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Mariam's Diary

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S: Mariam's Diary

BC: By Mariam Toufan

FC: Mariam's Diary

1: ~By Mariam Toufan 2011~

2: April 28th 2011 | Dear Diary, Today was our first English lesson of Term 2 and our job is to write in here after every lesson. Our new term topic was introduced to us which we are “supposed” to base our diary on: ~HOPE FOR THE FUTURE~ We watched a YouTube video called ‘shift happens 2011’ It focused on all the changes for the future and present, on how our globe is changing. What really struck me was how 12 million texts have been sent globally in just 1 minute and 14 seconds!!!! The thing that really touched me emotionally was that the world spent $1.53 trillion dollars on MILITARY in 2009, and only a small fraction of that ($30 billion) is enough to eradicate world hunger!!!!!!!!!! Mariam x | Day 1:

3: Dear diary, Today is our second English lesson of the term. We have a sub: Mr. Eirth We have to read ‘Z for Zachariah’ that’s the book we are to study this term, we haven’t really started it yet but it’s supposed to be about a girl who thinks she is the last person on earth but then she finds a mysterious man, will he help her or kill her?? Here is a brainstorm of our ideas for this term’s topic: -Unpredictable -wishes -war -justice -inspiring -new -different -CHANGE!! -peace -knowledge -anticipation -goals -harmony -cures -forward -ideas -examination of present -better -prepare -dreams -longing -advanced technology -expectations -Adventures -Time Travel -to learn from the past -Make it Happen Mariam x | April 29th 2011 | ~Hope for the Future~ | Day 2:

4: My little sister Gabrielle <3 | Kristen Manoski: Best Friend <3

5: May 2nd 2011 | Dear Diary, Today was our 3rd English lesson of term 2. We were situated into groups of 5 and had a list of 12 names and a short description of them stating their age, occupation and skills they had or any difficulties, we had to choose 7 of the 12 people to survive if there was nuclear war. At the time of choosing it didn’t occur to me that what if this was a real life situation? Does this really happen? All of theses questions bubbled in my mind as I thought about it; I put myself in the “survivors” shoes to be one of the last people on earth!! Bedelia, Prina, Kayla and Mandy <3 were apart of my team for the choosing of 7 out of 12 survivors. Bedelia and I had a strong debate about choosing between two people: A priest and a young single mother of a three month old baby. I chose the mother because the baby needs his mother and it is to depressing to make a child motherless. The priest on the other hand is 55 years of age and it would be quite useless to keep someone like him. Bedelia said the people would need spiritual guidance but I said we already have a councilor that even deals with mental illnesses! I understood the angle that Bedelia was looking at but I had strong faith in my opinion and Mandy backed me up in the end I won!!!!! What if you had the heavy burden of having to choose who should die? You don’t even know what their history is, what If they were as “innocent” as you are. Also today Osama Bin Laden was shot by the American Forces I think it’s called the army or something like that) I am pleased :) which is very extremely inhumane of me but I am sick of hearing what he and the terrorists that follow him are destroying, killing and tormenting others that are not Islamic, this causes people to hate/dislike the whole Islamic society, it is judged because we are human. Mum says there is a whole story to it and there are many incidents of other groups, that create this image of “ugh she’s Muslim.” Instead of bringing down the society why not educate people what the Islamic religion is really about, because the fanatics are creating the wrong message for the world. See this is hope for the future, hope for peace between all religions no matter what belief! Mariam x P.S. I hope Ms. Stott does not completely read this :s P.P.S. What about Hitler he was a Christian, how come I don’t hear bad things about us Christians?? | Day 3: | Hope for the Future!

6: My Mum, my sister Gabrielle, my brother Zac and my other brother Joseph

7: May 4th 2011 | Dear Diary, Today was our 5th English lesson of term 2. We watched a very depressing and horrific movie on YouTube on Nuclear War. We watched what they went through and how they attempted to avoid it. We discussed ‘WHY WAR?’ Then Ms. Stott said something clever “TESTOSTERONE” hahahahaha but then I thought of the ruthless Prime Minister of England had for 11 years: ‘Margret Thatcher.’ I have to write a response to the stimulus I have chosen: ‘Ban the Bomb’ my response is very short but to me short and sweet ~Ban the Bomb~ I strongly believe that no country under any circumstance should be in the possession of nuclear weapons! This is because it is destructive on every scale emotionally, physically, economically, environmentally and of course a waste! Mariam x p.s. There’s a little hope for the future, hope that we as a global society ban the bomb! | Day 5: | Hope for the Future

8: May 9th & 10th 2011 | Dear Diary, ~CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP~ What more can i say?? Camp is awesome and we are in Stanwell tops, near wollongong. I went on the high ropes and the giant swing, mind you i screamed hysterically!!! Those were the challenges i put for myself and i succeeded :) The bus ride was not that bad because i took my travel sickness tablets so i wouldn't puke all over the teachers. I was in a cabin with Kristen Manoski, Jamie Ghitgas, Sarah Azzi and Natasha Cole, all of a sudden Claire was put into our cabin :@!!!! Natasha had to be picked up from Stanwell Tops because she had the most painful stomach ache and the teachers reckon it was her appendix :O Lots of fun, but so little time to write! Mariam x p.s. Everyone fell asleep but Jamie and I went to bed quite late :) | Day 6 & 7:

9: Memories from Camp..... | Stanwell Tops

10: Dear Diary, Today was our 12th English lesson of term 2. It was quite an interesting lesson today, since we are on the topic of diary's we discussed the diary of Ann Frank. that was a great book, i loved it! During the lesson we then shifted the topic onto Adolf Hitler, which i find the most intriguing topic :) Adolf was a troubled, insane man! I will give him credit for one thing; for having those great leadership skills, gathering so many followers and worshipers. Just imagine if he got those soldiers to donate or reduce greenhouse gases? Today i recieved my results from our comprehension test and I did a terrible job 18/25!!!!! Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful. Ms. Stott read my poem after I made some adjustments and now If i change a couple more things i will be on my way to the Dorethea Poetry Competition :) At lunch we got onto the topic of electives i think i am going to choose history as an elective, because i absolutely adore history; except! Aboriginal history, because it is the most boring and un-interesting piece of the past!! Mariam x p.s. on the next page is my Finished Poem :) | May 25th 2011 | Day 12:

11: Dying Love I adore his touch, That diminutive pale figure, sitting in my right pocket, I want to despise him why despise something that you desire? I dare not to detach from him Solemnly, slowly, I absorb him, sliding down Always leaving behind a bitter taste in my mouth It has been more than two hours I have that familiar yearning to be with him again I reach for Ethan Someone’s coming! I dare not declare or reveal to anyone What would they imagine? What would they assert? Would they approve? My appetition is at its peak My bare palms are cold and clammy I crave him!! He is beckoning me, I am obliged to obey his taunts I delight in the touch of powdered skin in the palm of my hand I circle him around, round and round til there’s that pale sensation left I want to despise him why despise something that you desire? I dare not detach from him Again I devour him and struggle to gulp down the bitterness I know that that bitterness is permanent | He is never far from my right side pocket He is always there with me When the walls are closing, and I am breathless Claustrophobia creeps inhis soothing there through thick and thin Yes, it’s true he is always there with me I doubt I can trust him Ecstasy? Ethan? Ecstasy? Ethan? Ecstasy? He draws me in and takes me afar Why not trust him? Drowsy and in a haze He won’t free me I want to be released but then I never want to be freed Love and hatred for him has grown into an aggressive compulsion Ethan has casted his ether over me He has stitched my lips closed With needle and thread For no one to know my remarkable dread “Ethan!” I cry Release me!!! | Once more, the stupendous sensation in my palm as I follow him with my eyes Round and Round, untill I absorb once more Again, he makes me better. I even give him a wry face Our intoxicated love, has transformed into an evil bond What if he scurries away? What will I execute? How will stumble on him again? What if there isn’t going to be anymore him? I’m trapped in an abyss No where to go He deceived me He was my commander, My redeemer, My healer, My friend, Deluded by my one and onlyEthan Hypnotized. Off in a daze. Delirious am I? Drowsy in despair What does he have to say for himself? Deceit and deceived, all because of him Ethan is Ecstasy he is my foe and friend | Final Copy!

12: May 26th 2011 | Day 13: | Dear Diary, Today was my 13th English lesson of term 2. I say 'my' because i think i have missed out on a few lessons. It's very boring right now because they are talkting about the novel we are studying "Z for Zachariah" I wish we could have read something else, maybe the diary of Ann Frank? "If you don't take the risk you can't expect to win the prize" Finally something interesting to do with 'Z for Zachariah' this quote came from a worksheet on the novel. I'm known for taking "responsible" risks :) and I think that this quotes sum's up today's entry. P.s. There is one book which i have read over 5 times, its Melina Marchetta's 'Finniken of the Rock' Mariam x | Hope for the Future

13: May 27th 2011 | Dear Diary, Today was our 14th English lesson of term 2. Ms. Stott said something today that really got me thinking. She said that maybe, it is predicted that our HSC might not be written!! She also said that the art of running writing might be put to an end. This is our future, n more written tests??? Is that a good thing?? Is it a bad thing?? I'm not really sure...I'm puzzled to be honest. Today we were supposed to have Ms. Mansour, so she could teach us how to create a digital diary. I'm still not sure on what to do for that, but for now I'm choosing the 10 best entries to go into this fabulous digital diary. ~Hope for the Future~ Hope for a better education for all not just the wealthy, Hope to eliminate world hunger, hope for our environment, Hope for Peace :) Mariam x | Day 14:

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