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Lord of the flies

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BC: Honestly I Found this Book to be Quite interesting, the entire idea of boys being stranded on an Island and being driven crazy due to the shear fact they were alone was incredible, the entire Psychological perspective of this allows you to get a brief glimpse into the inner working of the human psyche and see how "primal man" is like aka "the Lord of the Flies" is what is burred deep within us all and has been tamed by Civilization I Would Highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good survival tale and wants to get even a small Glimpse into what a person's mind is like when they are converted down into a primal state.

FC: A text analasis by Gideon Cline-Rivera | Lord of the Flies

1: Gideon Cline-Rivera 4/31/11

2: As the book opens we meet 2 boys Piggy and Ralph they landed on this island due to a plane crash

3: after walking for sometime the boys arrive on a beach and find a lone conch, Ralph proceeds to blow it to summon the other boys

4: Shortly after the boys are all gathered they have a vote to see who will be the leader, Ralph or Jack | soon after the voteThree of the boys (Jack Ralph and Simon) after the election go off to scout the island, they find a pig but (jack) hesitate to kill it

5: soon after Jack "the hunter" was tracking a pig, he failed to catch it so he returned to the beach where Ralph and Simon were working on the huts

6: all the kids decided that they need to make a signal fire, so they all rushed up the mountain set up a base of fire wood, after that they used piggy's glasses to light the fire... the littleun with the birth mark went missing

7: A good bit of time pass after that, Jack's hunters (who should have been watching the fire) went and found and killed a Pig, Unfortunately at the same time a Boat was passing by and since the fire went out they missed a chance to be saved, after that a short strugel took place in order to restart the fire... Piggys glasses were broken due to it

8: Due to the arguments and the diferences in views the "tribe" split, between Jack and Ralph... not many stayed with Ralph but Piggy, Samneric, Some littleuns, and simon, The rest went with Jack | Now just before this a Sky battle took place, one of them was shot down and a dead paratrooper landed in a tree near the mountain, this scared them away and made them think that it was the "beasty"

9: Jack's Tribe in order to apease the "beast" made a sacrifice by putting a pig's head on a pike, this was near Simon's "hideaway" he saw it began to halucinate and saw it as the Lord Of The Flies

10: Soon after his "encounter" with the beast Simon went up the mountain and found the truth about the beast, he rushed down and to Jack's camp to tell them the news... Unfortunatly all the boys were in a Frenzy after a feast, thought he was the Beast and killed him

11: Sometime during the night Jack's Group stole Piggy's glasses, the next morning Ralph's Group went to find Jack, they found him there was a big argument Piggy tried to maintain the peace by using the conch but one of Jack's hunters (Roger) killed him with a boulder and so the conch was lost as well and Jack's Group took Samneric away | Ralph and piggy felt Guilt after the previous night's events but Ralph refused to talk about it cause he knew what he had done and was in total dispare from it.

12: Ralph attempts to communicate with Samneric, but... there was nothing they could do, and they had to turn in that they saw him (before that they gave him some meat) after hearing this Jack Gave Samneric a horrible punishment, He also said in the morning they would hunt for Ralph

13: soon after Jack and his Group go off to hunt Ralph, they burnt down almost 1/2 the island trying to kill him, they failed but when Ralph reaches the Beach a British officer has arrived on the beach and rescues them he thought that they were having fun and games, Ralph then Breaks down thinking about everything that had hapend

14: The story takes place on an uncharted island, During WWII The Main Conflict Arises after Jack lets the fire goes out this is when the tribe Splinters do they need food or do they need to be rescued, become savages or stay civilized There are many themes that this Book poses Like Survival The Beast Within The inner workings of the mind

15: Major Characters Ralph: Origenal leader of entire tribe, only one to stay mostly sain though out the novel (Protagonist) Jack: Origenaly the leader of the Hunters, Became leader of the "splinter" group(savages) (Antagonist) Piggy: Most sain of the group, still very connected to the world of adults, Killed by Roger near the end of the book Samneric: The Twins, First to see the "paratrooper" stayed loyal to Ralph, Captured by the savages near the end Simon: First to "see" the Lord of The Flies, Found out what the Paratrooper was, Brutally killed by everyone During a "Feast rage" Minor Characters Littleuns Pig Lord of the Flies

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