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Lord of the Flies

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BC: The End

FC: Serena Agustin Mrs.Fox 4th period English Honors | The Lord of the Flies

1: Lord of the Flies ABC Book 9th Grade

2: Abandonment The boys were abandoned on that island and left there to survive on their own. It seemed all fun and games to them at first but now they are realizing they might never get off the island.

4: The Beast The beast is the unknown fear lurking in the boys hearts. It could also be called the devil,Beelzebub.

5: The Beast

6: Conch Conch symbolizes power in this book.It brought everyone together in the beginning of the book. It's power slowly diminishes in the end when Ralph loses control and Jack gains power.

7: Conch

8: Danger The boys are constantly in danger from either dying of starvation,not getting rescued or believe it or not themselves.

10: Escape

11: Escape | Ever since the beginning all Ralph and Piggy thought about was escaping from the island and Piggy tried his hardest to escape but his burdens were too much because of the other boys. The other boys thought it was all play and games , but they never actually thought about what if they were never found.

12: Fire was also a means of survival for Jack because he needed to cook his meat. | Fire Fire is a symbol in this book that means hope. The fire was hope for them because if they let it go out they didn't know how else they would get rescued. | Fire | Fire

13: Glasses Piggy's glasses set him apart from everyone else because no other guy has glasses on the island. They show the difference between Piggy and the other guys.

14: Huts Huts is a symbol that means home, but even though the little kids had huts to sleep in doesn't mean they didn't get homesick, cry all the time, and have nightmares.

15: Huts Even the big kids were starting to have nightmares, and Ralph and Piggy started to notice this.

16: Isolation

17: Isolation The boys live in isolation on the island by themselves with no adults around. They learn how to survive, but fall apart because of power.

18: Jack Jack is the reason the boys split up. He thinks this whole island is a game , and that he can't possibly die He never thought of them not being rescued but he decides that they will be rescued and till then they will have fun and play games. | Jack

19: Jack

20: Knife | You can see plenty of times he used his knife to strike fear in the hearts of the boys. | Jack was embarrassed when no one voted him to be chief instead of Ralph. They didn't vote because they were afraid of him. | Jack's knife is a symbol of his strength. He has made plenty of the boys afraid of him.

21: The Lord The Lord of the Flies is the pig that Jack killed and put on a stick as a offering to the beast. | of the Simon had a illusion of the pig talking to him and it said that there was no beast. | Flies The lord of the Flies could also be depicted as Satan or Beelzebub because it talked about the evil within man and it was the real beast.

22: Meat The meat that Jack got was the reason that the boys liked him. The meat was the reason that they were still alive and Jack is the one that got the meat that is why they saw Jack as the supplier.

23: Nightmares The kids have nightmares during the nights about the beast even the big ids are having nightmares.

24: Ostracize Simon was always drifting away from others. Whenever there was tension he would walk quickly away into the forest. He would always shy away from the spotlight and he could see things others couldn't see in everything.

25: Parachutist He was the "beast" the kids thought was going to kill them. He died in the battle going on and just happened to float down to that island. | Parachutist

26: Questions | The question of authority is evident in the power struggle that goes on in the book between Jack and Ralph.

27: Ralph Ralph is the leader even though he gets the good ideas from Piggy. There is a definite power struggle between Ralph and Jack in the end, but in the beginning they were good friends. In the beginning he thought this island was all fun and games, but now he understands there is a chance of never getting off the island.

28: Savageness When Jack decided to put face paint he hid his humanity and lost to savageness. Even Ralph lost to savageness when he went hunting with Ralph. Piggy is the only one that didn't lose.

29: Twins | Twins The twins were the first ones who saw the beast on the mountain. | Twins | As time grew on they became known as samaneric because they did everything together.

30: Unity | Unity Man's sin broke down the unity between the boys. Once that broke down they truly lost their humanity.

31: Victory Jack and the hunters win over Ralph and Piggy's power and man kinds sin wins. | Victory

32: Weakness They were weak against the sin in there heart.

33: Xanadu The island where they were marooned.

34: Yelling | Whenever the boys killed a living thing they would start yelling and dancing around a fire

35: Zipper The zipper on Piggy's windbreaker when he unzipped it and discarded his old clothes that symbolized Piggy deciding to follow Ralph.

36: The End

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