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Maddy Kothman *

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S: Maddy's Book

FC: Maddy's | Book

1: I'm from hot winter nights and cool dips in the pool, fireworks fill the sky and shopping mall galore. I'm from I told you so and phooey, because I said so and we'll talk about it. I'm from mississippi mud and lemon bars,warm cookies and pad thai. I'm from picking strawberries on Saturday and the salty taste of water, and getting lost in a forest. | Preface

3: Too tired to do anything I just lay back.My dress blends in with his white shirt. I feel so warm against his cool skin. Hearing his voice comforts me. My brothers start to rock me, I slowly slip into sleep. My mom come and places me in my crib. I can't see much but I see the white wood from my crib. My crib is white with stuffed animals all around. There's something special about them though, when you pull their tail they play music. I didn't recognize the music then but now I do. | White Shirt

5: Standing there in the crack I was wondering how I got there. I didn't really care though, I was giggling and laughing and having too much fun. I looked up at my dad. He was saying something I couldn't quite understand. My brothers came out, laughing at me. It wasn't the mean kind though. They laughing because of what I did. When I looked up at my dad he quickly snapped a picture. The flash blinded me for a second but I kept smiling. | Giggles

7: The raft was hot against the cool water I leaned back against my brother, the cold water from his hair dripped on my back. I wished I could get out of the raft and into the water. I leaned over and saw my reflection in the blue water. tried to reach out and touch it but my brothers stopped me. Later my dad came out and let me play in the water. I gladly got in, splashing around. The cool water was refreshing as it danced around me. Too bad all our fun had to end. As I said goodbye to the pool I also said goodbye to my home. I waved at the pool which seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. | The Pool

9: I filled up the cup of water as Andrew stepped out. Once it was full I poured it on my head, the cold water dripped off my hair making my face cold. To cold for my preference I got out and sat down with my blanket. By that point my lips were blue and my fingers were prunes, but I was sitting in a chair that was just right. It wasn't too big, and it wasn't too small.My feet barely touched the ground, the tickling my feet. Soon everyone left and I'm left alone with only mt toys to play with. I sit down with my crayons and a piece of paper and draw what I believe is my dad. No one else can tell what it is, but I can. | The Boat

11: I stared at the doll for a long time before I blew out the candles. It was a big chocolate cake with my name on it, it was responsible for the huge smile spread across my face. My mom had a habit of serving me last so I waited my turn until it got a slice. I watched the cake being passed around, so was the smell. When I got my piece I happily shoved my fork in the cake. I was worth the wait.

12: Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg

13: Beep, beep. beep. Its was the first time I had driven a car. Sure it was plastic, but still, it was a car. Thomas was in the back yelling at me to go faster but I was at a four-way intersection. What could I do? I looked around at the walls printed with the alphabet and the smell of non-toxic paint and baby wipes. That didn't matter though, we were all still playing. It was time to put all the cars away though, it was nap time.We put them away and laid down on the carpet. I sat down with my blanket and Kitty while Michelle told us to fall asleep.

15: When I sat down my legs pressed against the hot leather seats. I looked around but there wasn't much to look at yet. As far as i could see it was just construction. The boat started and so did the heat. People say Chicago is the Windy City but were is the wind? After about fiver minutes I started to see trees peaking out of the construction. Their beautiful green leaves behind the dark gray construction. I'm not sure what the boat tour was of, but it was so pretty. | The Boat Tour

17: As I hung on the wood the water gave me a push I didn't need. I looked up to see Maggie urging to go, while Lil was shooting me with water from the red telescope. I let go and the water met me at the bottom and splashed me in the face. The water was getting too cold for Maggie and me. We started to climb across the swings when my mom called for cake. We all headed inside the air conditioned house. I blew out the,candles and smoke filled the room. I'm not too sure what happened after that, but that was the last year we ever got out the water slide.

19: Lola | I put the itchy pink wig on, it completed the look. I was already in a blue striped shirt and orange skinny jeans. It was something I would never wear but it was Halloween. The time to get enough candy to last a whole year. I went down stairs were Maggie was waiting for me. She was Lucy from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I grabbed my bucket that was bigger than my head and we headed out. The first twenty houses were fine, but when we started making our last route people started to guess our costumes. They never guessed my, I was Lola from Hannah Montana, so I always had to tell them. They could never guess Maggie's either! They would keep guessing a princess or something like that. We were both tired and angry so we called it a night.

21: We walked onto the football field. We learned a dance routine this morning and now we were going to do it at the football game. It was homecoming and the team was going to loose, again. This year our dance was to a Cheetah Girl's song. The dance wasn't hard, and I knew it, but for some reason I was still scared. Maybe it had to do with the fact that the whole high school was going to be watch it. When we started to dance I forgot about the crowd. All the girls except Maggie and me remembered the dance. When the other girls forgot they looked silly, they didn't know what to do. | The Dance

23: The Lake | Climbing up the rocks my hands pressing against the hot surface. Once I get to the top of the rock i feel like I am Queen of the world! I look down at the water. Cool, clean, and fresh. as i jump I feel the wind in my hair. Splash. The cool water swirls around me. I touch the bottom of the lake, the sand swarms around my fingers. I come to th top gasping for air. "Let's go," I hear my uncle yell. I climbed into the boat. i was said to leave. The motor roars to a start while the smell of salt escapes my nose.

25: I feel the bass pounding under my feet, The sizzle of the snare, and the pow of the toms. It came so natural, seeing it done so many times. My brother joins in on the guitar. It's the first time in a long while we've hung out without fighting. We are both pretty happy. We had to stop to go to IHOP. It was my birthday so that's we're I picked to have breakfast. I got the pancakes with the face on it. The red strawberry eyes were staring at me, begging me not to eat the. The whipped cream mouth was saying the exact opposite. Something wasn't right though, something was missing. I realized what it was and started pouring syrup on it's face. | My Birthday

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