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Mary Kate

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FC: The view of The View From Saturday from Mary Kate

1: Noah | Noah wore a tuxedo shirt to the wedding.

2: Quote-"I put the ballpoint pen back into the drawer and took out my calligraphy pen, the one that uses wet ink. I didn't fill it. I would fill it when I was ready to write. I also took out a sharpened pencil and a pad of Post-it to jot down any ideas that might come to mind." Pg. 7 Explanation-Noah is prepared and is ready to get his B&B letter done. | S-

3: T- | Quote-I couldn't figure out what was ironic about Allen Diamondstein's getting divorced and Izzy Diamondstein's getting married. " Pg. 13 Explanation- Noah is curious because he's wondering what ironic means and is trying to figure out what is ironic about the situation.

4: E- | Quote-"Izzy started to sit down, but halfway he got up again and added, "Consider it a gift to everyone from the best man." He never said which best man he meant, but im pretty sure he meant me." Pg. 19 | Explanation-Izzy is grateful to Noah and happy that he was his best man.

5: Explanation-Noah is giving like the giving tree because he gave all his favorite things away at the wedding. | A- | Quote-" "First" I said :WE have one hand painted T-shirt, which is an original work of art done by Mrs. Bella Dubinsky. In addition we have a calligraphy pen, almost new, and a bottle of ink, almost full. These are the perfect instruments for beautiful handwriting. We have one packet of post-it notes, complete except for five." I swallowed hard and added "and we have one red wagon." Pg. 18

6: L- | Explanation-Noah wears glasses and reads a lot. | Quote-"The television lights glanced off Noah's glasses."" Pg. 4

7: Noah Lover of calligraphy, being exact, and arguing with Nadia. Giver of facts, calligraphy lessons, and sarcasm Needs friends (the souls) calligraphy, and glasses Wants to have the red wagon, Allen to be angry, and to give people calligraphy lessons Is good at calligraphy, knowing things, and having good ideas Should work on being nicer, not talking back, and not being a smart alec Is similar to the giving tree because he is giving Is similar to Nadia because they both think they are always right Is similar to Julian because he's polite around adults Survivor of Allen Diamondstein, being the best man, and giving away his things Gershom

8: Ethan | Ethan helped Izzy and Margaret Diamondstein take care of the sea turtles.

9: S- | Quote-"Did you buy the Sillington House?" Pg. 66 | Explanation-Noah is curious and can't keep himself from asking questions.

10: T- | Quote-"How did he come by his English accent? Where did he go to school before? Was he really unaware of being weird? How did he get to be so wierd?" Pg. 67 | Explanation-Ethan is curious about Julian and wants to know more about him but he doesn't want to talk to him.

11: E- | Quote-" "Ethan Potter?" Still screening her eyes, she smile. "Ethan Potter. I didn't recongnize you." I believe she didn't recongnize him, for the person yelling Bravo! was Ethan, The Soul-not Ethan, the silent." PG. 105 | Mrs. Renoylds doesnt think Ethan is the kind of guy wwho would stand up and yell bravo!, she thinks he is quiet.

12: A- | Explanation-Ethan is being kind of selfish about giving up his seat on the bus. | Quote-"I placed my backpack on the seat next to me and as nonchalantly as I could, placed my leg over that." Pg. 61

13: L- | Explanation-Ethan has blond hair and is kind of tall. | Quote-"Ginger and I waited on the balcony and watched the three of them approach. Ethan appeared to be almost as tall as Margaret and almost as blond. Pg. 31

14: Ethan Lover of quiet, turtles, and history Giver of truth, disappointment (to teachers), and shyness Needs friends, (The Souls) Theater, and knowledge Wants to be like his brother, to be in theater, and to be alone. Is good ate not being noticed, school, and being shy Should work on being less selfish, not being as shy, and not being jealous of his brother Is similar to the other souls because he's smart Is similar to Allen because he enjoyed The Phantom of the Opera Is similar to his grandma because they don't talk very much.

15: Survivor of dissapointing people,doing something he doesn't want to do, and not being alone on the bus Potter

16: Nadia | This is Nadias dog Ginger.

17: S- | Quote-"I did not say that Noah, I said The Souls. Besides, 'Less is more." Pg. 90 | Explanation-Nadia is smart, she likes to be the one making descisions, and she's kind of bossy.

18: T- | Quote-"Never again a turtle walk. never. I would stop and never tell her why. Never. "Pg.47 | Explanation-Nadia is good at holding grudges and she is angry with Margaret and Ethan.

19: E- | Qoute-"The light from the window shone on Nadia's side of the room. When she moved her head, the morning light caught in her hair the way the sun had when she turned her back to the ocean." Pg.69 Explanation-Ethan likes Nadia, and remebers the way she looked at the beach in the sunlight.

20: A- | Explanation-Nadia gave up a day with her dad to help the Sea Turtles in the storm. | Quote-"They will be lost at sea." "Lost at sea? The sea is their home." "They will be lost at sea." I repeated" Pg. 54

21: L- | Explanation-Nadia has red hair and freckles. | Quote-"Tendrils of bright red hair framed her face. A spray of freckles powdered her nose, and she was as plump as a perfectly ripened peach." Pg. 23

22: Nadia Lover of Ginger, being correct, and turtles Giver of sarcasm, annoyance, and knowledge Needs Ginger, The Souls, and to be correct Wants for her parents not to be divorced, for ethan to have told her what he knew , and to be right. Is good at training Ginger, helping turtles, and arguing with Ethan and Noah Should work on being nicer, not holding on to grudges, and being less arrogent.

23: Is similar to Noah because they both think they are always right. Is similar to Ethan because the like helping turtles Is similar to Allen Diamondstein because the they are stubborn Survivor of divorced parents, feeling left out, and being the product of a mixed marriage. Diamondstien

24: Julian | Julian brought The Souls together by inviting them to The Sillington House for Tea.

25: s- | Quote-"Julian, ever polite, asked, "Is it now my turn?" " Pg. 92 | He is polite, mature, and patient because he waited his turn and asked nicely.

26: T- | Quote-"I could save Arnold dfrom the poisened treats, let him go on, and let Knapp think that his dirty trick had worked, One for the price of two. Or I could let Arnold eat the drugged treats, embarrass Froelich, and let ginger go on. Two for the priceof one." Pg. 112 Explanation-Julian is trying to decide whether he should do the right thing or do the wrong think and benefit himself.

27: Quote-"No one (a) introduces himself and then (b) extends his hand to be shaken while (c) wearing shorts and (d)knee socks and (e) holding a genuine leather book bag on (f) the first day of school." Pg. 66 Explanation-Ethan thinks Julian is weird because of all the stuff he does diferently. | E-

28: A- | Explanation-Julian stopped Ginger from eating the poisoned treats. | Quote-"I would destroy those treats, then, if time and opportunity allowed, I would find Nadias supply and substitute the good ones for the drugged ones."Pg. 110

29: L- | Explanation-Julian has blue-black hair, his skin is the color of strong coffee and he has dark lips. | Quote- "His skin was the color of strong coffee with skim milk-not cream-added;the undertones were decidedly gray. His lips were the color of a day-old bruise. He had more hair than you would l=think a single skull could hold. His hair-blue-black, thick and straight-did not have the hard sheen of the hair of a Chinese of Japanese but had the soft look of fabric. "

30: Julian Lover of his family, Alice, his dog, and tea Giver of politeness, tea, and help Needs his dad, friends (the souls) and knowledge Wants friends, to be different, and to do the right thing Is good at being polite,not getting angry, and being smart Should work on not being so strange, not letting people pick on him, and acting a little more like his age Is similar to Mrs. Olinski, because he's polite and doesn't get really mad. Is similar to Ethan because he's quiet Is similar to The Souls because he's smart Survivor of being picked on, not fitting in, and his mothers death Singh

31: The Souls

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