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Mary Schliessman *

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FC: Mary Schliessman's Book

2: Home Sweet Home In a small blue house, at the corner of Milton on the street of Centennial, I bounced in my little blue bouncy chair. It hung on the hallway door frame, it wasn't much, but it sure made me happy. I would run back and forth with my tiny little legs and bounce up and down like a baby monkey. I smiled with my little pink lips, and starred at my older brother with my big blue eyes. | Sometimes my brother would lightly push me in the swing to make me laugh. he was my only sibling; four years young at the time, his birthday had just passed. He loved to spend time with me; every second was filled with laughter. We never fought, until we got older. I was so happy as i swayed back and forth in the hallway door frame after my brother gave me a push. Just high enough for my feet to lift off the ground, just for a second. And my little white teeth to become a big smile, all i needed was one push. I was just a baby, not yet one years old; but waiting to be.

3: Summer Day A little brown high chair with a tray I would rest my small arms on, sat outside on our wooden porch. I sat outside with my mother and older brother as we all ate on this gorgeous day. It was hot and sunny, the sky was blue and the grass was green, the grass freshly cut with dew laying upon it made the air smell so fresh, just like pine trees.I sat and watched the sky as birds passed by singing like a choir. I was wearing my little white socks, just to cover my tiny feet. This day wasn't much, nothing big or exciting. Just a beautiful day, with beautiful weather. I'm sure I dozed off a few times, the day, with its warm sun, was just so relaxing.

4: Smile With my hands crossed and my shoulders up, i kept the biggest smile on my face, and stood against the wall for a photo. I stood wearing my brother's big red shirt, which fit as if it were a dress on me. And i wore a little blue skirt with light pink stockings and white shoes. I had my hair in two pig tails high upon my head and my bangs just above my eyes as usual. I posed in front of a wall covered in a flower print pattern. I always reminded my mom that i thought the wallpaper was ugly. It must have worked because it eventually got painted over. I stood above the blue carpet stained with juice, nail polish, and who knows what else. This house wasnt beautiful. But it was the memories inside the house that counted.

5: Pool Time With my hair tied up and my shoulders pulled back, i smiled with my burnt red checks to get a picture. My eyes were squinted trying to ignore the sun. it was hot outside today, so my mom decided to let my brother and I swim. My brother and i played games and splashed so much, that the ground around the pool was wet. | I swam in my favorite purple swimsuit; it had a pattern of small white flowers. And it even had a little skirt to wear over it. This was my favorite swimsuit. I wore it every time I went swimming. And I kept it until i couldn't fit it anymore. I'm not sure why, but this was the only swimsuit i would wear when i was three.

6: Adventure My brother was my best friend, he was always there to cheer me up and amuse me when I was bored. He and i did so many crazy things as kids. Everyday we had a new idea to pass time, but today would be one of the greatest.It was hot outside, and we didn't want to swim. So we had to think of something new, something different. | My brother came up with the idea to get our camping tent out. So he headed to the garage and came walking out proudly with the tent. It took awhile for him to set up. But once it was, the fun would begin. It was hot outside, and we didn't want to swim. So we had to think of something new, something different. | We swayed ourselves back and forth as fast as we could; trying to create the illusion that it was storming. We acted as if the boat had a hole and unzipped the sides. We needed to fix the cracks before all of the water came poring in. My brother jumped out and came back with a bucket from our sandbox and a jacket that was left outside. The hole was repaired, and so was our imagination.

7: Dream Big I loved to dance. I had so many little dance outfits, I would dress up in them and walk around all proud and pretty. I sat down to pose for a picture, i held my tu tu and smiled. I had short brown hair at the time, my mom had to cut it off after i attempted to cut it myself. I never liked this haircut, but i guess i learned to deal with it until it grew back out. I was pretty tall for my age. But my growth slowed down eventually. I was a flexible kid, my mo would tell me i would be a good dancer. Well maybe, just maybe I would be.

8: Water I was always in the water, every chance I got I would swim. And when I was six Years old i got to do something I really enjoyed, I got to drive my Uncle Mike's boat. I'm sure I wasn't amazing,but i know i had fun. | I looked into the camera and smiled big as my uncle snapped a quick picture of me driving. I had on a little life vest to keep me safe. As i drove around it smelled like salt water and fish. The sky was blue, and the sun was glaring, my hair was blowing in the wind. I sat with my hand on the wheel of the boat. I had so much fun, it was such a rush being able to drive on water. Even just for a couple of minutes, it was still amazing.

9: Dance I finally got my dream, to become a dancer. I sat on my mother's lap in a photo while holding my purple trophy I won from my contest. We sat in the audience as the camera flashed. I wore my pink dance outfit, and my hair was tied up into a tight bun with pink feathers. This was my first dance recital. I was very nervous to be on stage, in front of a huge crowd. But i kept confident and did what i was supposed to do; i danced. Dancing didn't last too long for me though. Pretty quickly i moved on to better and more challenging things. I was ready for a new adventure.

10: Tennessee Air Tennessee was my favorite place to be. My mother took my brother and I during a summer break one year. The road trip was long and tiring, but when we got there we were very excited. The first morning of our vacation started with my brother and I walking down to the beach.The sand was like snow, soft and silky. But it was warm on my toes, not cold.When we finally got down there, we meet some kids about our age. The girl that looked about my age, was named Sierra. She was my new best friend. | Sierra taught me how to catch turtles, it wasn't long before I had two turtles in my hand and taking pictures. I stood with my burnt face and messy hair and held my turtles up like trophies, Soon we let the turtles go, but for now they were our little pets.

11: Easter at the Mall I was Easter time and I was at the mall in search for clothes, when my mom spotted the Easter bunny photography booth. I knew it was a guy in a suitBut my mom made me go take pictures with him. I wore my navy blue jacket with light blue stripes on the side, i folded my hands into my lap, smiled, and couldn't wait for the moment to be over. The bunny wore a navy blue button up and a spotted egg pattern tie. When the pictures were finally over with my face looked like a bright red cherry from embarrassment, I was way too old for that I thought.

12: Family Photo sat in front of my mom while waiting for a picture. Me, my brother, my sister, and my mom were all getting a family photo taken. We sat in front of our aunts forest in her back yard and smiled big. | My mom wore light bros with a dark shirt. My brother wore a black shirt with his favorite band on it. My sister wore a navy blue dress. And i wore a Hello Kitty shirt. We didn't match, but we were family. | We were at our family reunion. There were kids of all ages running around like wild animals, and adults taking silly pictures with the rest of the family. My family was big, and i had yet to meet everyone in it,

13: Just Me It was just a normal day, the weather outside was cold. I knew there wasn't much that I could do, so i decided to take photos of myself. I've always wanted to be a photographer. So i took a picture of me standing in my bedroom, my walls were purple, and i had a big white star filled with purple flowers hanging on it. I wore a necklace that i truly loved. I had gotten it from my mother on valentines day, and it meant the world to me. When i finished editing the picture I was pretty proud of it. Now I had a new dream, to become a photographer.

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