-30036.html Newspaper http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/letter-generator-30005.html\ letter generaor

19: A Youtube link featuring a song they believe describes the overall mood and tone of the story Can include song lyrics Could write a little explanation. REFLECTION OPPORTUNITY <^any element

20: They could write a song or poem about the book revolving around a literary element. REFLECTION OPPORUTNIY Any element

21: They could create a character's dating profile, facebook page. -Character

23: Create a collage, it will probably work on any literary element. Provide a little explanation. Explain how the pictures are relevant. REFLECTION ANY ELEMENT

24: Create | A | Comic. | Reflection Opportunity | PLOT,CHARACTER, | SETTING, | http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/comic-creator-30021.html

25: If the book is from somewhere exotic they could research a recipe traditional to the area or one mentioned in the book. | write a little background information Explain why the dish is traditiona REFLECTION OPPORTUNITY -setting -character? -plot

26: If they could design the cover what would it look like and why? What elements would you bring from the text on to the cover? How much should you give away? ALL ELEMENTS REFLECTION OPPORTUNITY Can design with anything, draw and scan in, find pictures online, they could use http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/book-cover-creator-30058.html

28: Write a postcard from your chosen character to another, use it to highlight a literary element. "Its so hot here, and it smells of the sea. I can feel the sand beneath my feet everywhere I walk" so, setting. Front and back will be featured. Should be relevant to story | http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/postcard-creator-30061.html Postcard Creator ALL ELEMENTS

29: http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/character-trading-cards-30056.html Trading Card Creator | Create Character trading cards Have a little bio for each character. How many should they create?

30: If students chose to complete some projects online they can print them and scan them in, save and upload them, take a webscreen picture (if technology allows) and upload, or they can provide their link on their page that will take the teacher to their creation. If they choose to do the interactive tools they may need to accompany the link with a little explanation or record it in their REFLECTION JOURAL Students will be provided a guided note worksheet to take home while they are reading to take notes on. They will collaborate together using those notes. http://interactives.mped.org/view_interactive.aspx?id=722&title= Notetaking Guide, have to have access to technology at home

31: How will students know which projects to pick? Should I let them get a few chapters into the novel and then have them start on their online book? The first few days they are reading they could just take notes at home, collaborate with their literature circle and discuss elements. I can take that time to give students a tutorial of the website and explain the project. Take student project ideas How many should they choose?

32: Books to be considered for this project (rich in character development): THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN THE EVOLUTION OF CAPERNIA TATE SOLD THE BOOK THIEF LOOKING FOR ALASKA PRIDE AND PREJUDICE ROMEO AND JULIET probably shouldn't make the selection too wide, if everyone picks a different book it will be hard to put them into groups, but I want to give them options.

33: Are variations in group numbers a good idea? Could do pairs? (What happens to discussion when the amount of members in the group are reduced? How will the different lengths of the book be a problem? How should I handle reading assignments? I guess if they picked a longer book, they held it in their hand so they knew it would be a long read. Try to find books that are rich and character AND around the same length? Tiering could work this way, going by the length and difficulty of the books.

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