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Lord of the Flies

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FC: Lord of the Flies | Jensen Matese

1: Table of Contents | Letter to 2 Letter to Ralph's 3 Boys Rescued from Deserted Island; 2 4-5 Simon's 6 Piggy's 7

2: I wish you would be more reasonable with me and the rest of the group. All you seem to care about is a pig! You try convince others to follow you instead of me by trying to scare them into thinking the beastie is real! I am clearly a better leader than you are. Who wants a calm environment and to be rescued? Apparently not you. All you want to do is play and have "fun" on this island. I don't understand why you get such pleasure out of torturing the littleuns. So please consider coming to your senses for the sake of the group as a whole. It would help tremendously if you would just be cooperative and not just care about leadership, violence, or your stupid pig. ~Ralph | Dear Jack,

3: Please rescue us off this island! We've only been on the island for a few days, and things have already started to fall apart. The littleuns won't listen. We've made a signal fire on top of the mountain for you to see, but nobody is willing to keep the fire going. All Jack and his hunters are worried about is hunting a blasted pig! Nobody will help build shelters, or gather water, or even use the designated bathroom area! Please Daddy, help us! We depend on you for our rescue and real civilization! Love, Ralph | Dear Father,

4: Boys Rescued from Deserted Island; 2 killed | In the midst of World War II, a plane carrying several British school boys crashed on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Days after landing, order starts to get out of control. Ralph, a fair-haired boy, was elected chief of the group. Ralph suggested making a signal fire to catch any passing ship's attention with Piggy's glasses; however, nobody but Ralph was willing to keep the fire alive. Ralph has called several assemblies by using a conch shell him and Piggy, a fat intellectual with thick glasses, had found along the beach. They used Piggy's glasses to make a signal fire. Ralph complained, "...There's no water. The shells are dry...We all built the first [shelter] one, four of us the second one, and me n' Simon built the last one...." (Golding 79-80) Tensions soon grew between Ralph and Jack. Jack has a love for authority and violence. He was more concerned with hunting wild boars than getting rescued and listening to Ralph's rules.

5: Jack learned to use the fear of the "beastie" (an imaginary beast that frightens all the boys) to make the boys follow him in attempt to separate themselves from the group. Jack says, "I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you." (Golding 127) Jack has a feast on his side of the island, so Ralph and Piggy attended to make sure nothing got out of hand. Unfortunately, Simon was killed while the boys were doing their pig dance. They thought he was the "beastie" running down from the mountain, and he is stabbed to death. After Jack and his tribe moved to Castle Rock, Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric went to Castle Rock to gain Piggy's glasses back that the tribe had stolen to make fire. Piggy was killed by Roger leaning onto the huge boulder. The boulder also crushes the conch shell, signifying no more order. The death of Piggy signified the end of civilization. In attempt to kill Ralph so Jack has complete authority, Jack and his tribe set fire to Ralph's thicket outside Castle Rock Ironically, Jack set most of the island on fire, which helped the boys finally get rescued. A naval ship saw the island on fire, and came to their rescue.

6: Simon was a shy and sensitive 11-year old boy. He unfortunately died on the night of the feast Jack held on his side of the island. Simon was carrying a message to tell the boys that the "beastie" (an imaginary beast) is not real. The beast is actually themselves. Simon seemed to be the only "good" boy on the deserted island. He behaved very kindly to the younger kids on the island. He was also willing to work for the community by helping Ralph in any way possible. Simon was different from the other boys. Not just by being a good boy, but by his liking of being alone. Simon would often go into the creepers of the forest to have his seizures. At one point he met the lord of the flies, and realized the beast was within themselves. Because Simon was the only "good" boy on the island, his sense of morality didn't impose with society. Simon represented a kind of natural goodness, and he will be deeply missed. | Simon 1942-1953

7: Piggy was an annoying 12-year old boy on the island of several British boys. He was a whiny intellectual with thick glasses. Unfortunately, Piggy died on Castle Rock. Roger leaned on the huge boulder that guarded the entrance to Castle Rock. The boulder crushed the conch shell in which Piggy was holding, which signified the end of order. Piggy acted as Ralph's assistant. He offered ideas to Ralph, but they were often dismissed as early as they were brought up. Piggy was often the center of social derision. He was frequently made fun of for his ass-mar (asthma), being fat, and his thick specs. Piggy's death ended the end of civilization, which only caused Jack and his tribe to increase their savagery | Piggy 1941-1953

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