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Lynn's Schoolwork :)

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FC: Lynn's Schoolwork

1: Writers Workshop Persuasive Letters #1 and #2 Personal Narrative #1 and #2 Realistic Fiction #1 and #2 Expository Text (Landforms and Diseases) The Red Wheelbarrow #1 and #2 Fantasy Fiction Mystery Fiction I Am From

2: January 21, 2010 Mrs. Siestke Galama Noshie ACS Beirut, Lebanon Dear Mrs. Noshie: I want there to be no more reading log. It is not useful in my opinion. Can’t the teacher give us a reading test instead of that boring reading log? It is better for me and you if we don’t get one. There are several reasons why, but I will give you three. First of all, we have after-school activities. There will be no time left for a reading log. The whole entire class would prefer if you would stop giving a reading log. Sometimes we have a problem or a celebration. The extra time left is usually used for the homework not a reading log. With me, the reading log takes a lot more than one minute, l’m not one of those people that rush through their work; I take at least five minutes. I need time for after-school activities and family time. In addition, it is a waste of my precious time. I am in FIFTH GRADE. I have a lot more homework, especially since I am in regular Arabic. Homework comes before reading log. It is so funny that I go to school to learn, then I come back home to learn! Instead of wasting my time doing a reading log, I could spend the time doing something useful. All of my reading grades go down because of a reading log. Sometimes, I forget to do it, and my grade goes down. There are a lot of things that come before a reading log. Why can’t that time go for family? I also have suggestions. Instead, you can ask us to give you the reading log on Friday only, and you give it back on Monday. Wouldn’t a reading test be easier for me and you? I would appreciate it if you think about this letter and the suggestions I gave you. Yours truly, Lynn Wahab

3: Qasr al Sultan Bldg Beirut, Lebanon January 27th, 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Wahab Qasr al Sultan Bldg Beirut, Lebanon Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wahab: I would like to work for seven days to earn $7. That is one dollar a day so that I can buy a tree and plant it on February 5th in order to help with Lebanon’s reforestation. We will go and plant one or two trees each, and therefore we need to get $7 from each student’s parents. In order to earn that $7, I suggest I do the following chore: I will do my bed or bring you matte every day. First, I have three reasons to tell you how you can help save the planet. First of all, trees provide beauty and a habitat for animals. A lot of animals and insects live in trees. We have the choice to either take and destroy their habitat or save it. Every animal does something for us. For example, bees pollinate plants and give us honey. Also, they are beautiful. They give us shade, the sound of waving trees, and many others. They too, provide oxygen. While oxygen gives us life. Without it, we wouldn’t be here living in this beautiful wonderful world. If you would prefer to let the world end in 2012, then leave it like this, but you have the choice to help it. Last but not least, they give us paper to write on, and read from. It also gives us one of the most important materials in architecture. We use it for beds, shelves, tables, chairs, and many others too. We use it to put in the fire for warmth. Some people use the pine nuts and sell them for a living. So, I will use that $7 to buy a tree for reforestation. I would work for 80 days to help with Lebanon’s reforestation. I would appreciate it a lot if you would let me do chores for seven days for a dollar a day. Thank you for helping me. Yours truly, Lynn Wahab

4: My Bike Ride A Personal Narrative "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!” I’m screaming. “TCCCHK!” goes my leg. I feel the hot blood dripping down my foot, the mud splashing in my face the hot sun shining on me. I couldn’t move my body. I slowly opened my eyelids and took a deep breath “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed in pain. It was a hot summer day when I was sitting down on a golf cart behind my sister. On my lap sat my big fat cat Ash. I was in my mountain house. It has a big garden, a little basketball court and an oval pond with a road track around it for riding ATVs, and a long big hill. The hill isn’t normal though; it goes slanted then flat then slanted then flat. My driver was giving my sister, my brother and I turns to ride in the front seat of the golf cart. Ash was bored, too so he went to play catch with the flies. It was my turn to sit in the front, but I skipped my turn and asked my driver to drop me off in the garden where my parents were sitting next to each other. I ran to them and sat on my father’s lap.”Mommy,” I asked,” can we play on the toys in the garage?”.”OK” she replied and I ran back to the golf cart. “Hassan,” I told my driver, “can you take us down to the garage?”He just nodded and started the car. When we arrived at the garage, my driver opened the door and we all went in. My sister my brother and I ran to the junk in the back. I found little trolleys and bicycles in the back. I picked out a big pink bicycle. I sat on it. It was way too big as I was only 4 years old so I put it back in.”THIS ONE!” said my brother, and picked out a little white car that you’re supposed to sit in and someone pushes you from the back. As I could see he picked it for me because it was way too small for him. My sister picked one a little bit bigger (her size).And my brother took my mom’s bike. “YES” said my brother and nodded. He is going to make me sit there and Imp going to fall. Right then and there I knew this was a bad idea. I looked around and didn’t know whether to smile or to frown. Hassan was already gone. I grabbed my helmet. My brother took everything outside. I sat down on my trolley and my brother handed out the helmets. I was looking down the hill scared. My sister was still strapping on her helmet when “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!”She said. I squinted. “Cool raya!” said my brother “keep going your doing great. Let’s go down and get her.” “NO WAY mommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee!” I screamed as my brother pushed me down the hill. I was going down so fast, I couldn’t even breathe. I saw my sister in front stop, and fall on her hand. I was concentrating on her so hard that I didn’t look in front of me. I bumped into a rock, flew over a gate and next to my moms flowers. My foot hurt so much that I couldn’t even feel it.”Ahhhhhh” I heard my sister scream. My parents came running down the hill and carried us upstairs and put ice on our legs. My sister broke her arm, and one of her fingers and sprained her ankle, she broke three teeth as well! I just got a long scar on my leg when my brother was fine. I learned to never follow any of my brother’s crazy ideas EVER AGAIN. 10/23/2009

6: The Halloween Disaster An Unassisted Personal Narrative "Your turn honey,” my mom said. I took a step forward and picked up the stick. I swung it over my shoulder and hit the piñata. “Ouch” said my sister carrying the heavy pumpkin. She dropped it down on the table and slumped down on her chair. We were in the kitchen carving pumpkins. My brother drew the pumpkins and carved them while my sister removed the inside. I just sat there with my head in my hands. I had nothing to do my sister had done her job now. I went to my nanny and saw her ironing. “Hana!” my sister called her, “can you go get the box of Halloween things from the basement?” Hana nodded and went downstairs. Soon, she came up holding two huge boxes. “Wow” said my sister Raya “wow” she repeated. Hana was breathing like she had just run around half the world. Me and raya each took a box and opened it. “I never realized we still had this stuff!” I said surprised. We played with the things and messed around and suddenly “Wow!” my nanny said, “Naughty girls! Why did you mess up the whole room?” “Hahaha!” My sister and I started laughing. We put everything back in its place and closed the box. We got ready for bed then slept. The next morning I woke up, got ready and went to school. Today we had an Arabic test. I think I did well because it was really easy. Then I went home, did my homework and sat down and watched TV. “Bbbbbbrrrrrrring” went the bell on pixie’s (my cat’s) collar as she came running towards me. “Meow, meow, meow” she called. I put her on my lap and brushed her hair with my fingers and she purred. When she woke up, I opened my bag and found my test. Wow it was corrected in one day! I had gotten a 97! “Guess what” said my sister as she walked through the door. “I got a 97 on my Arabic test!” I said. “No,” said raya “I’m making you a Halloween party! Yay! Let’s go make the invites” said Raya. “Okay” I replied. We went to the computer and printed out a couple of designed invitations. Then we asked our helper to help us clean up the party room in our basement. We all cleaned then my sister and I went to bed. The next day when I came back from school, I finished my homework fast and right away opened the Halloween box. In two days, the party would start and I don’t even have a costume!! I went downstairs and suddenly, my sister was there designing the place. She turned around and said, “Tada!” I was so surprised! She designed the whole room! Wow! I helped her for a few hours, then we got quite bored and went back home.

7: “Wake up! Wake up!” said my mommy and I opened my eyes; she reminded me that I’m going to be late for school. I jumped out of my bed and got ready for school. I gave the invitations only three days before the party, and I’m sure everyone already has plans; I thought as I was on my way to school. I came back with a headache. I just finished my homework, took a bath and went straight to bed. The next morning, it was Halloween! I don’t like the costumes; there was a pumpkin costume, a witch costume, and a devil costume. I chose the pumpkin suit and mom painted orange circles on my cheeks. That morning at school, we had the parade and that made me so excited. It was fun but the rest of the day was just normal and boring. Then when I went home, I watched my mother wear her witch costume, my aunt wore a pirate and my sister was a cat woman with devil lenses. “Lynn!” my nanny called from outside the door. “Your friend came.” “Okay I’m coming now.” I replied and went inside. It turned out to be Estelle so I talked to her and played with pixie my cat. She was 10 minutes early then we went down and looked around. Soon everybody came and we played bingo. I won 5 times in a row! Then we played musical chairs and I won 3rd place and we broke the piñata. Jana hit it and it fell a bit We ate and watched the movie “the corpse bride” and ate pop corn. Lynn Wahab October 2009

8: The Test An Assisted Realistic Fiction “C’mon, Ashley” said Brianna, her best friend as they ran when the school bell rang at the end of the day. “You don’t want to be late for Blue Jean’s biggest sale,” said Brianna. “I’m coming!” cried Ashley, dragging her bag behind her. She had a science test tomorrow and her teacher had made sure all of her students brought their science books and copybooks. Brianna was in another class and her test was next week. “Fine,” said Brianna “I’ll help you carry them just so that we won’t be late for the“ Ashley looked at Brianna as if she was thinking of an evil plan to use on her, then interrupted and said as she smiled, “Ha.” She let go of the bag “Let’s see how easy it is for you to carry.” They both laughed and dragged the bag to Ashley’s house. They dropped off both of their bags and then ran outside. “Wait!” called Ashley’s mom, “eat your lunch first”. They both ignored her and ran faster. “Right on time” said the manager waiting at the front door for customers. They ran inside and bought almost everything on sale. Finally, they had enough and went all the way back home, talking about the new clothes they had just bought. “Hey Mom,” said Ashley as she kissed her mom and went inside. “Hi”, Brianna said to Ashley’s mother and went inside too. “C’mon,” said Ashley’s mother, “I took time cooking this food! Come and eat.” “Wow” said Brianna as she picked up Ashley’s heavy bag again, “are your science books really that heavy?” They both opened their bags and flipped them upside down, so that the books would fall out. “Plop, Boom, Pow!!” went Ashley’s books as they fell out of her bag onto the floor. By accident, Ashley switched her science books for her math books. The teacher didn’t check well in her bag. Ashley tried to forget about it and move on and finish her other homework. They studied for about two minutes then closed their books and said “We studied for a lot. Now let’s go out.” They climbed out from the window. Luckily,

9: they were living on the ground floor. They shopped for about an hour, and then came back home, and found the window locked. They looked in the window and saw Ashley’s sister, Emily talking to her friend inside. “Yeah!” she heard her sister say “this is my room with my so many clothes and make-up and I even have a phone.” Obviously, her sister was trying to impress the most popular girl in her school. Her plan seemed to be working. They were going inside to the T.V. room, but right before they went out of the door, Ashley called her sister “EEEMMMMIIIILLLLLLEEEEEEEE”. Emily popped her head in the door and asked her friend to wait outside the room for just a second. “What do you want?” she said as she whispered while opening the window. “Open the door of the kitchen now,” said Ashley, “but distract mom and make sure she doesn’t see me getting inside the house. Understood? If you say yes, I’ll let you use my phone to show your friend and tell her it’s yours. O.K?” So Emily ran to the door and asked her friend to go say hi to her mom. Her friend agreed and ran to the door to open it for her sister. Ashley was popular and pretty, the opposite of her nerdy smart sister. They ran to the room and dropped the shopping bags on the floor. “Knock knock” her mom knocked on the door of her room. She opened the door and came in. “I thought your shopping bags were in the kitchen. You bought more?! I actually trusted you to finish your homework but you went shopping again!” she went out and slammed the door behind her. Ashley and Brianna decided to study and impress their mothers. So they studied some more but felt too tired and Brianna went to her house while Ashley got ready for bed. She planned to get up early the next day because all she practiced from was the internet. The next morning, Ashley went to school about an hour earlier to study for her test. She studied in the peaceful library. Then went to class to finish her test. It was so easy that it seemed like first grade to her. She gave her test to the teacher and watched while her teacher slides her hand to an empty side of the paper and wrote 100%. “YAY” she screamed. She reported the news to her mother and that was the best day of her and her mother’s entire life. The best part comes now when Brianna told Ashley that she got a 100% on her test too! Lynn Wahab 02/05/2010

10: The Dream An Unassisted Realistic Fiction Celine walked into the conference room with her notebook under her arm. She was the manager in her uncle’s hotel. It was a very big, rich hotel suiting her uncle. Her uncle would never had allowed her to work in a hotel. He said she already had the money and she was working for no use. She had never cared for the money; she just wanted to be normal. She was actually just working for fun. She loved serving the guests instead of her being served. She likes to make them smile. Even though she loved living like a princess and being the boss. When she was about 20, she decided she was meant to work in this hotel, as if it was built for her. She had a meeting now but decided she needed a break and she will take a break after the interview with the new receptionist. One of the old ones had got fired because she had not obeyed the hotel’s rules. The receptionist impressed her and got hired. Celine went and got her coat from her office and then went to her car. Otherwise she would be late to her sister, Sara, who had her wedding in the summer, in one more week. Celine was engaged, she was two years younger than Sara. “Vvvrooomm” went her car as she left to the wedding planner place. “You’re always late!” said Sara when she arrived. “Come on!” said Celine, “We don’t want to be even later. They’re probably waiting for us in the shop.” So, they went inside and there was the lady that was there last time named Reem. The dress was already chosen, all they had to do was try it on. “The dress is already in the dressing room,” said Reem as she led them to the dressing room. The dress was lying on the sofa. “IT’S BEAUTIFUL!” said Celine, even though she had already seen it in the picture when they were choosing the dress last time. Sara came and picked it up. She wore it and looked in the mirror. “Yeah, it’s pretty.” Celine thought Sara looked like a little white puffy cupcake, but obviously, she didn’t say it. So it was decided. She was wearing this dress to her wedding. Sara changed her dress and then they went outside to the car. Celine drove Sara back to her husband’s house. After that she went to her house. “Brrrriinnngg” rang her phone. It was a call from the hotel. They told her that their receptionist just quit and the substitute is sick. She told them to hire the receptionist, Mona who had been begging to work in the hotel for about a whole month. She drank some coffee and read a little bit and then she went to bed. “Brrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnggggggg!!!!!!!” went her alarm clock in the morning. She had to get up to go to work. “Madame!” “Miss!” “Excuse me Madame!” said the workers wanting to ask her something as she walked into her office in the hotel. Today was her favorite day of the week. She works only three hours. She went to her office and looked at her schedule. “Okay, she said” I have 9 meetings today. She called in the housekeeping supervisor who was complaining about “These days are passing so fast.” Said Celine to Sara and her mom, “there is five more days until Sara’s wedding and it feels as if just yesterday they met.”

11: “Yeah, it does feel like just yesterday they met.” Said their mom. The days continued passing so fast until it was the day of the wedding. They were all dressed and ready for the wedding to start “Will you marry me?” said Sara’s husband “nnn” hesitated Sara, “nnno”. All of the audience gasped and froze. They were so shocked. They never expected that from her. Sara ran to the bathroom crying. “Well,” said Celine’s husband, Samer “let’s not waste a good wedding. He went down on his knees and said “Celine, will you marry me?” “Yes!” screamed Celine and the wedding turned out as theirs! They continued it, and lived the happiest life together. Celine continued her job, but she split it with someone else so that she didn’t have to work that hard. Lynn Wahab March 2010

12: Volcanoes An Explosive Landform An Unassisted Expository text They may erupt in many places on earth. Many people are scared of them because they can cause massive distruction; which is because it is made up of lava. Landforms are physical features on earth’s surface. This landform is made up of lava. It is called a volcano. Volcanoes are big bumps on earth’s surface which are created by plate tectonics. Lava erupts out of it and forms new land A volcano is a bump on earth’s surface. It is made up of lava and ash. They erupt and lava bursts out of them. The lava dries up and forms new land or hardens the land that is already there. Sometimes volcanoes happen underwater and sometimes they form islands. Volcanoes are formed by an oceanic and continental plate colliding. While they are colliding, the oceanic plate is thinner, so it gets pushed under the continental plate. The oceanic plate that was pushed under the continental plate melts and the lava shoots up to form a volcano. Volcanoes are formed by plate tectonics. There are three main layers on the Earth, the crust, the mantle, and the core. A great example of this is the egg; the crust is the egg shell, the mantle is the egg white, and the core is the egg yolk. On Earth’s crust there are big blocks of rock called tectonic plates; were once one continent called Pangaea, before they started moving around and shaping what is now our continents. Volcanoes are found all around the Earth, but mostly around the Pacific plate. There are so many that form a circle around this plate which is called the “ring of fire”. The ring of fire passes through Madagascar off the shore of Australia, the Philippines Islands near the East coast of Asia, Eurasia, and then curves through North and South America forming a circle. Though, this is not the only place on Earth where you can find volcanoes, there are many in Africa too. The three most famous volcanoes on Earth are Mount Vesuvius in Italy, Mount Fuji in Japan, and Mount St. Helens in Washington, USA.

13: Sometimes volcanoes are helpful to humans because they form new land such as islands, but mostly they are very dangerous. The most dangerous thing about volcanoes is that they form very hot lava that spreads onto people and their homes and lands killing them and destroying their habitats. Lynn Wahab 01/8/2010

14: Autism By Lynn Wahab, M.D. (Neurologist I Residence) The Problem I know it is hard for you to hear this, but your son is diagnosed with a disease called autism. There is no cure to it and there is not much I can do for you. People usually realize that the child has autism at the age of three. There are many disadvantages. It might be annoying, but it is not life threatening. The Signs and Symptoms There are three main symptoms associated with an autistic disorder. The first are problems in social interactions. For example, your child may be unable to have eye contact and problems understanding facial expressions and body language. He may also have difficulties making friends. The second is problems in communication, for example a delay or lack of speech and echolalia (repeating words that someone says many times) and no make belief play. Finally the third is repetitive behavior and strict interests, for example hand flapping and body rocking and self-injury. They stick to specific routines. The Cause People used to think the mother of the autistic child is to blame. Now, some people believe that it could be caused by infections when the mother was pregnant . Others believe it is from genetics (mixture of bad or sick genes). It is heritable, which means there is a big chance that you might get it if someone in your family has a disease. If you are an identical twin and your twin has it you have to have it too because you both have the same genes. Till now, no scientist knows the cause. The Affect to the Nervous System The exact way of how autism affects the nervous system is not very clear. Some scientists found evidence of problems in the cortex, cerebellum and brain stem. They found at birth autistic children’s brains are the same size as non-autistic children, but as they grew, it grows larger than the non-autistic whereas some specific parts were smaller than normal.

15: The Nervous System The job of the nervous system is to keep all the body systems working and to tell your muscles to move. Synapses are cells that send messages from the senses to the brain then muscles and back. Stimuli are the messages to the brain and the messages from the brain are the responses. Autism affects all the brain. It makes your brain grow larger than usually normal children’s brains grow. That only shows when you are in your early years of autism. The Cure There is no cure for autism. Doctors can give medicine only to stop aggressive behavior. Other kinds of treatments are behavioral treatments, this means to help increase the use of proper language, improve social skills, increase attention and decrease self-injurious behavior and hyper activity. These children learn to make and keep eye contact, and to initiate play. They need to have scheduled time and place to have a specific routine. Any changes have to come very slowly. You can help him with doing a schedule for his everyday life, and not changing the style of furniture might also help. A Neurologists Job As a neurologist, I work with people that have neurological diseases. Neurologists are scientists that study the nervous system. I love working with autistic children. It is very interesting. I especially like it when they have autistic savants. It is nice to know what special things that they can do. Lynn Wahab 03/05/10

16: The Chickens Written by Lynn Wahab Inspired by William Carlos William so much depends upon the fuzzy yellow chickens scurrying actively all around behind the big cages

17: The Red Lipstick Written by Lynn Wahab Inspired by William Carlos William so much depends upon the stick of lipstic without a cap on beside the black glasses

18: Wonderworld An Unassisted Fantasy Fiction Y ou won’t believe it, but here is what happened. Spiders crawling in and out of it, a shining white light coming from inside it. It was magical and I was sure of that. I had to go in there; it was just something I had to do. I was hesitating, asking myself which way to go. Life has many bumpy roads and different ways to do things and choices of what to do. What if I die? What if –on the bright side- it is better there and I will like it more than here. Before I change my mind, I stepped in and fell down the hole and it took me forever to reach the very bottom, but finally I did. Now, I regret it! I looked around. “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” I fell in a pond. That’s where I was. I swam out of it, all slimy, gooey, and wet. “Now that was a stupid entrance to ‘Alice in Wonderland’s Wonderland.” I said. “Wonderworld,” said a dog. From behind me, I heard a voice. I turned around swirling my dress. I saw a cute puppy looking at me with dark brown eyes and beige skin, “as we prefer to cal it.” said the dog. “I do not believe this!” I said in my head, “It is a dream!” I said to myself confidently. “Let’s stop the chit chat now,” said the dog with a hint of sarcasm in his voice tone “I need your help. Please, if you may, mam.” He continued. “Come with me.” He said. “I need you to help me get this poor creature to the other side of the sea.” He said, knowing that I will agree to that, having nothing else to do or say. I love two things, exploring and adventures so I agreed and went with him to the beach. He took a key from his pocket. “Talking dogs! With clothes!?!” I thought of saying, but then remembered my manners. He took me to the inside of a boat, handed me the keys, and ordered, “Drive it!” I obeyed him and drove the boat the way I thought was right. I didn’t find that dog cute any longer. “I never drove a boat before so don’t blame me if this thing crashes.” We were in this boat for about 4 hours and it wasn’t and it wasn’t even starting to get dark. “Does it ever get dark here?” I asked the dog. “Noooooo!” screamed the dog. I looked up and saw a creature the size of the moon coming over towards our boat. I pulled the wheel to the left and started to make the boat go faster and faster.

19: “He’s catching up!” screamed the dog. The creature came closer and I got a closer look. It was a dragon! It probably wanted to eat us! “Go faster!” screamed the dog. I pulled my foot all the way to the bottom of the pedal and felt my hair fly back and my dress pull me farther and farther as if to tell me “You’ll have more fun in heaven! Let’s go!” I was still surprised that there was a swimming dragon. We got away! He couldn’t catch up with us and he gave up. “Finally!” said the dog. The little creature in the dog’s hands looked like the swimming dragon a little bit. “There, there!” said the dog pointing to a peaceful, pretty island. We took the creature to a queen. She was pretty and kind. He looked kind of confused with everybody staring at him. “He’s a dragon!” said the queen “He must be!” Up came the big dragon that was following the boat. He scooped up the baby into his arms and hugged him. He thanked us for finding his son and went back to the sea. “And for you darlings, you get one wish for helping the dragon.” She took us each into a room with yellow lights and a wide screen. “Just say your wish,” said the queen “then close your eyes.” I went into the room and screamed “I want to go back home!” then closed my eyes. “Your wish has been granted.” I heard and then closed my eyes. “Then I came back here to you mom.” I told her. “And still,” she said, “you have a C+ in writing class!?!” Lynn Wahab 20/05/10

22: A Detectives Job An Assisted Mystery Fiction “Get her!” screamed a police guard. The girl he was pointing to had blonde hair, pale white skin, long, perfectly painted black nails. Even her eyes were black with black make up. Wow! That’s a lot of black. She even had black high heels. Melissa couldn’t believe a professional security guard system couldn’t catch a woman wearing high heels holding a heavy box with the Mona Lisa in it. She didn’t get that good a glimpse of her. That was because the criminal was wearing a black mask over her face, although Melissa saw her hands clearly while she was taking the painting. She quickly pulled her camera out and snapped as fast as she could “tik tik, tik tik tik” Melissa stopped, the criminal, or as Melissa calls her “the bad girl” was getting into a car. She put the camera up again and “tik tik tik tik”. Now bad girl had been driving away fast “oh!” Said Melissa as she realized bad girl’s car was low on gas and again clicked “tik tik tik tik tik”. Now she was gone. Melissa looked around; she was standing next to Mr. Van Gogh’s masterpiece when bad girl took it. “Get out!” Go to the car!” her mom shoved her, and her best friends, Maria and David, out the door of the museum and into the back seat of the big blue car. Melissa was a cute, young, brunette with green eyes and a long skinny body. Her friends were regular and had brown eyes with brown hair like her friends. She was different, unique, and she liked that. Her mom got in to the driver’s seat of the car and fastened her seat belt and drove as fast as she could. Melissa and her friends were still in fifth grade so their parents wouldn’t be so pleased with the fact that they just saw a real live crime. Their mother took them home and told them to go inside and play something like a board game to get their mind off what just happened. They went inside knowing that her mother was furious. Not about the fact that they saw the crime, but that she bought expensive tickets and they left through less than half of the museum. “Do you want to go out?” asked Melissa.“To where?” asked David “your mom said we have to play a game.” “We are going to find that bad girl and take her to the police!” said Melissa in a voice soft enough for her mom not to hear. “We are going to find who?” asked Maria confused. “The criminal!” said Melissa.

23: They tiptoed to the door, grabbed their bikes and ran back to the road that the criminal took when she drove out of the museum. They saw tire marks, so it was easy trying to find the way to where she lived, until “LOOK!” screamed David. Melissa and Maria both looked at where David was pointing. They saw a huge workshop made out of metal and glass. “WWWOW!” said Maria in shock “that is the biggest thing I have ever seen.” She was right. It was possibly the biggest thing anyone had ever seen EVER! It looked like it went beyond the clouds high up in the air. They pedaled to it as fast as they could. They finally reached there. “Uh, I really am tired! This is the farthest place from home I have ever been on.” They were so far away from home, that it seemed like they were on the top of a mountain, where the criminal’s place had been on. Suddenly, they heard a noise. The three looked into a nearby window. They saw the criminals face, clearer now, that she had removed her mask and was wearing shorts and tied her hair back in a ponytail. She looked more like a mother or a teenager then like a criminal. She was talking to an old fat man in a bossy rude way and she said “Yes mmmhm yes. Get me a what’s it called a cup of coffee” The man didn’t move. “HELLLLO!!!!” she said, “I’m waiting!” The man nodded politely and went to fetch her some coffee. “Hey! Look! I found an entrance.” said David. He had a really good eye. She looked at the place he was pointing to. There was a metal door that camouflaged completely with the building. It had a lock on the side of it. Mellissa couldn’t believe it. A huge workshop place was locked with a pad lock. David guessed numbers and slowly entered them in. “YESSSS!” whispered David. “12345! What a stupid lock number!” He opened the door slowly so no one would hear them. That was lucky That David got them in. They saw her, they saw the criminal. She looked at them and screamed to someone inside, “Mike! Is there supposed to be kids in my workshop?” The fat man that she asked to get coffee came in with a

24: bottle filled with coffee. He handed it to her and said “Karla mam.” In a polite tone then turned to face Mellissa, David, and Maria. They looked at him then at Karla, who apparently was the criminal. They ran into the workshop and finally found the box that Karla put the Monolisa painting in. Behind them they saw Mike running after them, and Karla drinking her coffee as if nothing just happened. They quickly snatched the painting and ran as fast as they could. Now, Karla reacted. As fast as she could, she ran after them and the painting. The kids ran to the door that they entered from and took their bikes all the way home. Maria looked over her shoulder. “They’re catching up with us.” She cried. They, finally, after a couple of hours, arrived at the museum. Off their bikes they went. They ran so fast, toward the museum entrance, that on a hot summer day, they were freezing to death. A guard standing at the door saw them and Karla, and Mike. He looked from the kids to the criminals and back, as if he were deciding who to go after. Obviously, he chose Mike and Karla since they looked older and more like criminals. He ran after them. The guards and police from inside went out and arrested Karla and Mike. One police came to Maria, Melissa, and David. He asked politely “How may I help you?” David, sounding mature and grown up, replied “We are here to return the ‘Monolisa’ painting that those two people stole.” He said pointing to Karla and Mike. “Wow!!” said the police, “For that, I will reward you with a prize of $1,000,000,000. Now, the three kids lived happily and all three grew up to be detectives and got more and more money for a bit of time. Lynn Wahab 14/05/10

26: I Am From I am from the quiet and the soft furry coat. From the moist pink nose and the string around my finger. From the pearly white sharp teeth and the warmth on my lap. From the bright green eyes and the long curly nails. I am from the big brown box in the corner, and the long black dress and the braids with the beads in it. The monkey paw and the long blue scarf, the plastic lipstick and fake perfume bottle. I am from the small black pencils and high heels. The big bottles of perfume and the diamond earrings. I am from the black sunglasses and the odd white spot on the wooden floor. From the long curly eyelashes and then finally the screaming “LYNNNN!!!!!” I am from the stamps on the wall, the bumpy pages in the copybooks, and the ripped pages out of my sister’s diary, the lost cameras. From the broken glass table, the phone with no buttons and the painted bed sheets. I am from the apple drawing on the wall, the broken chalks and pencils. From the ruined high heels on my mom’s shoes, my sisters burned school bag and the scratch marks on her hands. I am from the scar on my dad’s head. I am from the hole in my cat’s blanket, the scratch on her chin. Her bleeding nail, the broken pieces of my mother’s favorite cup she broke, and the bite marks on the Christmas ornaments, the scratches on the Halloween decorations, paw shaped ink stains on my sister’s bed sheet, the hair inside my violin case, pixy standing on the table eating the cheese. Where are you from? Lynn Wahab 03/23/2010

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