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Mandy's Diary

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BC: Hope for the Future | End Of Diary

FC: Mandy's Diary

1: Contents - Contents Page 1 - 9th May 2011 Page 2 - 10th May 2011 Page 3 - 11th May 2011 Page 3 - 12th May 2011 Page 4 - 13th May 2011 Page 5 - 16th May 2011 Page 6 - 17th May 2011 Page 7 - 18th May 2011 Page 8 - 19th May 2011 Page 9 - 20th May 2011 Page 10 - Spring Sprung Page 11

2: 9th May 2011 Dear Diary, Today is the day of our Year 8 Camp to Stanwell tops. When we arrived there we were in room A2 and group C. The activities i have done today were Giant Swing and Suvivor. Each activity was two hours. Todays weather was very windy and cold. While at the cliff doing the Giant Swing i was literally frozen because it was very cold. my hands went all numb and i couldn't feel anything. It was then at night. We had the Yr 8 Idol and that was very entertaining as Georgia had won. We then has a music trivia and had watched step up 3.

3: 10th Many 2011 Dear Diary, Today was the last day of camp we woke up at around 7am had breakfast at the dining hall this mornings weather was extremely cold and windy, although it wasn't raining which was good. We then went back to our cabins to pack our bags then we went to the Waratah meeting room to get ready for our last activity. my last activity was the high ropes. In my opinion i HATED the high ropes as i could not do the obstacle which you had to walk on tyres. i couldn't do that one because i was afraid i might fall, even though we had harnesses on. i was up on the high ropes for quite a long time as i was stuck and did not know what to do, so i started to cry because it was high and windy. Then with all my friends encouragement and cheering i had managed to finish the high ropes. LAter on the day we had lunch went to our cabins to get our luggage and we got onto the bus to get back to school. When i got home, my parents asked me all about my camp trip.

4: 11th May 2011 Dear Diary, Today in class, we had looked at a video on an competition called 'tournament of mind.' The video had showed different schools acting, making models and presenting it to the judges. In this competition there is a long term project . This is what you get to work on for 6 weeks based on a statement the judges give you. I'm thinking to join with Catherine, though i'm still not very sure whether i would want to join or not. Today i was also sick from camp as it was very very cold at Stanwell tops.

5: 12th May 2011 Dear diary, Today in english were working on the book 'Z for Zachariah'. We were given a task to do, our task was to do a comic strip. Ms. Stott put us in pairs, and i was paired up with Catherine. We were given chapter 10 to do a comic strip on. I had worked on it with strip generator as i tried using bit strip but it didn't work.

6: 16th May 2011 Dear Diary, Today, in English we had a substitute teacher, Ms Succar. Our task was to do chapter questions 11to 15 or you could read the book z for Zachariah for the rest of the lesson. I chose to red as i was behind in reading. I had also written a short story to submit in the competition. As well as today we had to present our Japanese assignment. I was nervous as i was in front of the class doing my speech, but overall i think i went pretty good.

7: 17th May 2011 Dear Diary, Today in English, we had to read Z for Zachariah and hand in our comic strips as well as our poems or short story for the competition. As well as today i had finished my samples of my heart and 'hello' As well as today i did my Japanese assessment which i had found easy.

8: 18th May 2011 Dear diary, Today in english we had hung up our chapter comic strips on z for zachariah. My job in that part of the lesson was to cut stickers and give them to people as students judged the best comic strips. We had also decorated our english room (A5) by putting up posters up. As well as today in Visual Arts my friend had given me a flower and i had decided to dip the flower in paint. With that paint i had stamped by hand and stamped other things as well.

9: 19th May 2011 Dear diary, Today we didn't have english but what i found interesting was religion. Today in religion Ms Boland had told us what she had did yesterday at an excursion. She had told us about this speech a journalist had given. Even though it was disturbing it was interesting as how parents don't do anything about the situation.

10: 20th May 2011 Dear Diary, who is the best equipped to survive? Today, in English we had a character description brainstorm. We were to come up with words that describes Ann and Mr Loomis. Later on Ms had given us a question to think about, the question was who is the best equipped to survive? In my opinion i think Ann is the best equipped to survive because she is young, healthy can take care of herself. Ann could cook, grow food like corn, wheat and much more. Ann says she knows a little on medical, so if she is sick she knows how to take care of herself. Or even if she runs out of food she can go to Mr Kleins shop for food. I think Mr Loomis isn't that equipped as Ann, because his still recovering from his fever, his also a little mental, he knows how to grow props but not as much as Ann does. Mr Loomis is educated but he doesn't know how to take care of himself because even though Ann and Mr Loomis don't live in the same house, Ann still has to provide the water and food for him to use.

11: Spring Sprung Small buds of flowers slowly and gently reveal each petal, Opening up their beautiful colours for the world to see, It is a great contrast to the harsh dark metal, That surrounds our CBD. Spring, i love the most, Striking scent that drifts through our nose, The sound of the bird's tweet are pleasant and sweet, Everyone wants to come together and meet. As the bees buzz from flower to flower, They pick up nectar that spreads new life, And spray these seeds across the land like the drops from a shower This scent might not be for you or me, Girls do love them, juts two or three Spring is all about new life and growth, All must come to an end when November strokes, Summer is the season i loathe the most, The mosquitoes and humidity kills us folks, It's time to enjoy and prepare ourselves, As Summer is approaching near, Soon, it'll be the end of the season we love so dear.

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