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Maybelle's Adventures Take Two

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S: Maybelle's Adventures During Christmas Break

FC: Maybelle's Adventures During Christmas Break 2011 by Mr. VanDuser's Class

1: Maybelle's Adventures During Christmas Break 2011 by Mr. VanDuser's Class

2: One day Maybelle hopped in a car.The car took Maybelle to a very far place from home.Maybelle wished she never hopped in the car.Then it drove back. By: Winston

3: Maybelle Adventure Story Once upon a time there was a Cockroach named Maybelle. She was in the city named Lego city.On her T.V. she heard some crooks had stolen some jewels.She thought if she joined the police she could kill the fear. | She heard they needed a chief so she went to the station.The next day she went to the jewel store.She found one clue was a big clue.It had a phone number and a address.The police and her went to the house.The house was abandon but sure enough they found the robbers.They all thanked the new chief.She was the new hero of the town.The End By Lorelei

4: Maybelle Adventure story Once upon a time Maybelle wished to fly. So Maybelle jumped on george. they both want to be birds. They fell in a hole. It wasn’t a hole. It was a cannon. It shot them in the sky. They thought they were flying. They went down and they were safe. By: Tao

6: Once upon a time Maybelle didn’t have a home to live in.She found a gingerbread man house. She thought the gingerbread man house looked good to eat. She ate the whole thing. She lived happily ever after. Anna

7: Maybelle Adventure Story Once upon a time there was a cockroach named Maybelle. She was playing with my x-wing.I was coming into the dinning room I saw Maybelle playing with it. I yelled at her she ran off the table.Then she hid somewhere and I could’t find her. By: Zach

8: Maybelle Adventure Story Once upon a Maybelle she smelled cookies.She crawled into the plate of cookies .She started eating them.She ate them until there was one left.She the last one until there was only half of it left.Along came Dakota he threw Maybelle off the plate. By: Dakota

9: Mabells adventure story Once upon a time there lived a cockroach named Maybelle. She lived in a cake. I smashed it. But she still survived. She went to a new home. By: Melody

10: Maybelle Adventure Maybelle smelled some chex mix .She folloewed the smell.It smelled good.she went up the stove.She sow it.She Swam in it.SHE saw a dog coming along.she jumped on his back. They lived happily euer aftes. By: Maya

11: Maybelle Once upon a time Maybelle was going to get run over by a truck. She did not want to get run over by a truck. So she jumped onto the. front window. | It was raining. So Maybelle looked over to the left” YIKES” she yelled! A wind shield wiper was in her face. Then the world started spinning faster and faster and faster. She got very dizzy. Maybelle jumps off the wind shield and is narrowly missed by a passing truck. The End by Gage

12: Maybelle once upon a time Maybelle the cockroach was looking for a job.So she wanted to be a diver and a scientist, too. She couldn’t make up her mind? So she early aufed to be a biver . So Maybelle and Alexys both did if tog ether. They did it tog ether so they woulddn’ get lost . They had many .Gfeat dives tog tthere. Maybelle By: Alexys

13: Once upon a time in my bedroom I saw Maybelle. I picked her up and I saw went down stairs . Then I opened my frog cage and dropped her in . Then I watch my frog eat Maybelle but then he burped hen up. By: Jensen

14: Maybelle Adventure Story Once upon a time Maybelle had an adventure.She did not no where she was.She found herself lost in the middle of the woods.She was hungry and thirsty.She found some food and water.She ate all of the food and all of the water.the end By: Kadin

15: Mabelle Adventure Story Once upon a time Mabelle found a way in a house.She found something brown on the ground.It was very big.It was hairy. So Mabelle climbed up on it.She discovered it was a dog.A girl named Maddie came to pet the dog.His name is Elvis. By: Maddie

16: Maybelle Adventure Story Once upon a time there lived a cockroach named Maybelle. Maybelle lived in a far away place with giants,giant dogs too! Maybelle was very scared because everything was huge!Maybelle was running for her life because she was being chased by two giant dogs! Then she hit something and it was a human foot! Maybelle started running for her life again from a human and two dogs. An hour later Maybelle got eaten by a giant dog. Maybelle had to wait for nature to take over. By: Dayne

17: Maybelle Adventure Story Once upon a time Maybelle was lost.She didn’t know she walked into a garden.Then as she walked a little more she saw a lake.She went swimming in the lake.Then I found her in the lake.So I put her on a flower to live happily ever after. By: Nick

18: MAYBELLE One upon a time... Maybelle went on an adventure to the bowling alley. She accidentally got into a bowling ball and she almost died.But | she was saved by the gutter .Then she did it again.And again.Then she was knocked out.She went out the door. By: Will

19: Maybelle’s Adventure. Maybelle wanted to go on and find some food but she got tired.So she took a nape.But she woke up.She saw someone was about to sit on her! She ran!She got caught by a boy named Leo.They became good friends.Soon it was Christmas time.Leo went to bed.Santa came and almost stepped on maybelle!He did not.He just gave her presents.They lived happily ere after the end. By: Shamus

20: Once upon a time there lived a cockroach named Maybelle. Maybelle was alive for a few days. We thought Maybelle got eaten by our puppy. We cant find Maybelle. Now we are looking for Maybelle. By: Katie

21: Maybelle Adventure Story Once upon a time Maybelle smelled something .She walked to it and it was hairy.It was white and black.It was a dog.It ran after Maybelle.The only place to hide was on his nose. By: AUGUST

22: MAYBELLE ADVENTURE STORY Once upon a time their was a coacroach named Maybelle. Maybelle was walking one day. She found a small town with lots and lots of cars and a blue road. But Maybelle only knew two cars named Lightning Maqueen and Tow Mater. So Maybelle decided that she wanted to live in that town. By: SHYANNE

23: Once upon a time Maybelle was in a F-22 Raptor plane.. She crashed and fell down.I saw her and took a picture . By: Ashton

24: These adventure stories were inspired by Katie Speck's books Maybelle in the Soup and Maybelle Goes to Tea. We are very excited to read Speck's newest book Maybelle at the Fair!

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