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Math Couture

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S: Math Couture

FC: Math Couture

1: Table of Contents Careers Involing Math-- 2 Summing Up Space -- 3 Applying Math in Life -- 5 Albert Einstein -- 6 Comics -- 7 Who's Dated Who -- 10

2: Careers Involving Math One interesting career involving math would be an Architect. The job of an Architect would be designing houses, offices buildings, skyscrapers, landscapes, and even entire cities. To be an architect, you would have to think about a few things before building a certain building, such as how many people would use the building at the same time. When designing a building you have to be precise on measurement and know how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply. This is so cool because you could create whatever you want. Another interesting career would be an Engineer. This job consists of making and designing things such as robots, chemicals, helicopters, toys, and many other products. As an engineer you can work in testing things, production, or maintenance. Engineers use math and science and should go through college courses of math. You have to know math to calculate things when doing projects. One other interesting career in math that could be fun would be Statisticians. To be a Statistician is to collect, analyze, and present numerical data. This is fun because if you like making charts or asking people their opinion of something, then this is the job for you. Created By: Breanna Sauceda | 2

3: 4 | Summing up space by Meredith Daniel: Do you love to look at the stars? Do you love to gaze at shooting stars? Have you ever wondered how you could see it from so far away? You decide to look up how far the earth is from the sun in an encyclopedia. You see this: 1.55 x 10to the 8th km. | 3

4: The 1.55 x 10 to the 8th km is in Scientific notation. Scientific notation works like this. Let’s say you just found the circumference of something really huge, like another planet. Let’s say the number is 1,968,000,000,000 miles around. 1.you would take the first number and put a decimal after it. 2. The only things that go after the decimal are the numbers after the first number (leave out all zeroes after the last non-zero number, you never see a decimal written that ends in zero! ) 3.So now you have 1.968. You count all the digits except the first digit (1) in the original number. 4.That leaves 12 digits. Now you just put a multiplying sign after the decimal we found earlier, 1.968. Then put 10 to the power of how many digits there were. (12).So it is 1.968x1012. You are probably thinking, I get that, but I don’t get how you find it. Let’s go back to the earth’s distance from the sun… 1.55 x 108km 1.First, write the decimal without the decimal point. 2.Then look at what is in the blank in x10-. 3.Now take that number and add 1. 4.After that, you make that many blanks, and put the decimal-revised number at the first blanks. 5.Finally, place a zero in every empty blank. You’re done! Now I bet you learned something!! | 5 | 4

5: Applying Math in Life: | by Meredith Daniel Have you ever wondered why you had to take math. Sometimes it seems like you are a prisoner of your classroom. Well, do you like shopping? Do you like to get good grades? you someone who is really into cars. Guess what, math can help you. Yes, I know, it seems shocking, but you might be interested to know that math can help you in everday math. For instance, if an item is 40% off, and the store forgot to mark the tag, just move the decimal two spaces to the left in 40. You come out with .4. that means that you multiply the price by .4 and, vwala, you have the actual price. If you care about your grades, you can find your average on a test by finding how many problems you got wrong. the equation goes like this (number of problems you got wrong)-(total number of problems). this will be N. so now N/total number of problems. should be a decimal. Move the decimal two places to the left then you have your average. For instance: .95002 95.002 95.002%. Now , If you like cars, you may be surprised to find that you can find a speed if you use math. The formula for speed is Speed=Distance x Time. For example, Bob went 50 miles in 10 minutes. Bob’s speed = 10mpm (miles per minute). So when you are next in math class, try to pay attention. You might actually learn something and be able to find out things more resourcefully. | 7 | 5

6: Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Wuttemburg, Germany. He is a famous mathematician because of all of the things he has done and invented. He had obtained his doctors degree in 1905, just four years after he got his diploma and stayed at the Patent Office. In 1909 he had become Professor Extraordinary Zurich. Then in 1911 he became Professor of Theoretical Physics at Prague, then, in 1914, the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute, as well as the Professor in the University of Berlin. That same year he became a German citizen until 1933 when he renounced his citizenship and immigrated to America in order to become a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton. in 1940 he became a citizen of the United States. When he investigated the thermal properties of light with low radiation density, he had created the photon theory of light. Some of Albert Einstein’s important work includes; Special Theory of Relativity(1905), General Theory of Relativity (1916), Investigations of Theory of Brownian Movement (1926), and The Evolution of Physics (1938). Created By : Victoria Kennedy | 6

7: COMICS | 7

8: Who’s Dated Who??? 1. 6+(-8)+10 2. 2(1-5) 3. 9x3/4 4. 12+8/2 5. 13x4+6 6. 7(-9)

9: Hottest Celebrity Couple??? Answer & Letter Key 1. 8 Letter- Z 2. - 8 Letter- A 3. 23 Letter- N 4. 16 Letter- E 5. 58 Letter- S 6. -63 Letter- A ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (1.) (2.) (3.) (4.) (5.) (5.) (6.)

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