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Mckay Brumfields Study guide thingy

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BC: The End

FC: McKay's Study Guide By: McKay Brumfield

1: Figurative Language To use unilateral writing to portray a special meaning or effect. Similes-a figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared with like or as. Ex- Your hotel is like the empire states building. Metaphors- when two things are compared that are unlike without like or as. Ex.- Your cards are monsters. Analogies- The similarity between two things. Ex.- Cards:Chips as Mom:Son Imagery- the formation of mental images. Ex.- My cards where laying on the ground where i threw them. Onomatopoeia- A word that sounds like a sound. Ex- I heard the CHACHING-ing of the slot machines. Personification- Giving human characteristics to a non-human object. Ex.- The dice stared up at me. Hyperbole- exaggeration Ex.- When I saw the numbers on those dice I did a fifty foot flip! Idiom- a phrase not supposed to be taken literally. Ex.- When i lost all my money I just thought it was a blessing in disguise. Symbolism- making ordinary things have a symbolic meaning or fact. Ex.- Getting married in Vegas, the rings are a big symbol.

2: Text Structures the general organizational plan, framework, or form of a piece of writing. Sequence- A group of events that go in some sort of order. Problem/Solution- When there is a problem and the characters have to find a way to solve it. Comparison/Contrast-When you compare two things and find things that are different between them and things that are similar between them. Description- When it is describing a noun. Cause/effect- When something happens then the aftermath of what happened.

3: Summary Whenever you shorten a article into something that is just a main idea.

4: Topic/Main Idea Its the whole topic of the article you are reading. Supporting Details- Details that support the main idea. Theme- the lesson learned.

5: Author's Purpose- The authors purpose for writing the article.

6: Literary Devices- It adds depth to the story of choice. Foreshadowing- Going into the future. Flashback- Going to the past. Irony- an objectively sardonic style of speech or writing.

7: Persuasive Techniques- Things to do to persuade you into buying an object. Bandwagon- Whenever they are saying that everyone is doing it. Ex.-The budlight commercial is saying that everybody is doing it. Statistics- When you use numbers to persuade you. Ex.- Dental commercials say that 9/10 dentist encourage there product. Testimonials- when a famous person says good things about a product or place. Ex. Michale Phelps did a testimonial for lots of products. Glittering generalities- When the media tries to make products better than what they are. Ex. Budlight makes it seem like you will get a bunch of hot girls if you drink it. Emotional Appeal- When they try to pull your heart strings. Ex.- Hallmark commercial where the brother-in-law is making all those weird mistakes.

8: Characters- The people in a story. Protagonist- The main character, or hero, of the story. Ex.- Harry Potter Antagonist- the person who is trying to stop the protagonist. Ex.- Voldemort .

9: Setting- Where a story takes place.

10: Plot-The whole story. Problem/Conflict- A problem that one can have with ones self or other people or even with their environment. Rising Action- The events leading to the climax of a story. Climax- The biggest turning point in a story. Falling Action- The events after the climax. Parallel episodes- when the author repeats the main point of a story several times.

11: Fact vs. Opinion- A fact is something that can be proven. An opinion is someones own idea about something.

12: Bias- When someone wont give you all the information to a product so you will buy it.

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