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Math 172 Trig

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1: Inverse relation= flip flop X & Y in equation Horizontal Line test= When horizontal line crosses through graph once it's a function.

2: Exponential Function = y=a^x If exponent is positive if curves up to the right If exponent is negative it curves down to the right | Logarithmic Function= y=log a^x x=a^y x>0 a=positive constant | Log a ^1=0 logaA=1 log a^x=y x=a^y 1=0 e=1

3: Change of Base Formula-

4: Population growth: P(t)=P(o)(e)^(kt) P(o)=population at time 0 P= population after time t=time k=exponential growth T=doubling time

5: Growth Rate and Doubling Time= kT=ln2 k=ln2/T T=ln2/k Relationship between K and T doesn't depend on P(o)

6: *SOHCAHTOA Sin = O/H Cos=A/H Tan=O/A Csc=H/O Sec=H/A Cot=A/O Complementary= 2 angles sum measure is 90 degrees Supplement= 2 angles added together to get 180 degrees

7: Coterminal Angle= add or subtract multiples of 360 degrees cos=x/r sin=y/r tan=y/x csc=r/y sec=r/x cot=x/y

8: Periodic Function= Period= absolute value (2 pie/B) Amplitude= absolute value (A) Phase Shift=(C/B) Translation= D

9: Basic Identities= Sinx=1/cscx Cosx= 1/secx Tanx=1/cotx Cscx=1/sinx Secx=1/cosx Cotx=1/tanx * 1 over its cousin

10: Pythagorean Identities= Sin^2x + Cos^2x=1 1 + Cot^2=Csc^2x 1 + Tan^2x=Sec^2x

11: X^2 +Y^2=1 (cos s)^2 + (sin s)^2=1 *The first equation helped me remember the form of this equation By: Amber Compton

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