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Math Illustrated

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S: Math Illustrated

BC: George Chronopolis Editor | Micheal Smith Organizer | Lucas Flarginhouser Designer

FC: Math Illustrated | Math Careers Women in Math and Math Self Help

1: Content Math Word Search -------pg. 2 Math Careers ------------- pg. 3 Women in Math------------pg. 4 Math Self Help-------------pg. 5 Math Cartoon--------------pg. 6 Word Problem -------------pg. 7 | Math Illustrated

2: GEOMATRY WORD SEARCH By George Chronopolis R E U P I C A E D G E P A T H M C Y L I N D E R R O R R R A U R P R G C I R C L E I A S B A R C L C E R D Y A A D S E M P U E H E I G H T N I E D I A M E T E R E E C G U M I D H F P R I S M D S L S U P P L E M E N T A R Y E O V P A R R A L E L D O D N A V E R T E X B A S E N A G Y C T R A N S V E R S A L T E A D J A C E NT W I D T H V O L U M E P O L Y G O N P O B T U S E S P H E R E E C L Base Angle Length Polyhedron Height Obtuse Width Polygon Volume Pi Adjacent Sphere Mass Transversal Edge Parallel Area Cube Vertex Cylinder Radius Diameter Supplementary Triangle Circumfrence Circle Pyramid Prism

3: MATH CAREERS Article by Micheal Smith Everyone has a career in mind, some more interesting than others. What people don’t think as much of is what the world would be without math. Without math there wouldn’t be jobs such as an engineer, actuary, computer scientist, cryptologist, and much more than you could believe. Engineering is a job that includes math and is astoundingly importantly. There are many types of engineers: aeronautical, agricultural, chemical, civil, electrical, geological, industrial, mechanical, and nuclear engineers. With no aeronautical engineers, the human race wouldn’t have jets. Without chemical engineers, someone could mix vinegar and baking soda and not know what was happening or why. Engineers find information about and construct multiple different things to make our world work the way it does. There are many almanacs that can tell how many deaths, births, people of a certain age, unemployment, injuries, etc. within its content. That all seems very knowledgeable but who finds this of the information out? Actuaries are in charge of getting data and putting that into rates, charts, or just a total. Actuaries are people who find out data by city, state, etc. and make that into data which people can use. The information doesn’t just give people interesting information but also help medics and people who make products know how much to make or sell. If a company wants to sell a magazine to fourteen year olds, they would look at how many fourteen year olds there are in certain cities and sell more magazines to one city or another. Emails or texts can go from one person to another within seconds but not very many people think of how they get to their destination. Cryptologists are the people who make those things possible. But they do more than just texts and emails. Cryptologists can change numbers into the binary system. Data encryption is one of the most important safety things on the internet. Without data encryption, anyone can see everyone’s password. Cryptologists are the most useful in the army during war. Data and radio waves are always going through the air to get information from one base to another. Without good encryption and secrecy, messages would always be getting stolen. Math is everywhere, including jobs, and some places have it more than others. Every job has some part in it where math is included; some jobs have little to do with math and others are all about math. There are very many jobs that use math to do everything.

4: WOMEN IN MATH Articale By Lucas Flarginhouser Hypatia of Alexandria Maria Agnesi There are many important women mathematicians all throughout history. One of these women was Hypatia of Alexandria. Hypatia was the daughter of Theon of Alexandria who was a math teacher at the museum of Alexandria in Egypt. When she was very young she always studied in the museum with her father. When she got older Hypatia became the director of the school. She wrote about many things like mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. She is so amazing because we believe that she was the first person to make the astrolabe. Although some of her teachings were against the Church and she was killed by a mob when she was riding through the streets on her chariot. Another women Mathematician is Maria Agnesi, who lived in Milan Italy. Her father was also a professor at a University of Bologna teaching math. Many Italian families didn’t educate their daughters, but because Maria was so smart and talented her father let her go to school. Since she was so smart and had so many sibling she taught her brothers and sister math and many other things. Then after teaching a lot she realized that she loved math so she started to write her own text book about math. Amazingly after she wrote two books she translated them both into different languages. When Maria got older her father became very sick and died. After that she took his wealth and went to educate people that were less fortunate than she was. Maria was an amazing women and that is why she is known as one of the best mathematicians of her time.

5: SELF HELP Article by George CHronopolis Students today are having a hard time studying for their math tests and quizzes, but a strong studying base would help you a lot. One thing you could do to help study is make your own test and answer it. If you think there might be fractions on your test use sample problems out of your book. Also put anything on there that could possibly be on your real test. Another way to help you do well on your quiz or test is try to teach somebody else the material that well be on the test. You will know you are ready for your test if the person you are teaching has learned the material. If you are completely clueless on what the test is over and you don’t know how to work any of the problems, you should go over the things you have learned earlier that year. As surprising as that sounds, you should do it because all of your chapters carry on information from the previous chapters. While studying for the test one of the most important things to remember is that it is just a test and not the end of the world. Pretty much I’m telling you to stay relaxed and not let the problem be smarter then you are. Last of all whether you get an ‘A’ or fail, always review the test over after you take it. See why the right answers are right and why the wrong answers are wrong. Then with the wrong answers keep trying to solve the problem until you get it right, so you completely understand how to do it. If you do these things you will see great results soon, so keep at the books.


7: WORD PROBLEM By Micheal Smith Some kids were playing baseball in their front yard. Their biggest hitter stepped up to the plate. He hits the ball all the way over the street and into the window of a house. They were forced to go get their only baseball so they went to knock on the door of the house. They waited and waited but no one answered. They were sad so they all told their parents about the house. It was figured out that the owner of the house moved out a week ago. They called a demolition company and got the house demolished. They had to know how much TNT to put into the house. Find the area of the front of the house to blow it up! The following are the rules: •The base of house is 100 feet long. •The walls are 60 feet tall. •The bases of the roofs are 50 feet long. •The heights of the roofs are 34 feet tall. •The roofs are identical. •The chimney is 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide. | Put your answer here: ________________________________________

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