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Math by Design

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S: Math by Design

FC: Math by Design

1: Content | Albert Einsteinn - 2 Fashion and Math?- 3 What Does a Fashion designer Actually Do?-4 Word Problem-5 Puzzle-6 Sketches-7 Answer Page-8 Advertisement- 9

2: Albert Einstein | On March 14, 1879, one of the greatest mathematicians and scientists was born at Ulm, in Wrttemberg, Germany; Einstein Einstein. Einstein’s mother, Pauline Einstein, and his father, Hermann Einstein, were a Jewish family and they soon moved to Munich where he studied at a Catholic school. He had a speech difficulty in the beginning but overcame that difficulty soon. Even at a young age, Einstein showed a great joy and talent for math and science. After his father’s business failed, Einstein’s family moved to Italy while he stayed behind to finish high school and his first scientific work. But Einstein left in the spring and rejoined his family. His family soon sent him to Switzerland so that he could go to a Swiss Finishing School. It was here that he met his first love, Marie Winteler, but they were separated a year later. In the same year Einstein became engaged to Mileva Mari, who also studied math and science, and they soon fell in love. Einstein’s first job was in a paten office, an assistant examiner. Einstein had a daughter, Lieserl, with Mileva; but no one knows what happened to her. They got married and had Hans Einstein and their second son, Eduard. Sadly, Einstein and Mileva got divorced but he soon married Elsa Lwenthal and together they raised her two daughters, Margot and Ilse, who she had from a previous marriage. This is when Einstein’s mathematic and scientific career took off. He proved, hypothesized, and invented many things and he won the Nobel Prize for his work. On April 17, 1955, Einstein died of internal bleeding at the age of 76. Even though Einstein is no longer living his legacy and all the things he accomplished lives on forever.

3: Math and Fashion? | There are many amazing women in Mathematics. So when I got the assignment to pick one I had numerous options. I decided to choose Coco Chanel! Yes, many may be saying LOL right now but soon you will see what I am talking about. Designing clothes isn’t just sitting at an easel and drawing gorgeous clothes all day long. There is a ton of math involved. When drafting your design it involves measurements, calculations, and formulas. Here are some formulas: Front of Neck=Circumference of Neck/3 Shoulder Dart=Bust/8 Bust Level=Length of Shoulder to the Waist+2 Fullness of Skirt=Waist*Ratio of Fullness you Want Yay! This is starting to look and sound like math, isn’t it! Well this isn’t just all the math in fashion. I know, surprising. Well there is another important thing that you have to think about: supply demand! To learn more about supply demands look at "What Does a Fashion Designer Actually Do?"

4: What Does a Fashion Designer Actually Do? | All year, designers and models around the world think up and wear their best designs in preparation for one and only one event: Fashion Week. There, legendary designers fight to protect their titles as “The Best in Fashion" while new designers hope to get a hint of recognition as a pendant on the neck of world-famous models such as Heidi Klum. So what does a fashion designer actually do? Well, there are the sketches, the sample products, draping and getting the latest fabrics, measurements, altering, finding out how their product is better than the other companies, and setting up a fashion show. And did I mention that this all has to be done before the production process? I know what you’re thinking: what does this have to do with math? Well, first there’s a person from the company who goes out and sees the demand for a certain product (let’s say cork wedges). If more people want gladiator sandals than cork wedges, the company may want t re-think the design plan. Okay, company deigns new, cute gladiator sandal: Kelly green or mauve leather, rubber sole, half-inch lift on heel. All done, right? Wrong! If those shoes cost $89 to produce per pair, and a lot of people want them, those sandals are probably not going to be cheap one they get into Dillards or Nordstrom. Then, there’s the question or whether or not the shoe has correct measurements for peoples shoe size (measurements for sizes 6, 7, 8 exc.). Those last couple sentences were math (measurement, consumer demand)! In conclusion, if math can be found anywhere, it is definitely in the design world.

5: Your job as the next Louis Vuitton is to design a gorgeous dress that will be featured in the famous Fashion Week! There is only one problem! You don’t know how to measure the front neck of your model Victoria Beckham! OMG, this is one big crisis. Luckily you found the formula to do it, Circumference of Neck/3. The circumference of Victoria Beckham’s neck is 11 inches. Hurry and get it done before fashion week comes! To find the answer flip to Answer Page. | Word Problem

6: Solve each problem. When you get the answer, match the answer with the appropriate letter in the letter key at the bottom to spell out the message. Determine the number of Significant digits in each measure. 1.18.50m Find each Value. 2. 5! Use the percent proportion to solve each problem. 3. 18 is what percent of 45? Solve each proportion. 4. 9/15=N/S Find each Value. 5. 8! Determine whether each situation is a permutation or a combination; then solve it. 6.How many ways can you choose 3 flavors of ice cream from a choice of 14 flavors? Solve each equation 7. 5A -6=14 | Puzzle

7: Find the degree of each polynomial 8. t Solve each proportion. 9. = Find each Value. 10.6! Express each decimal/ fraction as a percent round to the nearest 10th, if necessary. 11.2/5 Solve each proportion. 12. = Find the degree of each polynomial. 13. +9x+1 (Word Spaces on Next Page)

8: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __ 40% 3 15 364 120 4 3 720 5 4 40,320 40% 5 j | M=40% A= 3 T= 15 H=364 I=120 S= 4 W=720 E=5 O=40320

9: Fashion

12: Answer Page | Word Puzzle-3.66 inches for the front neck of Victorias Dress. Puzzle Answer Math is Awesome

13: The Creators

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