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Lords and Ladies

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FC: The Diary of Lady Peyton | By : Reese Kober, Kiyae White, and Farrah Elhefnawy

1: Characters | Lady Peyton- wife of Lord Maddox, and writer of diary | Lord Maddox- loyal husband of Lady Peyton | Annamarie- a scullion thats fallen in love | Johnathan-a scullion thats fallen in love with Annamarie | Joseph- a farmer that went to court for being accused for killing his last wife, now having to marry Annamarie because of her father's control over who she must marry | Maclin - son of Lady Peyton and Lord Maddox, that is told to help run the manor while his father is away

2: Characters | Lady Peyton | Lord Maddox | Annamarie | Joesph | Johnathan | Maclin

3: Imagine | Imagine the woods, Without a tree, Imagine the rivers, Without a sea, Imagine yourself, Without me, Imagine how lost, I would be. - Peter Schilling

4: July 11,1374 | Dear Diary, My beloved husband, Lord Maddox, is packing his bags because he is leaving to go help one of our neighboring kingdoms. Everyone will miss him so much, especially me. Now that he is leaving, I will have to run the manor all by myself. Maddox told our son, Maclin, to take care of me and help me run the manor. I don't know how this running the manor thing will plan out, but I guess I will figure it out as I go along.

6: Dear Diary, It has now been a few days since my husband, Lord Maddox, left to go help another kingdom. It has been a struggle taking care of the kingdom by myself! I think it's time that I ask someone for help. Annamarie was just upstairs to drop off my daily lemon tea. We were talking for a few and she was telling me how she is in love with another scullion boy named Johnathan, that works in this house. She really wanted to see Johnathan, so I made a pact with her. I told her "I know that Maddox told Maclin that he wanted him to help me, but I very much would not like him to help me be responsible to take care of the kingdom, because I don't think that he is ready to be in charge of a manor, even though I want him to know that he can do anything he wants to without help." I still need to tell Maclin, because otherwise, he might think that I don't trust him. | July 15,1374

9: Dear Diary, Today Annamarie came over and asked me if she was allowed to see her dad in the dungeon because he is a guard there. By the way, he is doing a great job with the prisoners. Of course I said yes, because she is a big help towards me while Maddox is gone. Annamarie was down in the dungeon with her dad for a while. When she came back up she wanted to talk to me about what they were talking about. She said "My dad is making me marry a farmer named Joseph, but I love another scullion that works here named Johnathan. What should I do?" So of course said "Go for what your heart is telling you." Then she said "The farmer killed his last wife, so I am really scared but my dad said he really does not care." Its seems like Annamarie has a lot in common with Johnathan because their daily life is the same. I think I have a plan..... | July 16,1374

11: July 17,1374 | Dear Diary, I felt so bad for Annamarie. She really doesn't want to marry that farmer, Joseph. She deeply loves Johnathan and he loves her. Today I made Annamarie check on all of the people on the manor including the priests, knights, servants, and cooks and tend to all of their needs. I also made her cook and serve me my meals. In return for all her work, I helped her with her problem. I planned a secret dinner for Annamarie so she can meet with Johnathan. Since she was forbidden to go to his side of the house, and he was forbidden to go to her side, they had to wait until everyone in the house was asleep. They loved getting to see each other, and they asked me if they could do this everyday. I said yes as long as they do not tell anybody, I really hope that this works out for them, It is amazing to see two people that love and care so much for each other.

12: July 24, 1374 | Dear Diary, This has been going really good for Annamarie and Johnathan. Today Annamarie was helping me get ready for the feast that we are having for the king's new son. She told me that yesterday Johnathan asked her to marry him, and she said yes. I was so happy for her and Johnathan. She told me that she is so excited, but does not know how she will tell her father without him getting mad at her. I told her that I could go down to the dungeon and talk to him for her. I will tell him that Joseph does not deserve a great girl like Annamarie. I will try to convince him that Joseph is a bad person, and that he killed his first wife. Hopefully, I will go down to the dungeon tomorrow and talk to Annamarie's dad. I hope he agrees with me.

14: July 24,1374 | Dear Diary, Today Maclin and I had so much fun at the feast for the king's new son. He was one of the cutest babies that I have ever seen. I wore my silk gown and skirt, and also the headdress that matches. My son wore his fancy trousers and tunic. Before we ate, we had to wash our hands. At the feast, they served us ham, sausages, mutton, rabbits, and lamb. With they meat we also ate Manchet, which was a bread loaf made of wheat flour. We had water and wine to accompany our meal. After we ate, they had performers that sang and danced for us. Today was a really great and fun day for Maclin and I.

16: July 25, 1374 | Dear Diary, Today I went down to the dungeon to talk to Annamarie's father. I tried to convince him that Joseph is a bad person and that he killed his first wife. I also told him that Joseph does not deserve a great girl like Annamarie. Unfortunately, he did not listen to me. He even said that he, Joseph, and Annamarie are going to have dinner tonight and that I have to tell her. I was sitting in my room doing some embroidery when Annamarie came in and asked me what her father said. She seemed very calm when I told her about the dinner. I told her that I could help her get ready. Later that afternoon, when I went over to her room, she was not there. I wonder why...

19: July 26,1374 | Dear Diary, Today was a very rough day; I was teaching our friend's kids how to dance. They were having lots of trouble with it, but I managed to help them. After the lesson, I was lying in my room, exhausted, when Annamarie came in. I was so worried about her. She told me that she met up with Johnathan yesterday and that they are planning to run away together and get married. I told her that I think it is a bad idea, but she did not agree. I still thought that she could do better than running away, so I asked her to go hunting with me while I think of a better plan.

20: July 27,1374 | Dear Diary, Today I told Annamarie to go down to the dungeon and talk to her father. I told her that she has to face her fear and that I can't do everything for her. I told her to tell her dad that she loves Johnathan and why she was not present at the dinner with Joseph. I thought that he might understand when he hears it from his own daughter. She went down to the dungeon, and while she was down there, I went to Johnathan and told him what she was doing. He seemed very excited when I told him. When Annamarie finally came back up, she told us that her father really listened to her, and that he will plan a dinner for him, her, and Johnathan after tomorrow so that he can meet him. She is so excited for her father meeting Johnathan, and she hopes that he will agree to her marrying him.

22: July 29,1374 | Dear Diary, Today was full of great news. Today Annamarie and Johnathan had that dinner with Annamarie's father. They said that it went very well. Annamarie's dad agreed that Johnathan is a better person for Annamarie than Joseph is. They said that he also approved of their marriage, but does not know how he will break the news to Joseph because he really liked Annamarie. They seemed to not care at all about how Joseph will feel, and even told me that they will be planning the wedding over the next few days.

23: The other great news that I heard today was that Maddox is going to come back in a few days. I got a letter from him today saying that he will be back by August 5th. When I told Maclin that Maddox is coming back home, he was so excited that he is going to see his father. He also is happy that Maddox is coming back so that he doesn't have to help with doing things such as making sure that the peasants are doing their work and gathering taxes for the king. I don't know why he whines so much; his father does the same thing every day.

24: August 2,1374 | Dear Diary, Today my husband, Lord Maddox, came back from helping that other kingdom. He surprised me because I was reading my book when he came into the bedroom. I took him to the living room and called for Maclin and some of the other servants, including Annamarie and Johnathan. They all came to greet him. Even the king came to say welcome back. While Maddox was resting peacefully in the bedroom, I went down to the kitchen and told the cook to make Maddox's favorite meal, venison, mutton, and trout. I made Annamarie serve him his food so that he could get to know her better before I tell him how I helped her. He might get mad when he finds out that I have been helping this poor girl that he barely knows, rather than help run this manor smoothly. I sure hope that he doesn't.

27: August 7,1374 | Dear Diary, Today I decided to tell Maddox about what happened while he was away. I told him all about Annamarie, Johnathan, Joseph, and Annamarie's father. I told him all about the secret dinners that I had planned for Annamarie and Johnathan. I even told him that John had proposed to Annamarie and that she said yes. I thought that he was going to get mad, but he didn't. He was very calm, and he even said that he was very happy for Johnathan and Annamarie. He said that as long as I am happy, and that Annamarie and John are happy, then he cannot be upset. Aside from their love story, I told Maddox that the king had his son. When I told him that, he went to congratulate the king. When he came back, he asked me if I would play a board game with him, and of course I said yes. I love playing board games.

28: August 12,1374 | Dear Diary, Today, Annamarie called me over to her room; she said that it was very important. I got so worried when she said that, so I went over there right away. When I got there, she was sitting in a chair and there was a beautiful white dress lying on the bed. She told me that her father gave it to her and said that it was her mother's wedding dress. I made her go and try it on for me to see. When she came out, I was stunned by how pretty she looked in it. I noticed that she was wearing a small diamond necklace on her neck. When I asked her about it, she told me that Johnathan gave it to her as a gift when her father agreed to him. It was his mother's, and he got it when she died. She told me that they are going to get married on August 20, so that I don't make plans on their wedding day. She wanted to make sure that I will be there.

30: August 16,1374 | Dear Diary, It is getting nearer and nearer to the day of Annamarie and Johnathan's wedding. Today Annamarie came to me and said that she is scared and nervous. I told her that everything is going to be okay. I told her that as long as she loves Johnathan, she will be fine. I told being married is the best feeling knowing you get to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. She still seemed unconvinced by what I said, so I told her that I could plan her a rehearsal. Lord Maddox and I spent all night planning the rehearsal wedding, when finally we made a conclusion on how the place will be set up. It is a lot harder planning a rehearsal wedding than it seems.

33: August 18,1374 | Dear Diary, Today was Annamarie and Johnathan's rehearsal wedding. I helped Annamarie get ready for it; she looked so beautiful. In the beginning of the rehearsal, Johnathan was very calm, and Annamarie was nervous. It seemed like she got happier as we went along. Suddenly, she told me that she wasn't that nervous anymore. I was so happy for her. When the rehearsal was done, Annamarie and Johnathan said goodbye and went off to their rooms. I went to my room, and all Lord Maddox and I could think about was Annamarie and Johnathan's real wedding. We are so eager for the both of them.

34: August 20,1374 | Dear Diary, Today was John and Annamarie's wedding. I helped Annamarie get ready for it. I even did her hair for her. She seemed so excited, and just couldn't wait. She was rushing me in everything that I did. Luckily, I was able to calm her down a little. When her wedding started, her father had the honor of walking her down the aisle. Johnathan and Annamarie were so happy when they finally got married. After the wedding, Annamarie and John went over to their room. We did not want to bother them on their first night together, so we decided that we will talk to them tomorrow.

36: March 14,1375 | Dear Diary, So far, Annamarie and Johnathan have been leading a wonderful life together. Today, they came over to Lord Maddox and I, and told us some amazing news. They told us that they are going to have a baby. Maddox and I were so happy for them. I love seeing them both so joyful. When they are happy, they make me happy. Now that Annamarie is having a baby, I don't want to make her work as much. Today, I gave her a break to go have fun with Johnathan. They really did live happily ever after...

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